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Port of Entry
43°11.200'N, 027°55.000'E Chart icon.png
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Detail satellite view of Varna harbor

Varna (Bulgarian: Варна, pronounced [ˈvarnɐ]) is the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, classified the third and the second largest city in Bulgaria.

Commonly referred to as the marine (or summer) capital of Bulgaria, Varna is a major tourist destination, a starting point for all the resorts in the northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, encompassing the so-called Bulgarian Las Vegas - Golden Sands, business and university centre, seaport, and headquarters of the Bulgarian Navy and merchant marine.

Varna is a very pleasant city on the western shores of the Black Sea, about 60nm north of Burgas, even though it is one of the largest ports on the Bulgarian coast. The pedestrian area of town runs for miles in all different directions and it would be very easy to spend weeks touring the sites of Varna, as there is so much to see.

Satellite view of the approach to Varna


See Bulgaria.


The following information was provided by Varna Pilot Station.

"Because of the barrier created by the Carpathian Mountains, Transylvanian Alps, and Balkan Mountains, there is no major opening for air flowing into the Black Sea from the west or southwest except the gap formed by the Dardanelles, Sea of Marmara and the Bosphorus. The major topographical feature of the western edge of the Black Sea is the Danube Basin, approximately 60 nM north of Varna.

The port authorities monitor weather forecasts and charts. Local forecasts are available in English on VHF radio. Ship crews should maintain a watch on Channel 16 (working channel) and then switch to Channels 24, 25, 26 or whatever other channel is suggested by Channel 16 to access the forecast information.

The biggest weather problem is posed by northeasterly winds, which occur approximately three or four times per month during December, January, February, and March. A northeasterly wind event may last for two days. The strongest winds recorded at Varna East were 66 kt (34 ms-¹), with occurrences in winter and early spring. Because of the protection afforded by Eastern Pier, problem wave motion does not reach the inner harbor.

Visibility at the Port of Varna is occasionally restricted due to fog. When occurring, fog is usually worst in the morning hours, improving by 10 am local time. Since navigation is prohibited in the Port of Varna if visibility reduces to less than 547 yds (500 m), the port is occasionally closed until the fog dissipates. The Black Sea Pilot states that coastal fog may be encountered in winter and spring, but rarely in summer. The incidence of fog is greatest in the northern areas of the Black Sea, with incidence decreasing markedly farther south."

See also Bulgaria.

Currents and Tides

The following information was provided by Varna Pilot Station.

"Normal tidal fluctuation at the Port of Varna is negligible; the change from low to high is only about 2 in (5 cm). Local harbor authorities state that during winter, however, changes of as much as 3.3 ft (1 m) may occur 3 to 5 times per year. It is not known if the authorities were referring to seiches or extreme tidal fluctuations. The Black Sea Pilot states that seiches, which occur with little or no warning, can raise or lower the sea level by as much as 3.3 ft (1 m) over wide areas of the Black Sea. These changes may be the result of prolonged easterly or westerly.

The Black Sea Pilot states that currents in the Black Sea, which in general are weak and inconstant, consist of the main circulation setting counter-clockwise along its shores. Countercurrents occur between the main current and the shore in many places, including Varna. The strength and constancy of the counter-clockwise circulation is greatest after the melting of snow in late spring and early summer when the discharge from rivers is greatest. In late summer and autumn, when the volume of water discharged by the rivers is relatively small, the circulation is generally weaker and more subject to wind-driven current variations."


See Bulgaria.


Add here VHF channel for coastguard, harbor masters. etc.

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


The approach to Varna is straightforward. The large outer breakwater (E) has a large light tower on it S end. Cranes can be seen in the background.

Hail Port Control on VHF channel 16 when you are about 1 nM from the port.

Leave the large outer breakwater to starboard and enter the yacht club. If the Club is full continue further into the harbour to the passenger terminal.


Varna is a port of entry for Bulgaria. For details see Entrance: Bulgaria.

The authorities will come to the boat and the paperwork will be completed onboard. No one should disembark before you are cleared in.

Before your departure inform Port Control.


Berth at the Varna Yacht Club, if it is full, continue further into the harbour to the passenger terminal and moor alongside to the S of the terminal.

Approach LZ yachting for a possible berth, they usually have space. they are rather more expensive than the yacht club though, about 20 Euro a day for a 9m yacht.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Yacht Club Port Varna

Yacht Club Port Varna

Yacht Club Port Varna/wiki/Varna#Yacht_Club_Port_Varna
Marina icon Yacht Club Port Varna [[Varna#Yacht Club Port Varna|Yacht Club Port Varna]] 43°11.388'N, 027°55.292'E

The club has floating pontoons with water and electricity. It also has showers and WCs. It welcomes visitors, particularly at the beginning of July when it holds its annual regatta from Varna to Kavarna. A yacht can safely be left here if travelling inland. It provides excellent all-round shelter.; Tel: +359 (526) 92 434; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel 16
Prices: For the latest prices see [XXX Price Listing]




Water On the marina pontoons
Electricity On the marina pontoons
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage Bins in the marina
Fuel Can be arranged by the marina. There is no fuelling pontoon. Small quantities will be brought in canisters. Larger quantities require tanker services.
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Navigation Maritime Bulgare (British Admiralty agent)
1 Blvd Primorski , 9000 Varna , Bulgaria; Tel: +359 (052) 683 580; Fax: +359 (052) 633 033
  • For yacht and engine repairs ask at the marina
    Ask for Martin Stavraev. Superb assistance and great discounts.
  • For sail repairs: North Sails Bulgaria
LZ Yachting Bulgaria EOOD , Passengers Terminal floor 1 , Varna 9000, Bulgaria; Tel: +359 (052) 712 345; Fax: +359 (052) 712 300
Internet WiFi in cafés
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Several Car rentals


  • Many small groceries
  • Street vendors
  • Open air market with fresh fruits and vegetables on Stambolijski street

Eating out

  • Many restaurants and cafés on Georgi Dimitrov street
  • The Gibraltar has english menus


  • Varna International airport
  • Railway station
  • Bus station
  • Taxis


Dormition of the Theotokos Cathedral


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


List links to discussion threads on partnering forums. (see link for requirements)



See Bulgaria.


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  • LZ yachting can keep your boat ashore over winter fairly cheaply. All manner of work can be carried out and I have used their services and am pleased with the quality. however, work is often left to the last minute, and I was left waiting for several weeks for completion, so ensure a cut off date for any work done. -- BenPikeUK

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