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The attractive port settlement of Kalekoy on Gökçeada
Satellite view of Gökçeada (Imbros)

Gökçeada or Imroz Adasi, the Greek Imvros (Ίμβρος) or Imbros is a mountainous island 15 miles NNW of the Dardanelles and 18 miles SSE of the Greek island of Samothrace. Until recently, the island was only occasionally visited by yachts, who had no choice but to moor in the remote and uninspiring ferry harbour of Kuzu Limani. Now, however, with the construction of a new harbour on the north coast of the island at Kaleköy a visit to Gökçeada is a rather more attractive proposition for a cruising yacht and well worth a diversion when cruising between the Dardanelles and northern Greece.

Until a few years ago the island was a military zone and visiting by foreign yachts was prohibited. Now yachts are permitted to visit and normally berth either in the main ferry port of Kuzu Limani or the newer and more attractive harbour of Kaleköy three miles NW.


1086 Srimonikos kólpos to Edremit Körfezi
G2 Aegean Sea (North)
54360 Thessaloniki to Canakkale Bogazi Dardanelles
54369 Approaches to Canakkale Bogazi
2134 Anafartalar Koyu - Tavşan Island
32 Thrakiko Sea
322 Limnos & Ay. Efstratios


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Gökçeada is a convenient staging post on passage between the Dardanelles or the Turkish coast and the islands of Samothrace and Thasos or the coast of northern Greece.



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The approaches to Gökçeada and its harbours are straightforward, with no obvious dangers (although see entry for Kaleköy for information on the entrance). There are extensive shoals off the SW and W coasts of the island, which are avoided by passing at least a mile offshore. In the approach to the island from S or W, note that there is a significant W-going current along the southern side.


There are no customs here. The nearest port of entry/exit in Turkey is Çanakkale.



The sheltered N end of Kuzu Limani harbour
The new harbour of Kaleköy

There are two harbours on the island, the main ferry port Kuzu Limani/wiki/Gokceada#Kuzu_LimaniHarbour icon Kuzu Limani [[Gokceada#Kuzu Limani|Kuzu Limani]] 40°13.727'N, 025°57.150'E at the NE tip of the island and the new harbour of Kaleköy/wiki/Gokceada#.5B.5BKalekoy.7CKalek.C3.B6y.5D.5DHarbour icon Kaleköy [[Gokceada#Kaleköy|Kaleköy]] 40°13.86′N, 25°53.47′E three miles NW around the tip and along the N coast. The ferry port is a rather bleak and uninviting place, with limited facilities, but the shelter is good. Although crowded with local boats, the harbour at Kaleköy is much more yacht-friendly and has better facilities.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



There are a few anchorages along the S side of the island which can be used in settled weather, but none of them are really suited for overnight anchoring.


Electricity Kaleköy: electricity is available
Toilets N/A (Not Available)
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage There are bins around the harbour in Kuzu Limani and Kaleköy
Fuel No fuel station: garage in Gökçeada town
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet In internet cafes in Gökçeada town and Yakamoz Pansyon in Kaleköy
Mobile connectivity 3G signal
Vehicle rentals in Gökçeada town only car rentals are available


Gökçeada/wiki/Gokceada#G.C3.B6k.C3.A7eadaProvisions icon Gökçeada [[Gokceada#Gökçeada|Gökçeada]] very limited and mostly in Gökçeada town.

Kaleköy/wiki/Gokceada#.5B.5BKalekoy.7CKalek.C3.B6y.5D.5DProvisions icon Kaleköy [[Gokceada#Kaleköy|Kaleköy]] from a small kiosk by the harbour.

Eating out

  • In the mountain village of Tepeköy or Agridia
Barba Yorgo/wiki/Gokceada#.27.27Barba_Yorgo.27.27Eatingout icon Barba Yorgo [[Gokceada#Barba Yorgo|Barba Yorgo]] the tavera is well worth a visit, if only for the superb views from the terrace. The taverna also operates a small vineyard, which makes and sells a passable red wine. Tel. +90 286 887 35 92.
restaurants/wiki/Gokceada#restaurantsEatingout icon restaurants [[Gokceada#restaurants|restaurants]] several good fish restaurants along the waterfront.


  • Ferries to Çanakkale and Kabatepe on the mainland
  • Flights from Istanbul calling at Canakkale



In prehistoric times (2 century BC), the island was associated with the Kabeiroi or Cabeiri. Their origin is rather obscure, they could be associated with the Great Gods worshipped in Samothrace, or, according to a later source they were the offsprings of Hephaestos.

In ancient times (c 300 BC) there were several temples dedicated to Hermes and a noteworthy aqueduct. The island was colonized by Athenians. During modern times, Imvros (Gökçeada), like its smaller neighbor Tenedos (Bozcaada), was largely inhabited by Greeks and it was part of Greece until 1923, when it was ceded to Turkey under the terms of a peace treaty. The Greek inhabitants were not exchanged (as was the case elsewhere) but were allowed to stay and operate their schools and churches. During the Cyprus dispute of the 1950s, most of the remaining Greek population was coerced into leaving. Today there is a small (about 300) but very dedicated Greek minority living on the island.

Places to Visit

The mountain village of Tepeköy
The view from the terrace of Barba Yorgo

The port of Kaleköy on the north coast of the island is attractive and has numerous cafes and restaurants along its waterfront. Also, there are several picturesque villages with some restored houses in the interior of the island, such as Tepeköy and Zeytinli, which are worth a visit.

A particular highlight of a visit to Tepeköy the Greek Agridia (Αγρίδια) is the terrace of the Barba Yorgo taverna, which has superb views down over the lakes and mountains of the interior and across the taverna’s own vineyard. The village has been slowly restored in recent years and the population has now risen again to over 1,000 but it still has a substantial ethnic Greek population.

The main town of Gökçeada, also known as Centrum, is however somewhat dreary, although well supplied with banks and all manner of shops. If mooring in Kaleköy, there is a regular hourly bus service between the harbour and Centrum and from there a less frequent service to the ferry port of Kuzu Limani.

Visits to other parts of the island will call for a taxi. There are also a couple of places in Centrum where cycles can be hired.


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See Turkey.


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  • With the opening of the new harbour at Kaleköy, Gökçeada is now a much more enticing prospect for a cruising yacht – assuming you can get a berth. --Athene of Lymington 12:55, 21 June 2011 (BST)

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