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WorldSouth AsiaWestern AsiaRed SeaGulf of AdenYemen
15.3515°21′N, 44.244°12′E Chart icon.png
Yemen map.gif
Capital Sana'a
Language Arabic
Currency Yemeni Rial (YER)
Time zone AST (UTC+3)
Calling code +967
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Warning: There is a U.S. Department of State warns U.S. citizens against all travel to Yemen because of the high security threat level in Yemen posed by the ongoing conflict and terrorist activities. (Updated 17 Mar 2016)

Yemen is in the Middle East, in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Red Sea, west of Oman and south of Saudi Arabia.

A number of Red Sea islands, including the Hanish Islands, Kamaran and Perim, as well as Socotra in the Arabian Sea belong to Yemen. Many of the islands are volcanic; for example Jabal al-Tair had a volcanic eruption in 2007 and before that in 1883.

At 527,970 km² (203,837 sq mi), Yemen is the world's 49th-largest country (after France). It is comparable in size to Thailand, and somewhat larger than the U.S. state of California.


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Subtropical climate. SW monsoon - May to September with rain and high humidity. Drier and cooler Easterly winds dominate from October to February.

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For inward and outward clearance you must visit Customs, Immigration and the Harbourmaster's office. Contact the Port Control on VHF16 when ready to depart - night departures are prohibited.

If you intend to stop anywhere along the coast you must obtain prior written permission from the Harbourmaster and Customs in Aden. You are able to call in at Hodeidah in an emergency only - call on VHF16 to describe your situation.

Customs and Immigration


  • Firearms and ammunitions MUST be declared on arrival.
  • PETS: Animals are not allowed ashore.


Visas are not required for a short stay provided you do not leave the Port of Aden area. Your passports are retained until departure and you will be issued with a "shore pass".


  • Do not take photographs in the port area.
  • Obtain permission from Customs before visiting other vessels in the harbour.
  • You are officially not allowed to stop at Socotra Island.

Health and Security


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  • This is a Muslim country. As such, be sensitive about where you point your camera. There are many great photo opportunities around every corner (the question is usually what to leave out of each image), but when photographing people, always ask first. The Arabic phrase "mumkin akhud sura minak?" is very useful indeed. Don't ever, ever try to take pictures of women, even if you're a woman yourself. This is considered a great offense and can even result in more than a few harsh words. Also don't try to take pictures of anything that looks as if it could be of any strategic importance (i.e. has at least one soldier or policeman guarding it - including ports.).
  • Yemen is one of the poorest states on earth. Living conditions for many locals are very tough. As a tourist, expect local merchants to demand higher prices from you. While being mindful of the poverty level in Yemen, tourists should resist sympathetic urges to pay the merchant's first price. Bargaining is a way of life in much of the world and is expected of all buyers.
  • Be prepared to be asked for pens (qalam, galam) for the local schools, and also sweets (bonbon). It should go without saying that you shouldn't give money ("fulus!" "bizniz!") to children. Donate to local charities instead.


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  • Categorized as South Asia because of former connection to Britain at the Aden Colony. Now seen as Western Asia by the UN.

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