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Port of Entry
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Satellite Image of Bridgetown

Bridgetown is the main port and the capital and largest city of Barbados. It has a populations of 96,578 (2006).


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See Barbados.



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Approaching Carlisle Bay, the large bay south of the main harbor presents no problems.


Bridgetown is a port of entry to Barbados. You must clear in the Commercial Harbor.

For entering/exiting procedures see Barbados.



The main harbor in Bridgetown is the Commercial Harbor where you will have to for clearing customs. The other harbor is the Fishing Harbor which is the only place where there is fuel. It is too small, however for a yacht. Yachts in Bridgetown go either to the protected Careenage or anchor off in Carlisle Bay.

The Commercial Harbor in Bridgetown

Commercial Harbor

Commercial Harbor/wiki/Bridgetown#Commercial_Harbor
Harbour icon Commercial Harbor [[Bridgetown#Commercial Harbor|Commercial Harbor]] 13°06.380'N, 059°37.876'W
Port of Entry

You have to come here when clearing into Barbados. Before you do so, call Bridgetown Harbor Control on the VHF channel 16. They will direct in the harbor. The harbor officials are friendly, one of them even speaks Greek! Clearing-in procedures are friendly. You can talk the officials into allowing to clear-out without bringing the yacht into the harbor. Clearing-out procedures are longer.

Warning: The harbor has a very bad swell, the quays are very high, and the bollards far apart. This is a harbor for cruise ships and not for yachts.

The Careenage in Bridgetown


Harbour icon Careenage [[Bridgetown#Careenage|Careenage]] 13°05.762'N, 059°36.957'W

The Careenage is a river inlet and the inner harbor of Bridgetown where all the large recreational fishing boats are berthed. It is maybe the most secure place for a yacht but it is noisy and crowded. You may not find a berth. I am not sure how much a berth costs.

Warning: Dinghy theft is endemic here. Lock your dinghy whenever you leave it unattended.
The Fishing Harbor in Bridgetown

Fishing Harbor

Fishing Harbor/wiki/Bridgetown#Fishing_Harbor
Harbour icon Fishing Harbor [[Bridgetown#Fishing Harbor|Fishing Harbor]] 13°05.744'N, 059°37.190'W
This is a small, and dirty, harbor used by commercial fishing boats. It is too small for a yacht. It has, however, two fuel stations, an Esso and a Texaco. You can easily come here with the dingy and fill your jerry-cans. Also, this is good place to come and then go to the Customs, a 10 minute walk, for clearing-out procedures.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay/wiki/Bridgetown#Carlisle_Bay
Anchorage icon Carlisle Bay [[Bridgetown#Carlisle Bay|Carlisle Bay]] 13°05.285'N, 059°36.775'W

Carlisle Bay is a large bay where most of the visiting yachts anchor. When we were there it was comfortable but one can see that with a strong swell it may not be so. It is, however, quiet and lovely. Anchor anywhere in 5 m depth over sand. Good holding.

In the middle of the bay is the Boatyard, a bar/restaurant. They maintain a private pier where you can tie the dinghy. They want $20 BBD ($1 USD = $2 BBD) per day for the use of their pier and their other facilities i.e. cold shower but they do give you a number of chips which you can use for drinks or food (not particularly very good).

Another option is to drive the dingy about 1 M to Careenage where you can tie it and be right in the middle of Bridgetown.


See Barbados.


See Barbados.

Eating out

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See Barbados.


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See Barbados.


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