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19°30.000'S, 169°20.000'E Chart icon.png
lat=-19.5 | lon=169.333333 | zoom=10 | y
Map of Tanna with Aniwa to the NE

Tanna is an island in Tafea Province of Vanuatu.

Tanna is most frequently visited to view the active volcano that exists on the island -- Mount Yasur. This is one of the most easily accessible volcanoes in the world, and is a major Vanuatu tourist attraction. Access to the volcano is easiest from the anchorage at Port Resolution from where a taxi can be hired to visit the volcano summit.


See Vanuatu.


See Vanuatu Weather.


See Vanuatu.



Island icon Aniwa [[Tanna#Aniwa|Aniwa]] 19°15.542'S, 169°35.820'E
Aniwa Island is about 12nm NE of Tanna. The people are Polynesian. There is an anchorage just off the island, in about 20m of water but anchoring is difficult without much shelter.


Island icon Futuna [[Tanna#Futuna|Futuna]] 19°31.937'S, 170°13.043'E
Futuna Island, not to be confused with Futuna Island in the French dependency of Wallis and Futuna is another Polynesian island, approximately 43 miles east of Tanna. I am not aware that there is a suitable anchorage nearby.


See Vanuatu.


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Lenakel is a Port of Entry, it is possible to clear in to and clear out of Vanuatu there. Advance notice is required before arrival. See also Vanuatu Arrival & Departure Procedures and Vanuatu Customs & Immigration. Note that it is not permissible to visit Port Resolution before visiting Lenakel unless prior permission is requested and received via email. Permission is usually granted if requested, but Vanuatu Customs are enforcing the regulations tightly and vessels have been fined heavily for arriving without advance notice and/or permission requests.

For entrance details see Vanuatu.



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Marinas & Yacht Clubs



  • Port ResolutionPort Resolution/wiki/Port_Resolution,_Vanuatu Anchorage icon – anchorage |Needs data icon – needs data |


See Lenakel and Port Resolution.


See Lenakel.

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See Lenakel and Port Resolution.


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