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Port of Entry
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Bonifacio port.jpg
Bonifacio harbour from the old town

The inlet of Bonifacio in Corsica is one of the most spectacular natural harbours in the Mediterranean. Situated at the head of a deep fjord, the berths are protected from winds coming from any quarter.

Bonifacio is the closest harbour to the Italian island of Sardinia and is an enjoyable place to wait for the winds to die down before crossing the Strait of Bonifacio.

Warning: The French part of the Strait of Bonifacio (including Lavezzi archipelago) is proclaimed a natural reserve, Réserve naturelle des Bouches de Bonifacio. Marine activities in the reserve including fishing, navigation, anchoring are regulated by the authorities.


Imray M6 Ile De Corse (Bonifacio inset)
SHOM 6911-6929
Navicarte 1004-1008


The Strait of Bonifacio is one of the windiest places in the western Mediterranean, regularly experiencing nearly gale force winds whenever the prevailing winds are much above force 4/5.

With anything east or west in the winds (which is most of the time), the winds are funnelled through the gap between Corsica and Sardinia and the seas whipped up into an unpleasant short swell.

Consequently, the harbour is often filled with yachts waiting for a clear passage across the Strait or round to Porto-Vecchio.

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The islands of the Lavezzi archipelago (Iles Lavezzi) are about six miles east of Bonifacio.


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Bonifacio is surrounded by steep limestone cliffs and the entrance is not easy to spot when arriving from the west.

However, the old town on the promontory protecting the harbour is very conspicuous, as is the lighthouse of La Madonneta on a spit at the eastern side of the inlet.


Bonifacio is a port of entry/exit to France.

Submit details about facilities for checking in - location of immigration & customs, etc.


Bunifaziu 01.jpg
Moorings in Bonifacio

Berthing in the harbour is managed by the Port de plaisance de Bonifacio.


Calanque de la Catena
Calanque de l'Arinella

Bay of Bonifacio

The anchorage in the bay is regulated by the port authorities.

Calanque de la Catena/wiki/Bonifacio#Calanque_de_la_CatenaAnchorage icon Calanque de la Catena [[Bonifacio#Calanque de la Catena|Calanque de la Catena]] 41°23.401'N, 009°09.346'E Organised mooring: monohull 25 €, multihull 50 €.

Calanque de l'Arinella/wiki/Bonifacio#Calanque_de_l.27ArinellaRestricted icon Calanque de l'Arinella [[Bonifacio#Calanque de l'Arinella|Calanque de l'Arinella]] 41°23.402'N, 009°09.102'E Warning: anchorage is prohibited.

W of the Bay of Bonifacio

There are several dinghy docks available E of the fuel station in the Bonifacio marina. Tenders can be tied up and left freely, as the tenders from the organized mooring from Calanque de la Catena leave their dinghies at the same locations.

Cala di Paragnanu/wiki/Bonifacio#Cala_di_ParagnanuAnchorage icon Cala di Paragnanu [[Bonifacio#Cala di Paragnanu|Cala di Paragnanu]] 41°23.843'N, 009°07.702'E A beautiful fjord-like cove. Pay attention to the rocks along the coast. Anchor at the NE head of the cove and at the small inlet at the N.

Anse du Fazzio/wiki/Bonifacio#Anse_du_FazzioAnchorage icon Anse du Fazzio [[Bonifacio#Anse du Fazzio|Anse du Fazzio]] 41°23.636'N, 009°08.017'E Anchor at 2-5m and take a line ashore. The cove is very popular among the tripper boats. A branch of Les Glénans -- a famous French sailing school is operating at the SE inlet of the cove.


Water at the berths
Electricity at the berths
Toilets by harbourmaster's office
Showers by harbourmaster's office (paid) Showers & WC/wiki/Bonifacio#Showers_.26_WCWorld icon.png Showers & WC [[Bonifacio#Showers & WC|Showers & WC]]
Laundry Laundrette in the marina.
Garbage Bins by harbourmaster's office
Fuel TOTAL fuel station/wiki/Bonifacio#TOTAL_fuel_stationFuel icon TOTAL fuel station [[Bonifacio#TOTAL fuel station|TOTAL fuel station]] 41°23.322'N, 009°09.678'E at the quai Banda del Ferro (in season 8h30-18h,out of season 9h-12h), T. 04 95 73 06 41
Bottled gas
Chandlers A chandler is close by on the waterfront
Repairs Slipway/wiki/Bonifacio#SlipwayService icon Slipway [[Bonifacio#Slipway|Slipway]] with 40T hoist and 10T crane
Mobile connectivity
Vehicle rentals Rental outlets in the town
Health There is a good hospital in Bonifacio, which is used to treating yachting injuries (especially to feet, in view of the number of intellectually challenged yotties who sail barefoot around the island!)


There are two good supermarkets (SPAR/wiki/Bonifacio#SPARProvisions icon SPAR [[Bonifacio#SPAR|SPAR]] , SPAR/wiki/Bonifacio#SPARProvisions icon SPAR [[Bonifacio#SPAR|SPAR]] ) at the head of the harbour.

Eating out

Numerous restaurants in the town.



The town is divided into the Haut Ville, the old town built on a defensive promotory overlooking the sea, the citadel of which dates back to the 9th century, and La Marine, the area directly adjacent to the inlet, which houses the port facilities. The town takes its name from Boniface II, ruler of Tuscany, who built the first citadel here to protect the southern limit of his domain from Saracen pirates.

The best experience in Bonifacio is simply wandering around the steep and narrow streets of the Haut Ville before lunching in one of its many shady cafés. The south side of the old town is built right on the cliffs overlooking the windswept Bouches de Bonifacio and has spectacular views in good weather over to the north coast of Sardinia. Do not omit walking down (and inevitable climb up) the famous Escalier du Roi d'Aragon (Stairway of the King of Aragon).

The south side of the Haut Ville, Bonifacio
Street in the old town
Bonifacio falaises Grain de Sable.jpg
Rock Grain de Sable near Bonifacio
Bonifacio falaise et Escalier du roi d'Aragon.jpg
Steps of the Aragon King



See France.


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