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Port of Entry
40°09.206'N, 026°24.318'E Chart icon.png
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Turkey Canakkale S.jpg
Satellite view of Çanakkale & the Dardanelles

Çanakkale, which is located strategically on the south side near the narrowest point of the Dardanelles or Hellespont, 0.75 nM wide, arose round the castle built here by Mehmet II in 1452 prior to his conquest of Constantinople. In even earlier times, the Persian king Xerxes built a bridge here to cross the strait on his campaign to attempt the conquest of Greece and so did Alexander on his subsequent campaign to return the favour by conquering Persia. Lord Byron swam across the straits from here, although he was reportedly carried four miles downstream by the current.

Today Çanakkale is a bustling town of 55,000 inhabitants and the gateway to the historic sites of Troy and the Gallipoli monuments. Its harbour contains a small marina with space for around 12 yachts, complete with laid moorings, water and electricity. Canakkale Marina, as it is called, is a useful halfway stop on the Asian side of the straits for yachts transiting the Dardanelles. It is about six hours from Bozcaada and four hours from Lapseki for a yacht heading north.


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It is de facto mandatory to use the Marina services or an agent to do the Turkey check in. Police won´t allow to leave the marina without a stamped passport. Cost for transit log, taxes and extra fees are around 680TL (200EUR) for 2 persons.

For checkout use the marine service for TL 150,-

In Canakkale Marina you can call, SMS or Whatsup +905062417179 to seek assistance for both checkin and checkout procedure as well as anything you need about your boat.

For entrance details see Turkey.


At the SW end of the commercial harbour there is the tiny Çanakkale Marina where yachts are welcomed.

Marina responds on VHF on channel 73 (and not CH9 as indicated in Imray guide).

As June 2019, berth fees for a 11 m boat are 110 TL per day. Water, wifi and electricity are included.

If the Meltemi is blowing, the berthing (stern with laid mooring) is a bit sporty but the Marina attendant will help you with their dinghy.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Chart of Çanakkale Marina

Çanakkale Marina

Çanakkale Marina/wiki/Canakkale#.C3.87anakkale_Marina
Marina icon Çanakkale Marina [[Canakkale#Çanakkale Marina|Çanakkale Marina]] 40°9.16′N, 26°24.31′E
The marina is within the large commercial harbour. The attendant, who sometimes responds on VHF channel 73, will direct you to a berth once inside. There are spaces for around 12 yachts on laid moorings on the quay at the SW end of the harbour. Because the marina is very small, it is highly advisable at peak periods to contact them before your arrival. They can be contacted by telephone at +90 286 212 8453. Water and electricity are available and included in the mooring price (110 TL for 11m in June 2019), but the other marina facilities are minimal: a café/bar and single WC/Shower. There are several banks in the town with ATM machines and a collection of machines by the ferry dock. With the current flowing into the harbour, the marina collects a lot of flotsam and jellyfish.
Yacht berths in Çanakkale Marina


It is possible to anchor N of the marina in 4.0 - 5.0 metres in a bight protected from the prevailing N/NE winds. The holding is good in mud and weed. The anchorage is subject to regular swell from passing ships.


Water Water outlets in the marina
Electricity In the marina
Toilets In the marina
Showers In the marina
Laundry Canakkale Marina has a washing machine at your disposal in the women's bathroom. Ask an attendant for assistance
Garbage There are bins around the harbour
Fuel Fuel station in the marina
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs The marina attendant, Ali, is very handy for minor repairs, he even had a collection of spare parts
Internet At the Canakkale Marina (code on request) and from internet cafes
Mobile connectivity Strong 3G signal
Vehicle rentals In town


  • Many excellent fruits and vegetables in the shops of Çanakkale
  • Plenty of local fruits, vegetable and basic clothes in the market area World icon.png 40°08.64′N, 26°24.55667′E. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays the market expands.
  • Large Carrefour supermarket 10 minutes from marina.

Eating out

  • The Assos Cafe very near the marina does a delicious Assos Kebab for YTL 14 (fillet steak cooked in tomatoes and spices and served on a bed of croutons and topped with shredded potato - comes with a side salad).
  • Over the Straits in Kilitbahir, the Sur Cafe (right opposite the castle entrance) does an excellent balik ekmek (fish sandwich) for only YTL 5 on its waterfront terrace.


  • Frequent ferries to European side of Straits.
  • Due to apron and runway renovation work, Çanakkale Airport will be closed to all flights as of March 20,2013. General Directorate of State Airports Authority has yet not informed the date on which the flights may restart.


Places to Visit

Within driving distance from Çanakkale are the archaeological site of Troy and the Gallipoli Monuments. Also, in Çanakkale itself there are several attractions. A mile S of the marina is a naval museum with several displays commemorating Turkish successes during the Gallipoli campaign in 1915 and the Sultan's Castle (Kale-i Sultaniyye), which is worth a visit. Just north of the marina is the Trojan horse constructed for the film ‘Troy’ featuring Brad Pitt (which is considerably more authentic than the fairground version to be found at Troy itself). Kilitbahir, on the other side of the Strait and easily reachable by a frequent ferry service, has an impressive castle built by Mehmet the Conqueror and the remains of the shore batteries that defeated the Allied attempt to force the Straits in March 1915. It is also a great place for a leisurely lunch away from the bustle of Canakkale.

Replica of Nusrat minelayer
Plaque commemorating Turkish triumph in 1915
Trojan horse, created for the film ‘Troy’
Kilitbahir castle

Troy Today

Troy, (Photos) also known by its Turkish name of Trova, is about 30 km SE of Çanakkale.

It is a confusing site, with the many different cities uncovered, one on top of the other, spanning thousands of years. It is, of course, a great thrill to be stepping right over this legendary land. The little museum with a grotesque replica of the Trojan Horse was a disappointment. A better representation is to be found on the waterfront in Canakkale.


The monuments are on the Gallipoli peninsula and not by the town of Gelibolu (Gallipoli). To visit them, take the small ferry boat across the Dardanelles to the North side and drive about 30 km E to the monument of the British soldiers who were killed in the infamous Battle of Gallipoli at World War I, when more than 100,000 soldiers were killed and buried here. The ride is through a heavily wooded area which, being a "Mili Park" (national park), is unspoiled and beautiful. The British monument was very moving. The names of all the units that fell during the battle were inscribed. Among them were a Greek and an Egyptian unit. There were also many Gurkha and Burmese who were killed so far away from their home.

You can then drive to the very large Turkish monument. Again it is very touching. I particularly find moving the magnanimous words of Kemal Atatürk, the father of modern Turkey, acknowledging the heroism not only of the Turkish soldiers but their enemies as well:

Those English, French, Australian,
New Zealand and Indian heroes who shed blood on the soil
of this country
Here you are in the soil of a friendly country
Rest in peace.
You are side by side and lying together with
the Mehmetcik's.
You, the mothers, who sent their
sons to war from far away countries!
wipe away your tears, Your sons are lying on
our bosom.
They are at peace and they will rest in peace
After having lost their lives on this land.
They have become our sons as well!

The British Monument
The Turkish Monument
"Stop, traveller" - The hillside monument above Kilitbahir


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See Turkey.


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  • Prices in Canakkale Marina during our visit in May 2011 were YTL 75 per night for a typical 13 metre yacht (including electricity and water). --Athene of Lymington 20:18, 18 May 2011 (BST)
  • price in 2017 for a 15 m MY 120 TL/night
  • price in 2019 for an 11 m s/y 110 TL/night, incl water & elect.

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