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Ua Huka



There is usually swell in the bay of Hane. On the east side it is a little better and a stern anchor can help to bear the swell better. Landing with a dinghy is not easy either, depending on the waves, but it is not an obstacle that cannot be overcome. There are plans to build a pier next year, so maybe landing will be easier then. (Please write a comment when you have been on the island and it is ready). The anchorage ground (sand) is good. The Vaipaee bay is also suitable for anchoring, but it is very narrow and also often with swell. There is, however, a pier for landing. We still found Hane more convenient for anchoring and just looked at Vaipaee from land.

Cruising the region


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Routes to/from

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Check-in facilities/Ports of Entry

  • The check-in is on Nuku Hiva (port of entry).

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

No marinas or yacht clubs on the island.


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  • On the west side of the island there are 2 very nice anchorages that are usually a bit better protected from the swell. One is Haavei – from this bay there is a way to Vaipaee (about 1-1.5 hours walking) and also 2G internet.
  • A little further is Hatuana Bay. This bay is usually even better protected from swell and very idyllic. You are usually very undisturbed here – there is no path and no internet.

Tourism & things to do ashore

There are some very interesting museums that introduce you to Polynesian culture and craftsmanship. You can also buy typical Marquesan handicrafts (small tikis, tapas, jewellery, etc.)

Marine stores

No marine stores or chandleries.

Offshore Islands

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  • SY MAYA: Ua-Huka was real highlight of our Marquesas round trip. We met nice people all over French Polynesia, but some islands still stand out.

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