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Marina Apooiti
16°43.62′S, 151°28.62′W Chart icon.png
Apooiti leads.jpg
Marina Apooiti leads as seen from the north
Radio VHF channel 12 or 68 although it does not appear to be regularly monitored. Phone appears to be the best contact.
Phone +689 66 35 93
Fax +689 66 20 94
E-mail [email protected]
Berths There are approximately 5 visitors berths. The remaining berths in the marina are reserved for long term tenants and/or the charter company based there.
Max. length 20m
Max. draft 3m
Fuel There is no fuel dock although a local operator selling fuel via a van has been seen.
Water Water is available on all of the visitors berths.
Electricity 220V 60Hz AC is available on all of the visitors berths. It requires a 30A plug of the round-pin variety commonly seen on caravan sites in NZ and some other marinas in French Polynesia. There is a charge for electricity use per kWH
Toilets Toilets are available, bring your own paper.
Showers Cold water showers are available.
Laundry There is a single washing machine. A key for the laundry must be obtained from the marina manager. There is only one key so it needs to be returned when you are finished with it.
Internet Wi-Fi connections only. There are 2 expensive Wi-Fi operators in the area -- connections approximately cfp500 per hour.
Hours ?
Address B.P. 165 - 98 735 Uturoa, Raiatea
More notes about the marina

Marina Apooiti is the nearest publically accessible marina to Uturoa, Raiatea, French Polynesia. It is about 5km by road west of the town, past the airport.


VHF on channels 12 and 68 appears to be sporadically monitored if at all.


Generally one would approach this marina while travelling west past Uturoa. Continue past the airport, note that there is a large reef extending into the channel near the airport, there is a channel marked with north and south cardinal marks. After rounding the south cardinal mark make a line for Baie Apooiti, rounding the channel separation mark standing just outside the bay.

If you have contacted ahead indicating that you are approaching there will be someone to catch lines. The visitors' berths are just past the marina entrance proper, they are not floating berths (although there is minimal tide range here) and it could be port or starboard side tie up depending on where on the visitors berth areas you are directed to.

Larger vessels including catamarans may be directed to med-moor along the outside wall of the marina. There are bow lines to pick up and stern lines need to be taken ashore.


Berthing assistance is usually available -- the marina manager or other cruisers on the visitors dock will usually be around to catch ropes. Although the marina is lit, the leading marks are not (in particular the channel separation marker standing just off the bay) and depths are variable within the bay so berthing at night would be inadvisable.


  • Laundry (single washing machine only, cfp800 per load)
  • Cold water showers
  • Toilets


There is a nearby repair yard (Chantier Naval des Îles Sous la Vent) that has a good reputation for doing solid reliable work.


The sliding gate to the visitors' berth area is closed at night (but not locked). The marina manager occasionally patrols the area, walking two very large dogs.


The marina is located approximately 5km by road from Uturoa. Just outside the marina there is a small shop (Magasin Julien) and about 15 minutes further down the road towards Uturoa there is a small supermarket. Both are open 7 days although opening hours are variable especially for the shop.


There are taxis available into Uturoa but the prices are quite steep. Hitchhiking appears to be the preferred method of shortening the walk.


Pricing is approximately cfp 220 per metre per day for monohulls, and higher for multihulls.


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  • Delatbabel -- visited in May 2014. I found the marina manager to be helpful and happy to assist. Marina prices were a little higher than elsewhere in French Polynesia but it was useful to be able to berth alongside rather than med-moor. Water was clean and potable.

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