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Port Moselle Marina

22°16.8′S, 166°26.3′E Chart icon.png
Port Moselle Marina.jpg
Radio VHF channel 67
Phone 27 71 97
Fax 27 71 29
E-mail [email protected]
Berths ?
Max. length ?
Max. draft Average depth in marina 6 metres
Fuel Fuel dock
Water On berth
Electricity Yes, 240v
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Laundry Yes - Laundry service at fuel dock
Internet WiFi1
Cable TV No
Hours ?
Address 6 Rue de la Frégate-Nivôse, BP 2960 - 98846, Noumea, New Caledonia
1Available to patrons at Le Bout de Monde, next to the Port Captains office.

The Port Moselle Marina is a large modern marina in the centre of Noumea. While most berths are allocated to local boats, one pier is reserved for visitors and is used for Customs and Immigration clearance. The Port Captains office is adjacent to this pier and offers a wide range of services. There are showers and toilets for marina patrons in this building.


Call on VHF 67


Enter the Petite Rade through the Petite Passe, which is north of Ilot Brun. There are red and green piles marking this pass. Note that there is considerable traffic around the Petite Rade. It is used by large cruise liners, fast ferries traveling to the nearby tourist destinations, large ferries traveling to the outer islands and a wide range of recreational traffic including runabouts, kayaks, and yachts.

Head north towards Pointe de l'Artillerie. If you are intending to anchor, it is sometimes possible to anchor just outside the moorings below this point. There are marker buoys in this area which you must not anchor outside of in order that the channel be kept clear for traffic. If there is insufficient space, then consider anchoring opposite, just north of Pointe Denouel. There is usually a fleet of cruising boats anchored in this area.

Only enter Port Moselle if you have made arrangements (on VHF 67 ) with the marina staff to have a berth available. There is a limited number of berths available for itinerant vessels and provision has to be made for those who are clearing in.


Very professional marina staff assist with berthing.


Le Bout du Monde, the restaurant next to the Port Moselle Marina
  • Berths are on a floating pier with short fingers.
  • Power and water are on the pier
  • Toilets and showers are available for marina patrons
  • Le Bout Du Monde provides a gathering place for sailors and Wi-Fi for its customers.


There is no haulout facility associated with the marina. The Nouville Plaisance haul-out yard on the far side of Port Moselle provides these facilities. Some marine related services are offered by a number of businesses on the edge of the marina. The Marine Corail chandlery is at 26 rue du Général Mangin, Centre Ville, which is a short walk from the marina.


The marina visitors pier is open to the public. Marina staff patrol the area to some extent, but the large number of live aboard sailors is the main deterrent to any problems.


The Marina is on the edge of Centre Ville and is close to all services. The city market, all banks, supermarkets, post office and museum are all within a short walk of the marina.


Noumea is well serviced by buses. There is a bus service to most outlying centres. Car hire is available from many places in the city.


The Port Captain provided this Visiting Yachts Rates (.pdf) document in June 2010. The rates had increased slightly by August 2010 and a further slight increase is to be expected by now.

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