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WorldSouth PacificVanuatuEfatePort VilaYachting World Vanuatu

Port of Entry
17°44.693'S, 168°18.787'E Chart icon.png
Yachting world vu.png
Yachting World Vanuatu showing buoys on approach channel to the north
Radio VHF channel 16
Phone + 678 23273, speak to Lemara
Fax + 678 23273
E-mail [email protected]
Berths Limited number of med-style berths
Max. length ?
Max. draft ?
Fuel Yes¹
Water Yes²
Electricity Yes³
Toilets Toilets are available on shore
Showers Showers are available on shore
Laundry Yes⁴
Internet ADSL is available on shore Wifi is available on shore and at the seawall
Cable TV No
Hours 08:00 to 12:00, and 13:30 to 17:00 during the week; 08:00 to 12:00 on Saturday.
Address P.O. Box 1507, Port Vila, Vanuatu
¹Fuel is available, including duty free fuel on check-out.
²Water is available at the dock, including for vessels on the moorings.
³Electricity is available at the sea wall but not at the moorings.
⁴Laundry can be left at the marina office, approx $US10 per load wash and dry.

Yachting World has both seawall berths (med style, either bow to or stern to) and moorings available in Port Vila, Vanuatu.


VHF 16


See Yachting World's Sailing Directions for the Inner Harbour. Note that there is a height restriction of 27 metres.


A staff member in a tender will frequently be available to assist you to pick up a mooring. The Yachting World moorings are large yellow floating can shaped buoys with a single heavy nylon rope with a spliced loop to take aboard.

Arrange with the Yachting World office before coming in to take a seawall berth. The staff there will assist you to collect the lines and tie up dock lines.


  • Moorings
  • Seawall marina -- berthing med-style with bow lines provided
  • Showers (hot water, solar)
  • Toilets
  • Laundry service -- approx $USD10.00 per load washed and dried
  • Fuel dock -- diesel only
  • Water


No repairs are available but the nearby Port Vila Boatyard has full haulout and repair facilities.


The marina is not regularly patrolled, locals indicate that the moorings offer better security than the seawall marina.


The marina is walking distance from the centre of Port Vila including markets and other shops.


See Port Vila.


Marina Pricing Page for seawall marina and Marina Pricing Page for swing moorings.

Current berth prices are:

  • Monohulls VT 1,800 per day (about US$18 per day) includes water and power
  • Catamarans VT 2,000 per day includes water and power
  • Motor Vessels VT 2,400 per day includes water - power charged on a usage basis

Current mooring prices are:

  • Monohulls VT 1,200 per day including free water from the diesel dock


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  • Delatbabel -- visited this marina in September 2014. The area is very sheltered and there is almost no wind. There is very little noise coming from the shore line, unlike in other places in the South Pacific. Services are quite good for the price and the staff are friendly

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