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WorldMediterraneanIonian SeaGreecePylosPylos Marina
Port of Entry
36°55.115'N, 021°41.992'E Chart icon.png
Pylos Marina.jpg
Marina Pic
Radio VHF channel ?
Phone +30 210 9896000 (Vernicos)
E-mail [email protected]
Berths ?
Max. length ?
Max. draft ?
Fuel Cans¹
Water A faucet near the marina entrance
Electricity ?
Toilets No²
Showers No
Laundry No
Internet No ³
Cable TV No
Hours ?
¹There are two suppliers that have mini tankers that will come to the Marina to deliver diesel. One of them, Cyclon, seems to drive up each morning, so he can be flagged down to come to your boat
²There are public toilets near the marina, on the way to town. But you would have to be pretty desperate and hardy to use them as they are NOT clean
³In local tavernas

The marina in Pylos has been in an unfinished stage since 1995. The Vernicos group has acquired it but it has not been completed yet (June 2013). There does not appear to be any work proceeding on it, although it is understood there are intentions to develop it soon. Nevertheless it is usable and many local fishing boats do use it as well as visiting yachts. Since it is free, some boats winter here, but you probably would not want to leave your boat unattended for too long.

Chart of Pylos Marina


Forget it. There is no one there to listen.


Enter from the N. Stay close to the N side and avoid the shallow water on SE.


This marina is a port of entry/exit.

Submit details about facilities for checking in - where to dock, location of immigration & customs, etc.


Most visiting yachts moor side-to on the inside of the main outer wall. Otherwise find a spot on one of the finger pontoons, and pick up one of the mooring balls that is (hopefully) attached to a mooring line. Depths are good.




There is a small hard area with boats hauled out. There do not, however, appear to be any facilities associated with that. There is no charge for parking your boat, but you have to find the crane driver - and find someone to make a cradle for you!


None. Warning: Beware of a man on a motorbike who uses various ruses to look official - eg wearing a badge, carrying a VHF radio - in order to try to extract money from you. He is also reported to have stolen items off boats.


The town is about a 5 minute walk from the marina.


Buses from the town to other cities in Greece.


Free. (confirmed September 2016)


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  • The marina is small and often quite full. Since there is no supervising Marineiro, boats are parked more loosely than they might be. The finger pontoons are small mooring balls floating around them. These may (or may not) be attached to a deep mooring line. When we went in, we had to nudge two of them out of the way while we picked up a third one which worked well for us. The bottom is very foul, so don't try to anchor-moor. Note that the seabed around Pylos is rocky, thus poor anchorage if the marina is full. Options are to tie up at the commercial dock (but not in any kind of weather, and you will probably be charged) or go to the north end of the bay to anchor. The town is very pleasant, with a nice square and many tavernas. --LifePart2 16:50, 15 June 2013 (BST)
  • Similarly, we found the marina full, with small local boats and seemingly abandoned hulks. Rafting alongside one of these large steel vessels on outer mole is an option. Another option, if your vessel is small enough is to go (side on), on the end of one of theconcrete finger quays. These are only about 6 metres long. The marina is a rather tawdry and depressing place and a big contrast to the beautiful bay an town that it serves. If conditions allow you, anchor in the bay or use the town harbour.
  • As of September 2016 the marina is still unfinished. There are two rusty hulks alongside the pier ready to sink. --Salacia 20:23, 29 September 2016 (BST)

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