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General Help

N.B. When logged in, set your Wiki preferences in "my preferences" (link at top R/H of Wiki pages).

Editing the Wiki

Also see the Cruising Wiki's Wiki Editors Guide, Style Guide, and Hydrographics

Important information: Read the Copyright Details

  • In order to contribute to this World Cruising Wiki please REGISTER (it's free, quick and easy) or LOGIN (top R/H corner of this page). This is essential in an attempt to reduce spam.
  • Once you are logged in, update "My Preferences" (menu at top R/H of page).
  • When editing, ALWAYS click on "Show Preview" BEFORE saving the page. This allows you to re-edit/add without unnecessary page-loading. Save the page when finished.

To Edit:

  • Register/Login
  • Click the "EDIT" tab at the top of the page to be able to edit the whole page
  • Click the "EDIT" link (R/H, top) of each section to edit only that section.
Click for larger view
  • The Editor opens to allow you to edit/add, etc.
  • After editing, click the "Preview" link to preview your edits - this step affords you the opportunity to do any corrections before finally saving your edit. N.B. Do not forget to "SAVE" your edit.
  • Note: Do not leave a SPACE at the beginning of paragraphs or lines as this will cancel the Wiki text formatting - it will change the text font and make the lines/paragraphs run off the page width.
This is an example of what happens when leaving a space at the beginning of the line or paragraph ...
  • Editing Tip 1:Prepare your edit/addition in MS Notepad (using the Wiki formatting below) - then copy/paste this to the Wiki's editor.
  • Editing Tip 2: Open a well laid out Wiki page/section and click on "Edit" to see how others have formatted the page. "Return" without further edits.
  • Editing Tip 3: Do not create new pages unless you have gained some editing experience. When you have use the appropriate Page Templates and consult the sample pages indicated there under Notes.
  • Practice your editing skills in the SANDBOX

Personal Signature to Contributions

Don't forget to set "My Preferences" - link at top R/H side of page.

  • To add your signature and timestamp to your contributions simply type 4 tildes (~~~~)
    This will automatically convert to your username and date, e.g. (Lighthouse 02:31, 3 November 2007 (MDT))
  • To add your signature (username only) to your contributions simply type 3 tildes (~~~)
    This will automatically convert to your username only, e.g. (Lighthouse)
  • To add the timestamp only to your contributions simply type 5 tildes (~~~~~)
    This will automatically convert to the timestamp (only) of your contribution, e.g. (02:31, 3 November 2007 (MDT))
  • You can also add a country flag icon to your signature - get the flag icon codes from Flag Icons - (hover your curser over a flag to see/grab the image filename)
    Example: (~~~ [[image:South_Africa_Icon.png]]) - will convert to: (Lighthouse South Africa Icon.png) - (save this code in a handy place to use often)

Wiki Page "Discussion" Tab

  • Use the page's "Discussion" tab (top of page) to make any notes or requests about a particular page. A Wiki "Sysop" (Admin) is notified by the system and will attend to matters as soon as possible.
  • If you are uncomfortable about adding new sub-pages (like additional ports, marinas, etc.) then use the pages "discussion" tab to request these additions too. Otherwise, just add the names to the lists within the articles (in the format * [[Name]] ) and a wiki admin will set up the "new" pages. Lighthouse

Text Formatting

Note: When editing, (e.g. Italic) it is two apostrophes before and after and NOT quotations. (Bold would be three apostrophes)

Description You type You get
Applies anywhere
Italic text ''italic'' (2 apostrophes - not quotation) italic
Bold text '''bold''' (3 apostrophes) bold
Bold and italic '''''bold & italic'''''(3 + 2 apostrophes) bold & italic
Escape wiki markup <nowiki>no "markup"</nowiki> no ''markup''
Fixed width text

<tt>Fixed width text</tt>

Fixed width text

Colored text

<font color=red>Red Text:</font>

Red Text

Line space (to keep within a section)
Normally use "Enter" key.

...end of line.<br/>New line...

...end of line.
New line...

Double line space (to keep within a section)
Normally use "Enter" key twice.

...end of line.<br/><br/>New paragraph...

...end of line.

New paragraph...

