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Wallis Island

Wallis Island


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It is adviseable to approach Wallis in daylight, with extreme care, as the island is reported to lie about two miles east of its charted position.

The lagoon is entered through the Honikulu Pass, on the south side of Wallis lagoon (best entry at slack low water). Proceed to the settlement at Mata Utu and anchor behind the small reef in front of Mata Utu.

Check-in facilities

The skipper must go ashore and check in with the gendarmerie first (office near to the church), then proceed to the customs office nearby. These two offices must be visited again on your departure.


  • Good anchorage can be found on the SW side of Faioa Island, protected in easterly winds.
  • In settled weather it is possible to anchor off the islands to the east of Mata Utu but beware of coral bommies.
  • On the east side there is a popular, semi-protected anchorage in Gahi Bay (obtain permission from the local chief to anchor in the Bay).

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