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Greek Ionian Sea
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Ionian Sea


An online cruising guide for yachts sailing in the Ionian Sea.

Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea is fairly easy and fun. especially during the late spring and early autumn. In the summer months, however, it can be very crowded. Many boats come from Italy during the vacation time.

For historical details see Ionian Sea.


189 Nisos Sapiénza to Nisos Paxoi
203 Zakinthos to Paxoi
206 Corfu: Channels
G11 Nísos Kérkira to Nísos Levkas
G12 Nísos Levkas to Nísos Zákinthos
54280 Corfu Channel to Nisis Proti
2 Ionio Pelagos
10 Kerkyra
21 Ionio Sea - Northern Part Othonoi I. to Zakynthos I.
30 Kefalonia, Ithaki
211 Kerkyra I. - Otrando Strait
212 Othonoi I. to Amvrakikos Gulf- Kerkyra I. And Paxoi I. Inset: Northern Kerkyra Strait



Also see World Cruiser's Nets.

  • Greek Coast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - This is the Greek VHF network. Local channels are listed in each individual port
  • Cellular Phone(GSM/GPRS) - Despite the mountains and the numerous islands Greece and Italy have very good GSM/GPRS coverage.

Possible Departure Points

We assume departure from Gouvia Marina/wiki/Cruising_the_Greek_Ionian_Sea#.5B.5BGouvia_Marina.5D.5DBerth icon Gouvia Marina [[Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea#Gouvia Marina|Gouvia Marina]] 39°39′N, 19°51.07′E , in the island of Corfu but of course you can depart from any other ports or anchorages listed bellow.

Route/Suggested Stopovers

  1. Start from Gouvia Marina/wiki/Cruising_the_Greek_Ionian_Sea#.5B.5BGouvia_Marina.5D.5DBerth icon Gouvia Marina [[Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea#Gouvia Marina|Gouvia Marina]] 39°39′N, 19°51.07′E , in the island of Corfu.
  2. Sail to Sivotas Island/wiki/Cruising_the_Greek_Ionian_Sea#.5B.5BMourtos_and_Sivota_Islands.7CSivotas_Island.5D.5DAnchorage icon Sivotas Island [[Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea#Sivotas Island|Sivotas Island]] 39°24′N, 20°14′E off the mainland, 24 nM.
  3. Then to Port Gaios/wiki/Cruising_the_Greek_Ionian_Sea#.5B.5BPaxos.23Port_Gaios.7CPort_Gaios.5D.5DHarbour icon Port Gaios [[Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea#Port Gaios|Port Gaios]] 39°11.9′N, 20°11.11.16′E in the island of Paxoi, 12 nM.
  4. Sail to Lefkas Harbor/wiki/Cruising_the_Greek_Ionian_Sea#.5B.5BLefkas.23Lefkas_Harbor.7CLefkas_Harbor.5D.5DHarbour icon Lefkas Harbor [[Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea#Lefkas Harbor|Lefkas Harbor]] 38°50′N, 20°42.8′E , 42 nM.
  5. Next to Abelike Bay Abelike Bay/wiki/Cruising_the_Greek_Ionian_Sea#.5B.5BMeganisi.23Abelike_Bay.7CAbelike_Bay.5D.5DAnchorage icon Abelike Bay [[Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea#Abelike Bay|Abelike Bay]] 38°39.96′N, 20°47.4′E in the island of Meganisi, 10 nM.
  6. You continue S to Fiskardó/wiki/Cruising_the_Greek_Ionian_Sea#.5B.5BKefalonia.23Fiskard.C3.B3.7CFiskard.C3.B3.5D.5DHarbour icon Fiskardó [[Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea#Fiskardó|Fiskardó]] 38°27.7′N, 20°34.57′E in the island of Kefalonia, 16 nM.
  7. Continue S for 10 nM to Ayia Efimía/wiki/Cruising_the_Greek_Ionian_Sea#.5B.5BKefalonia.23Ayia_Efim.C3.ADa.7CAyia_Efim.C3.ADa.5D.5DHarbour icon Ayia Efimía [[Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea#Ayia Efimía|Ayia Efimía]] 38°18.08′N, 20°36.07′E also in the island of Kefalonia
  8. Sail across to Vathi/wiki/Cruising_the_Greek_Ionian_Sea#.5B.5BIthaca_.23Vathi.7CVathi.5D.5DHarbour icon Vathi [[Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea#Vathi|Vathi]] 38°21.91′N, 20°43.11′E the main harbor of the island of Ithaca, 19 nM.
  9. Continue for 40 nM to Port Zakinthos/wiki/Cruising_the_Greek_Ionian_Sea#.5B.5BZakinthos_.2528Zante.2529.23Port_Zakinthos.7CPort_Zakinthos.5D.5DHarbour icon Port Zakinthos [[Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea#Port Zakinthos|Port Zakinthos]] 37°47′N, 20°54.13′E in the island of Zakinthos.
  10. Next, you continue sailing to the harbor of Katakolo Katakolo/wiki/Cruising_the_Greek_Ionian_Sea#.5B.5BKatakolo.5D.5DHarbour icon Katakolo [[Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea#Katakolo|Katakolo]] 37°38.93′N, 21°19.371′E , 57 nM.
    • There you can leave your boat and visit Olympia, 25 km away, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. In Olympia make sure that you do not miss the museum which houses the magnificent statue of Hermes by Praxiteles.
  11. The next and final stop is 52 nM south to Pylos/wiki/Cruising_the_Greek_Ionian_Sea#.5B.5BPylos.5D.5DHarbour icon Pylos [[Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea#Pylos|Pylos]] 36°55.03′N, 21°41.75′E .

Possible Arrival Ports

We assume that you end the cruise at the Pylos Marina/wiki/Cruising_the_Greek_Ionian_Sea#.5B.5BPylos_Marina.5D.5DBerth icon Pylos Marina [[Cruising the Greek Ionian Sea#Pylos Marina|Pylos Marina]] 36°55.14′N, 21°42.04′E .

Distance & Duration

See Greek Ionian Distances.


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See Ionian Sea.


See Ionian Sea.


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