Only at the beginning of the line
Indent text

:Single indent
::Double indent
:::::Multiple indent

Single indent
Double indent
Multiple indent
Headings of different levels
An article with four or more headings will automatically create a Table of Contents

=level 1= Use of a level 1 heading is highly discouraged as it appears with the same formatting and size as the page title, which can be confusing.
==level 2==
===level 3===
====level 4====
=====level 5=====
======level 6======

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6

Horizontal rule

---- (Use VERY sparingly)

Bullet list

* one
* two
* three
** three and one-third
** three and two-thirds

  • one
  • two
  • three
    • three and one-third
    • three and two-thirds
Numbered list

# one
# two<br />spanning several lines<br />without breaking the numbering
# three
## three point one
## three point two

  1. one
  2. two
    spanning several lines
    without breaking the numbering
  3. three
    1. three point one
    2. three point two
Mixture of bulleted
and numbered lists

# one
# two
#* two point one
#* two point two

  1. one
  2. two
    • two point one
    • two point two
Definition list

:item 1
:item 2

item 1
item 2
Preformatted text

  preformatted text is done with
  a space at the
  beginning of the line

preformatted text is done with
a space at the 
beginning of the line
Preformatted text with no indentation

 <pre> some preformatted text with no indentation </pre>

some preformatted
text with no indentation

How to link in Wiki format

Description You type You get
Internal link [[Africa]] Africa
Category link [[:Category:The Yacht]] Category:The Yacht
Piped link [[Africa|different text]] (links to the "Africa" page) different text
Anchor link [[#External links|Anchor link]] Anchor link
External link
External link from internal image [http://targetURL {{Server}}/wiki/images/imagelocation] Internal image
External link,

different title

[ Cruisers Wiki Home]
(note "space" between URL and description)
Cruisers Wiki Home
External link,


[] [1]
mailto mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]
mailto unnamed [mailto:[email protected]] [2]
mailto named [mailto:[email protected] Email] Email
redirect #REDIRECT [[Africa]] Africa

Table Formatting

See the TEMPLATES page to copy examples of already formatted tables - easy.

Wiki table markup summary (for advanced users)

table start
table caption, optional; only between table start and first table row
table row, optional on first row -- wiki engine assumes the first row
table header cell, optional. Consecutive table header cells may be added on same line separated by double marks (!!) or start on new lines, each with its own single mark (!).
table data cell, required! Consecutive table data cells may be added on same line separated by double marks (||) or start on new lines, each with its own single mark (|).
table end
  • The above marks must start on a new line except the double || and !! for optionally adding consecutive cells to a line. However, blank spaces at the beginning of a line are ignored.
  • XHTML attributes. Each mark, except table end, optionally accepts one or more XHTML attributes. Attributes must be on the same line as the mark. Separate attributes from each other with a single space.
    • Cells and caption (| or ||, ! or !!, and |+) hold content. So separate any attributes from content with a single pipe (|). Cell content may follow on same line or on following lines.
    • Table and row marks ({| and |-) do not directly hold content. Do not add pipe (|) after their optional attributes. If you erroneously add a pipe after attributes for the table mark or row mark the parser will delete it and your final attribute if it was touching the erroneous pipe!
  • Content may (a) follow its cell mark on the same line after any optional XHTML attributes or (b) on lines below the cell mark. Content that uses wiki markup that itself needs to start on a new line, such as lists, headings, or nested tables, must be on its own new line.
  • Escaping to insert a pipe (|) character into a table use the <nowiki> markup

Posting Images

To post images:

  • N.B. RESIZE THE IMAGE FIRST - resize to maximum 700px X 700px. (BEFORE uploading) (Recommended free software for resizing images)
  • Name the file (NEW NAME - DO NOT DUPLICATE existing file names): Try to keep your "Destination filename" short & descriptive (i.e. "Caribbean12.jpg).
  • Then, upload the file to the Cruising WIKI (Upload File link is under "Toolbox" in L/H menu).

Or, you can embed images into your article and then upload the image/s to the Cruising Wiki. The easiest and most convenient way of doing this is to do it after you finish editing the text of your article.

  1. While you are editing the text, just insert the wiki markup that embeds the image. For example: [[Image:Examplefilename.jpg|Port Justin]].
  2. Save or preview your work.
  3. Now look at the image link in the previewed or saved page. You will see that it is RED in colour.
  4. You can now click on the link (in a new browser tab or window) which will bring you to the upload page.
  5. You will notice that the Destination filename: field is already filled in. All you have to do is browse to your image on your PC.
  6. If you go back to your original page and do a browser refresh or a new preview, you will see the image linked.

Uploaded files

To use an image or other file which has been uploaded to the Wiki, use:

  • [[Image:Examplefilename.jpg]] (change "Examplefilename" to the name of the image you have uploaded)

If you add a pipe (|) and some text after the filename, the text will be used as alternative text for text-only browsers:

  • [[Image:Examplefilename.jpg|alternative text]]

If you don't want to display the image, you can link to the file's description page, by adding a colon:

  • [[:Image:Examplefilename.jpg]]

You can also make piped links if you want some other text to be used:

  • [[:Image:Example.jpg|link text]]

Advanced options

The full syntax for displaying an image is:


Where options can be zero or more of the following, separated by pipes:

  • thumb, thumbnail, or frame: Controls how the image is formatted
  • left, right, center, none: Controls the alignment of the image on the page
  • {width}px: Resizes the image to the given width in pixels
  • {caption text}

The options can be given in any order. If a given option does not match any of the other possibilities, it is assumed to be the caption text. Caption text can contain wiki links or other formatting.

