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Port of Entry
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Zadar lies on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, approximately 70 miles NW of Split and 100 miles SE of Rijeka, which together with Dubrovnik constitute Croatia’s four major harbours. The city is separated by the two mile wide Zadar Strait from the two long islands of Ugljan and Pasman to the west.

An important commercial and naval centre since the days of the Roman empire, Zadar continued to prosper through periods of occupation by the Byzantines, Venetians, Austro-Hungarians and Italians and even World War II and the Croatian War of Independence were only a brief pause in its growth. Today, Zadar is an important tourist destination as well as a thriving commercial and industrial centre.

Shelter in Zadar is excellent in all conditions.


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See Croatia.



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Zadar is approached either from NW along the channel separating the mainland from the island of Ugljan or from SE along the E side of the island of Pasman.

In the approach, the buildings of the old town on a peninsula sheltering the harbour from S and W are conspicuous. The harbour is entered from NW between the old town peninsula and a long breakwater.

Note: The harbour is used by several ferries, which enter and leave at speed and caution is needed when approaching. Shelter inside the harbour is excellent, although berths on the breakwater and T pontoons (see below) are subject to wash from commercial traffic.

Danger: There are extensive shoals along the shore NW of the entrance, marked with a port hand buoy.

Danger: Smaller yachts and motor boats can approach via the Prolaz Mali Ždrelac -- the narrow channel between the islands of Ugljan and Pasman; however, note that the channel is crossed by a road bridge with only 16.5 metres clearance.


Zadar is a port of entry/exit for Croatia. For details see Entrance: Croatia.


Zadar harbour from SW

Zadar Harbour

Zadar Harbour/wiki/Zadar#Zadar_Harbour
Harbour icon Zadar Harbour [[Zadar#Zadar Harbour|Zadar Harbour]] 44°07.100'N, 015°13.567'E
Port of Entry

Its well-sheltered harbour contains a large marina, Marina Zadar, which welcomes visiting yachts, as well as two smaller marinas, Marina Vitrenjak and Marina Borik, both to the NW of Zadar harbour, which are generally filled with local vessels but may have space available for a visiting yacht.

[email protected]; Tel: +385 (23) 211 103; Fax: +385 (23) 437 825; VHF channels 10, 16, & 70

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


There are no suitable sheltered anchorages near Zadar.


Water In all 3 marinas
Electricity In all 3 marinas
Toilets In all 3 marinas
Showers In all 3 marinas
Laundry Laundromat in Marina Zadar
Garbage Bins near the harbour and in the marinas
Fuel Marina Zadar/wiki/Zadar#.5B.5BMarina_Zadar.5D.5DFuel icon Marina Zadar [[Zadar#Marina Zadar|Marina Zadar]] 44°07.142'N, 015°13.567'E Fuel station immediately S of marina entrance
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Chandlers Marina Zadar/wiki/Zadar#.5B.5BMarina_Zadar.5D.5DChandler icon Marina Zadar [[Zadar#Marina Zadar|Marina Zadar]] 44°07.142'N, 015°13.567'E Limited parts from the yard, mainly engine spares
Repairs Marina Zadar/wiki/Zadar#.5B.5BMarina_Zadar.5D.5DService icon Marina Zadar [[Zadar#Marina Zadar|Marina Zadar]] 44°07.142'N, 015°13.567'E Marina Zadar has an associated yard, Moto Marina, tel. +385 (28) 204 870

Marina Borik/wiki/Zadar#.5B.5BMarina_Borik.5D.5DService icon Marina Borik [[Zadar#Marina Borik|Marina Borik]] 44°07.785'N, 015°12.617'E Hard standing for 50 yachts. Cranes (20T and 5T). Basic engine, electrical and electronic repairs. Wood and fiberglass hull repairs, sailmakers. Paint works, tel. +385 (23) 333 036

Mobile connectivity Good mobile phone signal (G4)
Vehicle rentals Europcar/wiki/Zadar#EuropcarCar icon Europcar [[Zadar#Europcar|Europcar]] DD.dddDD.ddd office close to marina. Others in the town.


  • Konzum/wiki/Zadar#KonzumProvisions icon Konzum [[Zadar#Konzum|Konzum]] 44°07.928'N, 015°12.715'E Supermarket along the way running out of the shore (Put Matije Gupca; Mo-Su 07:00-22:00)
  • Several supermarkets and other provisions shops in the town.

Eating out

  • Numerous bars and restaurants in the old town.
  • Restoran Foša, sited on the verandah of the old customs house at the entrance to the tiny mediaeval harbour at the S end of the peninsula, is excellent for fish.
  • Restaurant Maestral in Marina Zadar


  • Local buses (single ride: 10 kuna)
  • Buses to Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik
  • International airport 12 km E
  • Albeit train connections are available to Zagreb and Split, they are virtually useless due to slowness and awkward schedules

See Zadar at the Wikivoyage for further details.


Places to Visit

The old town of Zadar lies on a fortified peninsula opposite Marina Zadar and is accessed via a footbridge. Attractions include the magnificent 9th century circular basilica of St Donat and the Cathedral of St Anastasia (containing a marble sarcophagus of the saint’s relics and some wonderful carved choir stalls). At the southern end of the peninsular is a monumental Venetian port gate and a picturesque, tiny mediaeval harbour. Through the gate is the Square of the Five Wells, the town’s main water supply until the mid-19th century, and on the north side of the square is St Simeon’s church, containing a lovely 14th century sarcophagus of the saint in silver gilt relief work. Zadar is also a good base for hiring a car to visit the Paklenica National Park 40 kms NE and the beautiful Plitvice National Park a further 15 kms to the N.

St Donat’s basilica (9th century)
Venetian gate
Square of the Five Wells, Zadar
Sarcophagus of St Simeon


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See Croatia.


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