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Vadim/Luka Telašćica
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Luka Telašćica

Luka Telašćica (aka Zaljev Telašćica) is a bay that is situated in the southeastern portion of the island of Dugi Otok, Croatia in the Adriatic Sea.

Telašćica is one of the largest bays of the Adriatic with a highly indented coastline. There 25 inlets there and the total length of the coast roughly makes almost 70 km. It has the reputation of being a good, safe harbour for all kinds of vessels.

The bay is bounded by two peninsulas of sharply different character: the east coast is relatively flat, with a lot of beaches; while on the seaward coast of the west peninsular a wall of remarkable cliffs plunges deep below sea level. The height of the cliffs reaches 160 meters above sea level, while the almost vertical sections extend up to 90 meters.

Telašćica (pronounced [telaʃt͡ʃit͡sa] or less formally tel-ash-cheetsa) in the middle ages called Tilagus as it resembles 3 lakes connected to each other. Since 1980s it was a protected area. In 1988 this area became the Telašćica Nature Park/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#Tela.C5.A1.C4.87ica_Nature_ParkWorld icon.png Telašćica Nature Park [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#Telašćica Nature Park|Telašćica Nature Park]] .


British Admiralty
Croatian charts
M25 (Otok Rab to Sibenik)


Diurnal winds among the islands are mostly moderate during the summer months, predominantly from NW and rarely exceeding force 4/5, although gusting is common in narrow channels between islands and on the lee side of headlands. At night, katabatic winds off the mountains affect some of the islands close to the mainland coast. During early spring and (especially) autumn conditions can be more unsettled, occasionally accompanied by violent thunderstorms - luckily of short duration - with winds of 30-35 knots or more and vicious, steep seas. In the winter the sudden, violent N wind off the mountains, the bora, is much to be feared, especially along the coast from Rijeka down to Zadar, although its effects can be felt as far south as Split.

Equally prevalent in winter - although not uncommon in summer - is the scirocco, a S/SE wind that blows up from North Africa, usually in advance of a depression moving E across the Mediterranean. Unlike the bora, the scirocco only occasionally exceeds gale force, but is still a phenomenon to be wary of, especially if on a lee coast.

For sources of weather forecasting, see Croatia.



Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Approaching from E, there are 2 options:

Mala Proveza/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#Mala_ProvezaWorld icon.png Mala Proveza [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#Mala Proveza|Mala Proveza]] 43°53.384'N, 015°13.266'E A popular narrower and shorter channel between the islands of Dugi Otok and Katina with minimum depth 4.30 m.

Vela Proveza/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#Vela_ProvezaWorld icon.png Vela Proveza [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#Vela Proveza|Vela Proveza]] 43°52.573'N, 015°13.703'E A wider and longer - perhaps more scenic, but shallow channel between Kornati and Katina. Note: minimum depth is about 2.20 m.


  • 10 kn speed limit within the cape Pod Poljica/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#Pod_PoljicaWorld icon.png Pod Poljica [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#Pod Poljica|Pod Poljica]] 43°54.866'N, 015°08.661'E ,
  • 5 kn speed limit within the anchorages.


Taljurić/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#Taljuri.C4.87Danger icon Taljurić [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#Taljurić|Taljurić]] 43°51.845'N, 015°11.623'E Approaching from W in high seas care should be taken of the low islet Taljurić (only 3.0 m high).


Sali is the closest seasonal port of entry. The nearest year-round port of entry is Zadar.


None officially, but the restaurants at both sides of Katina island (see passages Provesa Vela and Provesa Mala below) have some sort of landing stages.


As per 2016 the official web site lists the following bays designated for anchorage: Magrovica, Pod Dugo polje (aka Podugopolje), Pasjak, Jaz, Kruševica, Mir, Tripuljak, Buhaj, Pod Katina.

While as per regulation published in 2014 the mooring buoy fields are to be deployed in locations: u. Čušćica, u. Mala Proversa, prolaz (passage) Vela Proversa, u. Potkatina, u. Saruščica, u. Fafarikulac – Zakućica, u. Magrovica, u. Tripuljak, u. Mir, u. Kruševica, u. Raknić, u. Dragnjevica, from Rt Zaglavić to u. Zakućici, Podstražica, Gmajnac.