A common example will be:

[[Image:filenameofyourimage.jpg|right|thumb|350px|'''Caption''']] - (copy this template if you wish - change to the correct image filename and .jpg, .gif or .png extension that you upload)

This will insert the image to the RIGHT of the page as a THUMBNAIL, 350 pixels wide with your CAPTION underneath.

See the Templates page for more ready-made options (image galleries, etc).

Co-ordinates Formatting

The GPS format of Degrees and decimal minutes (DD & M.M) is used in this Wiki as this is the format most often used by sailors. Please use this format to maintain consistancy throughout the Wiki.

Enter co-ordinates in a page using the "template-call" as shown below:

[[image:World_icon.png]] {{Coord|DD|M.M|N/S|DD|M.M|E/W|}}

Copy the above template (in bold) and paste it into the Wiki page editor, fill in the details and SAVE the edit (don't forget to select either N or S, or E or W). This template will automatically give a link to a GeoHack page with various online geo resources related to the position - resources like Google Earth, MapTech (marine chart), GoogleMaps and access to photos of the position's area on Flickr, Panoramio, etc.

Example: [[image:World_icon.png]] {{Coord|37|43.6|N|26|50.6|W|}} will show as: World icon.png 37°43.6′N, 26°50.6′W after saving the edit (with link to the geo resources page).

Co-ordinates Conversion Help - (D & M & S) - Divide the seconds by 60 to get the decimal value of minutes for the GPS format of |DD|M.M|

Free Tools


GOOGLE MAPS - You can generate Google Maps from within the editor (link at right end in the menu on top of the editor). See INSERTING MAPS for more help in using this feature.

Note: If screenshots are used, these MUST be saved in .png format to preserve the Google Logo layer (to show the copyright details). Upload as .png to the Wiki with the logo intact.

Linking Documents

Use <download> </download> tags to add a file to a page (upload file to the Wiki first).

Code format (for above)

File:Sample_docx.docx|Sample DOCX file
File:Sample_doc.doc|Sample DOC file
File:Sample_xls.xls|Sample XLS file
File:Sample_xlsx.xlsx|Sample XLSX file
File:Sample_pptx.pptx|Sample PPTX file
File:Sample_ppt.ppt|Sample PPT file
File:Sample_vsd.vsd|Sample VSD file
File:Cruising Guide Singapore to Darwin.pdf|Sample PDF file

Example (for a pdf) (upload file to the Wiki first)

Code format (for example above)

<download>File:Cruising Guide Singapore to Darwin.pdf|Cruising Guide - Singapore to Darwin (.pdf)</download>

Wiki Table of Contents (TOC)

For each page with more than three headings, a table of contents (TOC) is automatically generated at top of page from the section headings, unless:

  • (for a user) preferences are set to turn it off
  • (for an article) the magic word __NOTOC__ (with two underscores on either side of the word) is added to the article

Positioning the TOC

When either __FORCETOC__ or __TOC__ (with two underscores on either side of the word) is placed in the wikitext, a TOC is added even if the page has fewer than four headings.

With __FORCETOC__, the TOC is placed before the first section heading. With __TOC__, it is placed at the same position where this code is placed. There may be some introductory text before the TOC, known as the "lead". Although usually a heading after the TOC is preferable, __TOC__ can be used to avoid being forced to insert a meaningless heading just to position the TOC correctly, i.e., not too low.

Align TOC to left

Use: {{TOCleft}} - placed within the article's body, to have the Table of Contents anchored to the left and restricted to a width of 300px


Uploaded icons for use within the Wiki.

  • Poe.jpg = Port of entry
    use: [[image:Poe.jpg]]
  • TopWiki.png = Featured article.
    use: [[image:TopWiki.png]]
  • Question icon.png = Article/page link needs data.
    use: [[image:Question_icon.png]]
  • Anchor Icon.png = Anchorage
    use: [[image:Anchor_Icon.png]]
  • Icon anchor.png = Anchorage
    use: [[image:Icon_anchor.png]]
  • Icon marina.png = Marina
    use: [[image:Icon_marina.png]]
  • Marina icon.png = Marina
    use: [[image:Marina_icon.png]]
  • NoEntry Icon.png = Entry prohibited
    use: [[Image:NoEntry_Icon.png‎]]
  • Country Flag Icons


Easy access to common symbols - copy/paste from here:

  • Co-ordinate "Degree" symbol - °
  • Copyright symbol - ©
  • Others - | | -

Various Editing Code Snippets

  • Hold vertical space = <div style="clear: both;"></div>
  • Hold vertical space - <gallery style="clear: both;"></gallery>

More Help

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