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New 'Porto Turistico' page

I now see what you've done, created a new page for the marina at Marina di Ragusa. I'll tweak it for clarification as it just says 'Marina, Sicily' as it stands. Meanwhile, thank you for contributing to the Wiki.

GORDON KNIGHT Athene of Lymington

Porto Montenegro

Thanks for completing the above. You'll see I've tweaked your new page for consistency of style and content with the rest of the Wiki and added a photo. I had to spend quite a bit of time sorting out the format errors you'd introduced on the template. I know it's not easy using the templates and you might find it easier to copy the existing page for a nearby marina, edit it offline (being sure to change all the GPS co-ordinates, photo gallery and chartlet links as well as the navbar links at the bottom - in addition, of course, to all the content and photos), then paste the finished entry into a new page for careful reviewing and checking before saving on the Wiki.

By the way, could you please in future use your registered user name when making edits rather than your boat name? You can put the details of your boat on your user page by all means, but there's no such registered user as Zebahdy of London and you will confuse people.

GORDON Athene of Lymington

User ID

Thanks for the continuing input on Croatia - most useful. Could you please use the format: * June 2013--Zebahdy of London when recording your date of visit, both for consistency of style and so that the link to your user page works and people can email you via the Wiki if they wish? If you save the formatting of this from the Umag page you can just paste it in in future. Thanks.

Athene of Lymington

Yacht Club Seget

You'll see I have taken the liberty of completing the page you started for the above. Perhaps you can add any additional information from your visit - especially if you know or can guess the maximum size of yacht accommodated. If you create any further pages for new marinas in Croatia, I suggest you copy this page as a template to help you with the formatting.

Best wishes.

Athene of Lymington

Port Spilia

Boyd, could you just confirm that you measured the depths at the pontoons here at 20 metres? I went along them with a leadline when I compiled the entry for the page and the depths then ranged from 2.0 metres at the root to just over 3.0 metres at the end. Some of the mooring blocks may be in 20 metres but it's the depths at the pontoon that matter, surely?


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