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Gold Coast - Southport
27°56.057'S, 153°25.918'E Chart icon.png
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Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Horizon Shores Marina

Horizon Shores Marina/wiki/Gold_Coast_-_Southport#Horizon_Shores_Marina
Berth icon Horizon Shores Marina [[Gold Coast - Southport#Horizon Shores Marina|Horizon Shores Marina]] 27°45.309'S, 153°20.908'E

The marina has 500 berths, 350 dry stack storage bays, 200 trailer boat storage locations, a 70t travelift, on water fuel facility, chandlery, marine refit and repair, hardstand and refit sheds plus an onsite cafe.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 7 5546 2300; Fax: +61 7 5546 1353; VHF channel XX
Address: Cabbage Tree Point Road , Woongoolba , QLD 4270, Australia
Hours: 7:30 am to 5 pm (daily)

Coomera Waters Marina

Coomera Waters Marina/wiki/Gold_Coast_-_Southport#Coomera_Waters_Marina
Berth icon Coomera Waters Marina [[Gold Coast - Southport#Coomera Waters Marina|Coomera Waters Marina]] 27°50.804'S, 153°22.135'E

The Coomera Waters Marina is a fully appointed 70 berth marina. Water and electricity only. No other facilities. Non-livabord marina.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 7 5561 8809; VHF channel XX
Address: Coomera Waters Marina, Harbour Village Parade, Coomera, Queensland 4209, Australia
The marina

Sanctuary Cove Marina

Sanctuary Cove Marina/wiki/Gold_Coast_-_Southport#Sanctuary_Cove_Marina
Berth icon Sanctuary Cove Marina [[Gold Coast - Southport#Sanctuary Cove Marina|Sanctuary Cove Marina]] 27°51.102'S, 153°21.800'E

The marina with over 226 moorings is located alongside the picturesque surrounds of Sanctuary Cove, the Marina enables direct access to the Pacific Ocean via the protected waterways of the Gold Coast Broadwater (without height restrictions) and the Coomera River. It provides fuel dock full shower and toilet facilities, laundry, WiFi, high level security, waterfront cafes and dining.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 7 5577 6069; Fax: +61 7 5577 8360; VHF channel 73
Hours: 8 am - 5 pm (daily)

Gold Coast City Marina

Gold Coast City Marina/wiki/Gold_Coast_-_Southport#Gold_Coast_City_Marina
Berth icon Gold Coast City Marina [[Gold Coast - Southport#Gold Coast City Marina|Gold Coast City Marina]] 27°51.742'S, 153°20.290'E

All facilities, fuel berth, laundry, WiFi. Shipyard with all repair and maintenance services.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 7 5502 5888; Fax: +61 7 5502 5877; VHF channel 10
Address: 76 -84 Waterways Drive, Coomera , Queensland 4209, Australia
Hope Island Marina

Hope Island Marina

Hope Island Marina/wiki/Gold_Coast_-_Southport#Hope_Island_Marina
Berth icon Hope Island Marina [[Gold Coast - Southport#Hope Island Marina|Hope Island Marina]] (16) 27°52.032'S, 153°20.855'E

Hope Island Marina is located in the heart of the Hope Island Resort and next to Sanctuary Cove. It is part of a resort. It provides laundry, provisions, pharmacy, dentist and medical facilities, bars and restaurants.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 7 5632 0427; VHF channel XX
Address: Marina Shopping Village, 10 Santa Barbara Rd, Hope Island QLD 4212, Australia
The marina

Hope Harbour Marina

Hope Harbour Marina/wiki/Gold_Coast_-_Southport#Hope_Harbour_Marina
Berth icon Hope Harbour Marina [[Gold Coast - Southport#Hope Harbour Marina|Hope Harbour Marina]] 27°52.118'S, 153°22.557'E

Hope Harbour Marina offers berthing for long and short term stays with 280 premium marina berths for sail or power boats (including multihulls between six and 40 metres). It is located on the northern Gold Coast (no need to travel the extra distance up the Coomera River) at the southern end of the Sanctuary Cove Resort. All facilities, multihull berthing, fuel, chandlery, fishing tackle and general store. Recently upgraded boatyard (2015) with ability to lift up to 70 tons, hardstanding and tents. Full repair facilities.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 7 5530 1333; VHF channel XX
Address: 9 John Lund Drive, Hope Island, QLD 4212, Australia
Hours: 08:30-16:30 (Mon-Sat)

Runaway Bay Marina

Runaway Bay Marina/wiki/Gold_Coast_-_Southport#Runaway_Bay_Marina
Berth icon Runaway Bay Marina [[Gold Coast - Southport#Runaway Bay Marina|Runaway Bay Marina]] 27°53.993'S, 153°24.197'E

All facilities, fuel berth, laundry, chandlery, boatyard with 35 ton travel hoist, crane, repairs, restaurants.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 7 5577 1400; Fax: +61 7 5577 3181; VHF channel XX
Address: 247 Bayview Street, Runaway Bay Marina, Queensland, 4216, Australia

Bayview Harbour Yacht Squadron

Bayview Harbour Yacht Squadron/wiki/Gold_Coast_-_Southport#Bayview_Harbour_Yacht_Squadron
Berth icon Bayview Harbour Yacht Squadron [[Gold Coast - Southport#Bayview Harbour Yacht Squadron|Bayview Harbour Yacht Squadron]] 27°55.397'S, 153°24.289'E

Bayview Harbour Yacht Squadron is located within the prestigious Bayview Harbour Complex at Runaway Bay. Its superb location makes for an unrivalled base for access to the Seaway entrance, adjacent Wave Break Island, South Stradbroke Island and on to Moreton Bay.

XX@XXX; Tel: +61 7 5537 1647; VHF channel XX
Address: Oatland Esplanade, Runaway Bay, Queenland 4216, Australia

Marina Mirage

Marina Mirage/wiki/Gold_Coast_-_Southport#Marina_Mirage
Berth icon Marina Mirage [[Gold Coast - Southport#Marina Mirage|Marina Mirage]] 27°58.121'S, 153°25.459'E

Part of a waterfront developement with a range of shops and restaurants.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 7 5555 6400; Fax: +61 7 5555 6444; VHF channel XX
Address: 74 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach QLD 4217, Australia
Hours: Office 9.00 am – 5.00 pm
Mariners Cove

Mariners Cove Marina

Mariners Cove Marina/wiki/Gold_Coast_-_Southport#Mariners_Cove_Marina
Berth icon Mariners Cove Marina [[Gold Coast - Southport#Mariners Cove Marina|Mariners Cove Marina]] 27°58.186'S, 153°25.507'E

All facilities, fuel, laundry. Restaurants near by.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 7 5591 2800; Fax: +61 7 5528 3433; VHF channel XX
Address: 60 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach , QLD 4217, Australia

Southport Marina

Southport Marina/wiki/Gold_Coast_-_Southport#Southport_Marina
Berth icon Southport Marina [[Gold Coast - Southport#Southport Marina|Southport Marina]] (Southport Yacht Club) 27°58.355'S, 153°25.523'E

All facilities, fuel berth, laundry, chandlery, WiFi, bar and restaurant. Hardstand facilities with 40 tonne travel lift, shipwrights and mechanics and ancillary trades.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 7 5591 3500; Fax: +61 7 5532 7507; VHF channel 74
Address: 1 Macarthur Parade, Main Beach Queensland 4217, Australia
Hours: Office: 08:00-16:00( Mon-Fri); 08:00-13:00 (Sat, Sun)


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