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Welcome to CruisersWiki!

We all look forward to your valued contributions to the Cruising Wiki. Help it grow as a useful, free resource for all cruisers around the world.

Spend a little time reading the help pages (link in L/H menu) to gain a better understanding of the Wiki formatting and how to edit articles. Please add what you can - even correcting grammar and spelling errors in articles is a great help. The more you use the Wiki the easier it becomes.

Also, please read the Cruiserswiki Copyrights notice, as well as the General Disclaimers (links at bottom of pages).

Again, welcome and have fun! Lighthouse 19:15, 23 October 2010 (UTC)

Your Website Link

Thanks for adding a link to your excellent website (lots of info there). Unfortunately, you added it to the "Cruising Blogs and Narratives" page which is strictly a list of cruising yachts' blogs and passage reports. Over the next few days I will figure where to best add your very useful link - a more appropriate section (maybe a new one). (Lighthouse 21:54, 23 October 2010 (UTC))

Thanks for the kind words -- I had tried to figure out where it best fit, and obviously had problems! I really like your web site -- we cruised full-time for 6 years in Mexico and Central America -- and you've got tons of great info here. I'm trying to add an article each weekday to the web site -- keeps me busy! Thanks again -- C
I'll let you know when I have figured something out - I would really like to feature your site prominently. (Lighthouse 22:24, 23 October 2010 (UTC))
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