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20°12.000'S, 169°49.000'E Chart icon.png
lat=-20.2 | lon=169.816667 | zoom=11 | y

Aneityum (also known as Anatom or Keamu) is the southernmost island of Vanuatu.

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See Vanuatu.


See Vanuatu.


See Vanuatu.


Mystery Island

Mystery Island/wiki/Aneityum#Mystery_Island
Island icon Mystery Island [[Aneityum#Mystery Island|Mystery Island]] (Inyeug) 20°14.929'S, 169°46.283'E
This island and the nearby lagoon is used as a stop by cruise ships. Although it's uninhabited, when there is a cruise ship in the area the local people will set up market stalls on the island. As soon as the cruise ship departs the stalls are packed up and the island returns to its uninhabited state.


See Vanuatu.


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Note: Aneityum does not have a port of entry, but written permission may be obtained from Vanuatu Customs in order to stop here in advance of arriving at a port of entry in Vanuatu. See Vanuatu Arrival & Departure procedures. Permission is usually forthcoming if requested in writing in advance, but heavy fines have been issued for calling in without permission.



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See Anelcauhat.


See Anelcauhat.

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See Anelcauhat.


Planes to Port Vila twice a week.



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