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Port of Entry
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Doric-style lighthouse at entrance

Argostóli (Αργοστόλι) is the main harbor of Kefalonia and is a port of entry to Greece. It was destroyed by the 1953 earthquake and has been re-built. Although the reconstruction lost much of the architectural character of the town, an effort has been made in recent years to refurbish the waterfront and establish parks and other green areas to brighten up Argostoli, an effort which has been rewarded with a burgeoning tourism industry – helped in part by the publicity given to the town and its wartime history by Louis de Berniere’s novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. Most visiting yachts moor on the quay immediately S of the customs quay, where depths range from 2.5 metres at the S end to 3.0 metres at the N end. Shelter here is excellent from the prevailing winds but the quay is choppy in strong E winds. Alternatively, a yacht can berth on the E side in the uncompleted and rather forlorn Argostoli marina or anchor off at the S end of the bay, 200 metres N of the causeway that crosses it.


203 Nisos Zakinthos to Nisos Paxoi
1557 Argostoli Port
G12 Nísos Levkas to Nísos Zákinthos
54280 Corfu Channel to Nisis Proti
2 Ionio Pelagos
30 Kefalonia, Ithaki




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A good chart and careful navigation is necessary in the approach to Argostoli. There are reefs off both the E and W headlands at the entrance to the Gulf of Argostoli and shoal patches to be avoided on entering the Gulf itself. On arriving at the headland of the peninsula on which the town sits, which is marked by a conspicuous Doric-style lighthouse, stay at least 200 metres off the headland when rounding it, as there are extensive shoals off both the NW and NE sides. There is also a further starboard marker 50 metres SE of the cruise ship pier to be negotiated, which marks a dangerous shoal patch.

The main harbour and yacht quay are to starboard, next to the town, and the ‘marina’ to port on the W side. The bay shallows quickly once past the customs quay and terminates after another 200 metres in a concrete causeway linking the two sides of the bay and creating an enclosed salt water lake to the S.


Argostoli is a port of entry. Customs offices are at the N end of the yacht quay.


There are effectively two berthing options in Argostoli, the yacht quay on the W side of the bay, where most yachts moor using their anchors, or, with adverse weather conditions, alongside the jetties in the incompleted marina on the E side of the bay, where you will be sharing the accommodation with the usual collection of rusting hulks and abandoned caiques.

There are also two small mini-harbours N of the customs quay, both of which have narrow and shallow entrances and are full of local craft. Neither represents a realistic option for a visiting yacht.

Yacht Quay

Yachts anchor moored on Argostoli quay

This is where most yachts usually berth as it has the greatest number of spaces and the best shelter from the prevailing NW winds. The quay is the section immediately S of the customs quay, avoiding the section with rubber tyres, which is used by tripper boats. Around 10-15 yachts can anchor moor to this section of quay in depths ranging from 3.0 metres at the N end to 2.5 metres at the S end. Once beyond the ‘elbow’ in the quay, depths progressively reduce, so only shallow draft yachts should consider mooring here as depths are little more than 2.0 metres. The quay is plentifully supplied with yellow-painted bollards for shore lines. You will dropping anchor in 4.0 – 5.0 metres at the N end and the holding is good in mud once the anchor is well dug in and assuming you avoid the visible weed patches. Shelter on the quay is excellent from the prevailing NW winds, but can become a little uncomfortable with strong E winds.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Argostoli 'marina' from the E

Argostoli ‘marina’

Argostoli ‘marina’/wiki/Argostoli#Argostoli_.E2.80.98marina.E2.80.99
Berth icon Argostoli ‘marina’ [[Argostoli#Argostoli ‘marina’|Argostoli ‘marina’]] 38°10.854'N, 020°29.702'E
Port of Entry
The entrance to the marina lies directly opposite the customs quay on the E side of the bay, with the entrance facing W. The marina is, like many in Greece, incomplete and rather forlorn-looking, with its quays and jetties partly clogged with abandoned and rusting hulks and forgotten vessels of all kinds. There is usually plenty of space for a yacht to go alongside one of the three concrete jetties, which are well supplied with (very rusty) bollards. Depths at the jetties are 3.5 – 4.0 metres. Shelter in here is excellent in all conditions, and the marina provides a useful bolthole if surprised by foul weather. There are absolutely no facilities here and it is a 15-20 minute walk into town across the causeway.

Club Nautico di Argostoli

Club Nautico di Argostoli/wiki/Argostoli#Club_Nautico_di_Argostoli
Berth icon Club Nautico di Argostoli [[Argostoli#Club Nautico di Argostoli|Club Nautico di Argostoli]] 38°10.995'N, 020°29.282'E
Nautical Club of Argostoli has a clubhouse and tiny marina just N of the customs quay with 10 berths, draft 2 m, electricity, water and wifi tel 26710 22874 e-mail: [email protected]


There is a good anchorage in the bay around 100 metres SE of the yacht quay, where a yacht can anchor in 3.0 – 4.0 metres and get reasonable shelter from the prevailing winds. If the wind pipes up from N, the yacht quay or the marina provides a refuge.


Water One water point in the middle of the yacht quay (may have to be switched on)
Electricity N/A (Not Available)
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage Bins near the N quay
Fuel Fuel can be delivered by road tanker from the nearest garage
Bottled gas ?
  • Several general marine along the waterfront with basic chandlery
  • Hardware stores in the town
Repairs None
Internet From several tavernas and cafes near the yacht quay. Compass Cafe is closest to the yacht quay.
Mobile connectivity Good 3G signal
Vehicle rentals Several car and scooter rental outlets on the waterfront


  • Several small supermarkets in the town
  • Large Spar supermarket at the S end of town
  • Marine supplies stores on the waterfront

Eating out

  • Numerous tavernas and cafes along the waterfront
  • Captains Table at the N end of the yacht quay is popular with yacht crews.
  • Paparazzi, an Italian restaurant up the narrow street to the N of Compass Cafe, does an excellent pizza.


  • Ferries to Patras and Italy
  • Buses to Patras and Athens
  • Local ferries to Lixouri
  • Local buses to Ayia Eufimia and Sami
  • Flights from local airport to Zakinthos and Athens


Unusual seawater-driven waterwheel in Argostoli
Turtles love the warm shallow waters of the bay

There are several interesting museums in Argostoli, including an archaeological museum with remains from Mycenaean up to Roman times and two folklore museums. A further museum commemorates the murder by the Nazis in 1943 of nearly 3,000 members of the Italian Divisione Alpini Acqui, the survivors of a ferocious battle in which 6,000 of their comrades lost their lives to a superior Nazi force. Along the road N of the town is the interesting Katavotheres waterwheel, which used to provide motive power for a mill via seawater descending into underground channels which lead all the way across the island to the Melissani Cave. A few hundred metres further on is the unusual Doric-style lighthouse that is one of the sailing landmarks of the bay. Finally, the warm and shallow waters of the bay are a magnet for turtles, who can often be seen nibbling the mussels from old mooring lines or curiously surveying the fishermen mending their nets.


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