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Cephalonia m.jpg
Map of Kefalonia

Kefalonia (Κεφαλλονιά) also spelled as Kephallinia, Cefalonia, Cephalonia, Kephalonia and Kefallinia is the largest of the Ionian islands. For a history of the island, click on History of Kefalonia. Lying eight miles N of Zakynthos and six miles S of Lefkas, it is separated from the smaller island of Ithaca on the E side by a narrow channel. Within a total area of 688 square kms it encompasses several mountain ranges, of which the highest, Mount Enos, is 1,626 metres above sea level. A beautiful island, Kefalonia boasts a number of lovely beaches around its coasts, including the spectacular Myrtos beach on the NW coast. Inland, many of its slopes are covered with vineyards producing the Robola white and red wines for which the island is renowned. Kefalonia has a thriving tourist trade, boosted more recently by the success of the novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres, which is based around the massacre of 3,000 Italian troops by Nazi forces on the island in 1943. In 1953 the island was struck by a major earthquake which devastated most of its towns and villages, and the evidence of the destruction is still to be seen today in many parts of the island.

Yachts cruising the island mostly tend to sail down the E coast, where there are sheltered harbours at Fiskardo, Ayia Eufimia, Sami and Poros, or the more exposed W coast, where there is only one settled weather harbour at Assos before the harbours of Argostoli and Lixouri in the Gulf of Argostoli at the SW end of the island. Prevailing winds are mostly from the NW or W and only occasionally above force 5 - 6, in which conditions all the E coast harbours are safe, although gusts are experienced in Ayia Eufimia and some swell in Sami and Poros. Assos is untenable in strong W or NW winds. In Lixouri and Argostoli shelter can be found in all conditions.


203 Nisos Zakinthos to Nisos Paxoi
1557 Argostoli Port
G12 Nísos Levkas to Nísos Zákinthos
54280 Corfu Channel to Nisis Proti
2 Ionio Pelagos
30 Kefalonia, Ithaki




Key to symbols: |Island icon – island |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage ||
  • Ithaca Ithaca/wiki/Ithaca Island icon – island |Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Meganisi Meganisi /wiki/Meganisi Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Lefkas Lefkas /wiki/Lefkas Island icon – island |Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage |


  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channel 03

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


All approaches except for the approach to the Gulf of Argostoli and Lixouri are straightforward. See individual port entries for details.

Danger: The approaches to the Gulf of Argostoli from both E and W are full of dangers, and under no circumstances should you enter during the dark.


Customs in Argostoli and Sami.



The principal ports in Kefalonia are listed in clockwise order round the island, starting from Fiskardo.

Key to symbols: |Island icon – island |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage ||
  • FiskardóFiskardó/wiki/Fiskardo Island icon – island |Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Ayia Eufimia Ayia Eufimia /wiki/Ayia_Eufimia Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Sami Sami /wiki/Sami Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |
  • Poros HarbourPoros Harbour/wiki/Poros_Harbour,_Kefalonia Harbour icon – harbour |


Harbour icon Pessades [[Kefalonia#Pessades|Pessades]] 38°06.426'N, 020°35.414'E
Pessades is a tiny ferry harbour a few miles SE of Argostoli. The harbour is shallow (under 1.5 metres) and there is very little space for yachts.
  • Argostoli Argostoli /wiki/Argostoli Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Lixouri Lixouri /wiki/Lixouri Harbour icon – harbour |Anchorage icon – anchorage |
  • Assos Assos /wiki/Assos Harbour icon – harbour |
Myrtos Bay with Assos in background

Ayia Kyriaki

Ayia Kyriaki/wiki/Kefalonia#Ayia_Kyriaki
Harbour icon Ayia Kyriaki [[Kefalonia#Ayia Kyriaki|Ayia Kyriaki]] 38°18.646'N, 020°28.589'E
Ayia Kyriaki or Ayia Kiriaki is a lovely small harbour in NW Kefalonia. However, it is usually full of fishing boats and only a small yacht could squeeze in. It is totally exposed in the prevailing NW winds and entry would be dangerous in winds of any strength from that quarter. Depths in the harbour are 2.0 metres or less.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Pelagha - A new marina is under construction at Pelagha and it is understood to be opening shortly (May '08). Please update here.


Coves S of Fiskardó

Coves S of Fiskardó/wiki/Kefalonia#Coves_S_of_Fiskard.C3.B3
Anchorage icon Coves S of Fiskardó [[Kefalonia#Coves S of Fiskardó|Coves S of Fiskardó]] 38°26.377'N, 020°35.419'E

These coves are all very fjord-like and very attractive surrounded by cypress trees. in the first cove S of Fiskardó there is a good restaurant on the road turn but it is hidden in the trees. The second cove to the S is my favorite.

In any case, you can anchor and take long stern lines to the rocks ashore. Even better, go deep into the cove and take a long bow line and a stern line to the rocks. The bottom is not always secure and there can be some surge.

Kato Kastelos

Kato Kastelos/wiki/Kefalonia#Kato_Kastelos
Anchorage icon Kato Kastelos [[Kefalonia#Kato Kastelos|Kato Kastelos]] 38°03.556'N, 020°44.282'E
Kato Kastelos is a sheltered bay NW of Cape Mounda.


Anchorage icon Antisamos [[Kefalonia#Antisamos|Antisamos]] 38°16.084'N, 020°40.837'E

This is a sheltered and beautiful bay close to Sami. The NE entrance is protected by Ithaca island. We spent two nights there. The bottom is mostly pebble, rocks and sand. Not sure it would hold with strong wind.

Caution: Do not anchor over the underwater cable.


Water On the quay in Argostoli, Fiskardo, Ayia Eufimia and Poros Harbour
Electricity On the quay in Ayia Eufimia
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage There are bins around the harbors and in several anchorages
Fuel In Argostoli, Fiskárdo, Ayia Eufimia and Poros Harbour arrangements can be made for mini-tanker delivery of fuel
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers In Argostoli
Repairs There is a good mechanic in Fiskárdo. Ask Mr. Makis who runs the Philoxenia agency
Internet In Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity 3G in most of the island
Vehicle rentals In Argostoli, Fiskárdo, and Ayia Eufimia


Eating out

  • Good restaurants in Fiskárdo - Lord Falcon (Thai / Greek) strongly recommended.
  • Good restaurants in Ayia Eufimia


There are daily flights to Athens and ferries to the mainland and other Ionian islands.


Places to Visit

Much of southern Kefalonia is thick with cypress
Click for larger view
Kefalonia is famed for its Robola wines
Click for larger view

In Argostoli you should visit the Archaeological Museum which houses finds from the prehistoric to the Roman periods including a very beautiful 12 century BC Mycenaean kylix. Also, the Historical and Folkloric Museum is well worth a visit.


The Venetian Castle, although not restored, makes a nice walk.

Drakaina Cave

This cave is near Poros. It has been used as a place of worship from the Neolithic to the Hellenistic times.

The Castle of Ayios Georghios

The Castle of Ayios Georghios or Yiorgios (St. George) is a Byzantine castle which was later restored and used by the Venetians was the capital of the island until 1757. It is located near the village of Peratáta about 5 km N of Argostoli.

Melissani Lake

An underground cave and lake located a short taxi drive away from Sami or Eufimia. Very pretty when sunlit through the hole where the ceiling caved in some thousands years ago.

Also see individual port entries.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Ionian Sea.


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