In the essence this means that they are planting the buoys at the every corner at least at the middle and inner basins of the bay. No extra fee is taken for using them though.

Middle basin

Telascica - panoramio.jpg
Uvala Mir at the Luka Telašćica

Two bays form a wide inlet on the W side of Luka Telascica, just over two miles from the entrance. Depths in the main part of the anchorage are considerable and the national park authority has installed mooring buoys for visitors in depths of 12 - 15 metres. Alternatively it is possible to anchor inshore in the S part of the bay and take a line ashore. Holding is good in mud. Shelter is good in all but strong N winds.

U. Mir/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._MirBuoy icon U. Mir [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Mir|U. Mir]] 43°53.567'N, 015°09.544'E There is a dinghy dock at the head of bay Mir and a couple of restaurants ashore. A path leads to the lake salt Mir, another one up the hill to the viewpoint at the cliffs.
U. Tripuljak/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._TripuljakBuoy icon U. Tripuljak [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Tripuljak|U. Tripuljak]] 43°53.888'N, 015°09.138'E

On the E side of Luka Telascica three miles from the entrance there is another inlet. There are mooring buoys here provided by the national park authority in 6.0 - 9.0 metres. Alternatively anchor in 4.0 - 6.0 metres. The holding is good in mud. Shelter here is good unless there are strong N or NW winds. No facilities ashore.

U. Kruševica/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._Kru.C5.A1evicaBuoy icon U. Kruševica [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Kruševica|U. Kruševica]] 43°54.627'N, 015°09.604'E
U. Farfarikulac/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._FarfarikulacBuoy icon U. Farfarikulac [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Farfarikulac|U. Farfarikulac]] (Zakućica / Kučinmul) 43°55.007'N, 015°09.105'E
U. Raknić/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._Rakni.C4.87Buoy icon U. Raknić [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Raknić|U. Raknić]] 43°54.361'N, 015°09.439'E
U. Gmajnac/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._GmajnacBuoy icon U. Gmajnac [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Gmajnac|U. Gmajnac]] 43°54.304'N, 015°09.017'E

Inner basin

Right at the head of Luka Telascica, four miles from the entrance, is the cove aka U. Telascica. On the N side of the two islets here are depths of 3.0 - 8.0 metres where a yacht can find all-round shelter. Holding is excellent in mud. There are two restaurants ashore on the W and E side of the cove. In the summer a small boat comes round selling bread and other basic supplies.

U. Magrovica/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._MagrovicaBuoy icon U. Magrovica [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Magrovica|U. Magrovica]] 43°55.523'N, 015°08.414'E Konoba Go-Ro is at the head of the inlet
U. Podugopolje/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._PodugopoljeAnchorage icon U. Podugopolje [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Podugopolje|U. Podugopolje]] (Pod Dugo polje) 43°55.462'N, 015°08.118'E
U. Pasjak/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._PasjakAnchorage icon U. Pasjak [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Pasjak|U. Pasjak]] 43°55.256'N, 015°07.894'E
U. Jaz/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._JazBuoy icon U. Jaz [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Jaz|U. Jaz]] 43°54.950'N, 015°08.391'E
u. Draginjevica/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#u._DraginjevicaBuoy icon u. Draginjevica [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#u. Draginjevica|u. Draginjevica]] (u. Dragnjevica) 43°55.363'N, 015°08.723'E
u. Zakućici/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#u._Zaku.C4.87iciBuoy icon u. Zakućici [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#u. Zakućici|u. Zakućici]] 43°55.156'N, 015°08.818'E

Outer basin

U. Potkatina on the island of Katina

From Rt Pod Poljica to the island of Katina.

