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Port of Entry
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East Frisian Island, German Coast

Borkum is the largest and westernmost island of the East Frisian Islands in the North Sea, north of the German coast. Area 30.74 km2 (11.87 sq mi), Elevation 6 m  (20 ft), Population 5,133. Borkum is serviced by ferries from Emden, Germany. Passengers get a free train ride between the harbour and the town of Borkum.

Sailing from the Dover-Channel along the Netherland and German coast to the Elbe river and the Kiel Canal (Northsea-Baltic-Kanal), Borkum offers next to Helgoland and Cuxhaven a safe harbour and marina.

The island is partially car-free. Off-season, driving by car is permitted everywhere, otherwise there are car-free zones. The only town on the island is also called Borkum. There is an air field in the Tüskendör area. Borkum is serviced by ferries from Emden, Germany and Eemshaven, The Netherlands. Due to the Gulf Stream, there is a temperate maritime climate, which means that it is not very hot in summer and not very cold in winter. The sandy beach, which extends over 26km, invites you to hike along the waterline or to bathe in the designated and patrolled sections of the beach. Beautiful hikes on foot or by bicycle along the fascinating dune landscapes on trails extending over 130km are no problem. Borkum North Sea Health Resort has a long tradition in the treatment of respiratory tract diseases. Since 1850, Borkum has been an acknowledged North Sea health resort. The therapy with natural healing mud is only applied here and under the motto “Put your hand into the biological pharmacy of the sea”. The northern and southern beaches and the beaches for young people and naturalists are patrolled by the German Lifesavers Association. There are also beaches that are especially designated for our four-legged friends. Borkum’s splendid island countryside is treasure and protection at the same time. High dunes have developed over centuries and, as a result, marshlands and bogs have developed better than on the neighbouring islands. This is also a reason why Borkum has designated a considerably greater part of its land as a nature reserve than the neighbouring islands.


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See Germany.

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  • VHF Kanal 17 - call "Borkum Burkana Port Radio"

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


The German Bight is one of the most challenging sailing areas. At the same time the sailor is confronted with tidal conditions, shallow depths, dencere, the shoreline can indeed be miles away. The inshore areas are characterized by sandy shallows that can change rapidly.

When approaching Borkum from north, take care about the TSS German Bight Western Approach. (Traffic Separation Schemes , TSS).

Approching in the River Ems, there will be commercial traffic, local fishing, but that also at night. Like most of the harbours along the East Frisian and North Frisian coast are located 'behind' the islands, Borkum can only be reached by passing through the Seegaten Westerems, if you are coming from the west - or the Hubertgat (if you coming straight from north) into the Ems river. These Gatts should not be entered at night and it is dangerous to enter under fresh- to strong onshore winds and it is even impossible to do so under stormy conditions and ebb stream . If you coming from east, be aware about the dangerous Borkum-Riff, north of the island.


Borkum is a port of entry for Germany. For details see Entrance: Germany.

Customs office and harbourmaster in Burkana harbour.

EU Vessels & EU Nationals For European Union members, EU regulations apply. Vessels arriving from another EU country do not need to clear customs. Vessels registered in countries falling under the Schengen Agreement, (i.e. vessels from Spain or Italy) do not need to clear immigration.

Non-EU Vessels (incl. EU vessels with non-EU nationals aboard) The skipper must report to customs with the ship's registration papers and passports and sometimes the customs officials will visit the boat on arrival. The Customs officials may also sometimes inspect yachts. The port captain must be contacted immediately on arrival in the marina and he will usually notify Customs. If not, the skipper must phone Customs.



  • West: Marina Baalmann (Sportboothafen Baalmann)
  • East: Harbour Burkana (Burkana Hafen)
Burkana-Harbourmaster - NO-Edge Burkana-Hqarbour
VHF Kanal 17 - call "Borkum Burkana Port Radio"
Tel. +49-(0)4922-7877
Fax +49-(0)4922-7646

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Water At the Marina Baalmann
Electricity At the Marina Baalmann
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Fuel At the Marina Baalmann
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