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Vis Town
Port of Entry
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The town of Vis harbour from S

The harbour of the town of Vis lies on the NE coast of the island of Vis in Croatia, about six miles SW of the Pakleni archipelago at the W end of the island of Hvar. The harbour is in a natural cove at the head of a mile long inlet, protected from N and E by the peninsular of Pririvo on which there is a monastery surrounded by vineyards. The town consists of two settlements, the towns of Vis and Kut, along the S side of the inlet, effectively merged into one by a long promenade around the bay.

Visiting yachts can either moor bows or stern-to on the quay in front of the town of Vis, where there are laid moorings with water and electricity, or use similar moorings on the quay in front of Kut village, where it is usually quieter and shelter is better with E winds. Shelter on the quays is good except with strong NE or (to a lesser extent) with SE winds when anchoring off is often a better option.


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See Croatia.


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There are no dangers in the immediate approach to the town of Vis, as long as care is taken to pass clear of the rocky reefs NW and NE of the entrance, which are marked with white concrete light towers. Depths in the inlet are over 35 metres until rounding the peninsula of Pririvo with its conspicuous monastery, when they reduce to 8.0 - 10.0 metres and at the town quay on the S side of the bay to 3.0 - 4.0 m. Shelter can be found in the bay in virtually all conditions, but it may be necessary to anchor in the lee of Pririvo peninsula with very strong E or SE winds.


The town of Vis is a summer port of entry. At other times of the year, Split and Dubrovnik are the nearest mainland ports of entry and Korčula the nearest among the islands.


There are two main berthing options:

Yachts moored on the town of Vis quay

Vis town quay

Vis town quay/wiki/Vis_(town)#Vis_town_quay
Harbour icon Vis town quay [[Vis (town)#Vis town quay|Vis town quay]] 43°03.617'N, 016°11.146'E
The most popular berthing spot is on the town quay at the S end of the bay, where depths are 3.0 - 4.0 metres. There are laid moorings along the quay for 30-40 yachts to go stern or bows-to. These moorings get taken up by mid to late afternoon during the season and early arrival is recommended, especially in late July and August when the Italians flood in. There are water and electricity points along the quay. Toilets and showers nearby.

Kut village quay

Kut village quay/wiki/Vis_(town)#Kut_village_quay
Harbour icon Kut village quay [[Vis (town)#Kut village quay|Kut village quay]] 43°03.560'N, 016°11.903'E
There are laid moorings along the quay in front of Kut village half a mile E of the town of Vis quay, which are often quieter and which offer slightly better shelter with anything S or E in the wind. Depths along the quay are 3.0 - 3.5 metres. There are water and electricity points along the quay. Toilets nearby.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



W of Monastery

W of Monastery/wiki/Vis_(town)#W_of_Monastery
Anchorage icon W of Monastery [[Vis (town)#W of Monastery|W of Monastery]] 43°04.160'N, 016°12.397'E
In strong winds from S or E, it is often more comfortable to anchor off Kut village and immediately W of the monastery peninsula respectively, since the berths on the quays can become rather uncomfortable. In either case, anchor in 5.0 - 8.0 metres. The holding is moderate to good in sand and weed (if you avoid the weedy patches). There are also a few mooring buoys laid in the bay which can be picked up by visiting yachts (though it is wise to snorkel down to check their security if there is bad weather expected).

Alternative anchorages are at U. Stonca and U. Rogačić.


Water Vis town quay/wiki/Vis_(town)#.5B.5B.23Vis_town_quay.7CVis_town_quay.5D.5DWater icon Vis town quay [[Vis (town)#Vis town quay|Vis town quay]] on the quay

Kut village quay/wiki/Vis_(town)#.5B.5B.23Kut_village_quay.7CKut_village_quay.5D.5DWater icon Kut village quay [[Vis (town)#Kut village quay|Kut village quay]] on the quay

Electricity Vis town quay/wiki/Vis_(town)#.5B.5B.23Vis_town_quay.7CVis_town_quay.5D.5DElectricity icon Vis town quay [[Vis (town)#Vis town quay|Vis town quay]] on the quay

Kut village quay/wiki/Vis_(town)#.5B.5B.23Kut_village_quay.7CKut_village_quay.5D.5DElectricity icon Kut village quay [[Vis (town)#Kut village quay|Kut village quay]] on the quay

Toilets Near both Vis town quay and Kut village quay
Showers Near Vis town quay
Laundry N/A (Not Available)
Garbage Near the harbour
Fuel INA fuel/wiki/Vis_(town)#INA_fuelFuel icon INA fuel [[Vis (town)#INA fuel|INA fuel]] 43°03.800'N, 016°11.147'E Fuel berth on NW side of the harbour (0600-2200). Depths of 2.5 metres alongside
Bottled gas None
Chandlers None
Repairs  /wiki/Vis_(town)#.26nbsp.3BService icon   [[Vis (town)# | ]] Basic emergency repairs only
Internet WiFi in internet cafes
Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS on the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals In the Town/wiki/Vis_(town)#In_the_TownCar icon In the Town [[Vis (town)#In the Town|In the Town]] rental outlets


In the Town/wiki/Vis_(town)#In_the_TownProvisions icon In the Town [[Vis (town)#In the Town|In the Town]] Supermarket, butcher and other provisions shops in the town. Fruit and vegetable market.

Eating out

  • In the Town
 /wiki/Vis_(town)#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Vis (town)# | ]] Restaurants and café/bars ashore.


  • Ferries to Split three days a week during the season.
  • Seasonal ferries (June to September) to Giulianova in Italy.


Vis Island is carpeted with vineyards
Tito’s wartime HQ

the town of Vis has a number of attractions, including the nearby Greek necropolis of Issa, which contains interesting funeral tablets from the 2nd century AD. On the NW side of the bay are the remains of Roman baths and on the peninsula to the E is the a beautifully sited Francscan monastery surrounded by vineyards.

The village of Kut on the E side of the bay is a charming maze of flagstoned streets and solid, old stone houses, many in need of restoration. The archaeological museum of Vis is situated in an old fortress between the town of Vis and Kut and contains among its prized exhibits a beautiful bronze head of Artemis.

With transport, it is well worth exploring the interior of the island, filled with hectare after hectare of vineyards on the southern slopes producing the local Vugava (white) and Plavac (red) wine. If your transport can struggle up to the summit of Hum mountain the views are superb and, by descending half way and embarking on a short climb on foot, you can visit the wartime HQ of Tito, sited in a series of caves in an impregnable valley.


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See Croatia.


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