U. Buhanj/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._BuhanjAnchorage icon U. Buhanj [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Buhanj|U. Buhanj]] 43°53.515'N, 015°10.353'E
U. Strižnja/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._Stri.C5.BEnjaBuoy icon U. Strižnja [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Strižnja|U. Strižnja]] (Podstražica ?) 43°52.829'N, 015°11.347'E
U. Potkatina/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._PotkatinaBuoy icon U. Potkatina [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Potkatina|U. Potkatina]] (U. Pod Katina) 43°52.693'N, 015°12.975'E At the SE of the island of Katina.
U. Proversa Mala/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._Proversa_MalaBuoy icon U. Proversa Mala [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Proversa Mala|U. Proversa Mala]] (Prolaz Proversa Mala) 43°53.418'N, 015°12.874'E On the N side of the channel of Prolaz Provesa Mala is a small inlet with mooring buoys laid by the national park authority in depths of 5.0 - 7.0 metres. Shelter is good in all but strong SW winds. Opposite the anchorage (250 metres) on the N side of the island of Katina there is a couple of restaurants with a landing stage with a tiny "harbour".
Prolaz Provesa Vela/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#Prolaz_Provesa_VelaBuoy icon Prolaz Provesa Vela [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#Prolaz Provesa Vela|Prolaz Provesa Vela]] 43°52.615'N, 015°13.322'E On the S side of Katina island, in the shallow channel of Prolaz Provesa Vela, is a small cove offering good shelter from all but S winds. Note that in the approach from E depths shoal to little over 2.0 metres. Anchor in the bay 5.0 - 6.0 metres wherever convenient. The holding is good in sand and weed. Alternatively, there is a restaurant at the head of the cove with a jetty and laid moorings. Depths are around 3.0 metres. Obviously, you are expected to dine here if you moor up.
U. Čušćica/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._.C4.8Cu.C5.A1.C4.87icaBuoy icon U. Čušćica [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Čušćica|U. Čušćica]] 43°53.869'N, 015°13.064'E This bay is situated a mile N of the E end of the Prolaz Proversa Mala, the channel between Dugi Otok and the island of Katina that begins at the SE end of Luka Telascica. There are minimum depths of just over 4.0 metres in the channel. Anchor at the head of the bay in 4.0 - 6.0 metres. The holding is good in sand and mud. Shelter is good in all but S or SE winds. Although not in Luka Telascica proper, the bay is part of the nature park and a charge is made.

Unofficial anchorages

There are also a number of other anchorages reported in the Luka Telascica and nearby. These anchorages are not endorsed by the park authorities, so you may be asked to move.

U. Čuška dumboka

U. Čuška dumboka/wiki/User:Vadim/Luka_Tela%C5%A1%C4%87ica#U._.C4.8Cu.C5.A1ka_dumboka
Anchorage icon U. Čuška dumboka [[User:Vadim/Luka Telašćica#U. Čuška dumboka|U. Čuška dumboka]] 43°53.924'N, 015°11.414'E
A narrow inlet on the E side of Luka Telascica, a mile from the entrance. Go as far into the inlet as your draft permits and anchor with a line ashore. There are bollards ashore in the outer part of the inlet. The holding here is excellent in mud. Shelter is good in all conditions but strong S winds.







At the head of the bay Mir, close to the restaurants






Garbage collected by the park staff



See Zaglav.

Bottled gas




Limited repairs in Sali.



Mobile connectivity

Vehicle Rentals



Eating out

Tavern on Katina island.jpg
Konobas at the Mala Proversa

A few restaurants and a cafe at the head of the bays Mir, Magrovica, island Katina


In Sali


Telascica cliffs and the lake Mir
Local boats at the Uvala Mir

The area around the Luka Telašćica is included into the Telašćica Nature Park, full of wildlife and sea creatures. The NE side of the bay is completely bare, but the SW shore is covered in thick forest of pine, olive and fig trees.

One of the most famous natural attractions of the park is the Mir salt lake, separated from the sea and the bay Telašćica by hilly ridges. The water in the lake is slightly saltier than the sea and the mud from the lake is allegedly famous for its healing properties.

The flora and fauna in the park is diverse and is protected. There are about 300 species of plants on land and a similar number in the sea. The park has several farms for breeding donkeys; hence the donkey has become a symbol of the park.

Visiting is possible both by sea and by land. The land entry is located 5 km W from Sali, the largest settlement of Dugi Otok. There is a daily fee for entry to the nature park. For visiting yachts it is currently (2014) collected on a per-boat basis. A ticket purchased in advance outside the park territory (for example in Sali) is relatively cheaper than one sold on the spot.

The walk along the bluffs and down to the Mir salt lake is beautiful.


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See Croatia.


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