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Budva (Port of entry)

42°16.8′N, 18°50.6′E Chart icon.png
Budva, Montenegro (prior to installation of yacht pontoons)

Budva (Serbian, Montenegrin: Будва, Budva; Italian: Budua, Greek: Μπούτβα, Butva) is a coastal town in Montenegro, around 15 miles SE of the entrance to the Gulf of Kotor. The settlement is 2,500 years old, which makes it one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic sea coast. Owing to its lovely and well-preserved old town and superb nearby beaches, it is one of the most popular tourist areas in Montenegro and attracts hordes of tourists during the summer. The coastal area around the town, called the Budvanska rivijera, is the centre of Montenegro's tourism, and, in addition to its sandy beaches, is known for its diverse nightlife and beautiful examples of Mediterranean architecture. Much of the architecture in the Stari Grad (old town) is of Venetian origin and doors, hinges, windows, balconies and many other small but noticeable things seem to reflect the Roman style of the Republic of Venice.

Most of the harbour is occupied by a large and rather exclusive marina operation, Budva Marina (or Dukley Marina as it is also known after its property company owners). The inner harbour is reserved for large and expensive motor yachts, but there are two pontoons and a concrete jetty at the N end of the harbour where around 50 visiting yachts can be accommodated. Shelter is good in all but strong E winds.


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Budva has a typical Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters and 230 sunny days in a year. It numbers among the warmest Mediterranean towns, with an average temperature of 8°C in January and 27.9°C in July. The average summertime temperature is 23.1°C and 9.3°C in the winter. The temperature of the sea reaches 24.7°C in the summer months, while it remains between 18°C and 19°C in the autumn.

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'See Montenegro.


  • Sveti Nikola


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The approach to Budva is a little complex, and calls for careful attention, especially in bad weather. The entrance channel is approached between the cape of Rt Mogren and the steep, rocky island of Sveti Nikola 0.7 miles ESE. If approaching from S, note that there are several isolated rocks off the S coast of Sveti Nikola island, including one just awash. The entrance channel is marked with a pair of port and starboard buoys/wiki/Budva#pair_of_port_and_starboard_buoysWorld icon.png pair of port and starboard buoys [[Budva#pair of port and starboard buoys|pair of port and starboard buoys]] 42°16.363′N, 18°50.606′E . The channel then proceeds on a course of 015 degrees for 0.3 miles until arriving at a second starboard buoy, when a yacht should turn onto a new course of 305 degrees for 0.1 mile towards a further port hand buoy to enter the harbour. It is important not to cut the corner, since not only are there shallows to port but there may be large vessels leaving harbour.

Check-in facilities

Before arrival it is advisable to contact Budva Marina on VHF channel 08 or by telephone: +382 33 451 999 and +382 33 451 059 or Email. Advance reservation may be a good idea at peak periods. The Custom Quay is on the port side as you enter the marina. There is often only room for a single boat to go alongside, so you may have to wait an hour for the previous boat to complete the paperwork. You cannot tie up in the marina until you have cleared in. You have to visit Police, Customs and Harbour Master. The Harbour Master works short hours and in addition may not be in his office when he is working. He maybe enjoying coffee outside the marina office so ask. If the Harbour Master is not available, you can go to your berth in the marina once you have completed Police and Customs. You then return to the HArbour Master the next day


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

The inner harbour is for super yachts only…
… such as these.

Budva Marina can accommodate superyachts of up to 60 metres by special arrangement, although the jetty and pontoons on which visiting yachts are normally berthed can take yachts of up to 25 metres in depths ranging from 5.0 metres on the jetty to as little as 2.0 metres on the innermost of the two pontoons. Shelter on the jetty and pontoons is good in most conditions, although the positions here would quickly become untenable in strong E winds (which luckily are rare). Click on the link for separate Wiki page on Budva Marina.


It is possible to anchor off in the bay NE of the marina in depths of 6.0 – 7.0 metres. The holding is good in sand and weed. Shelter here is good in the prevailing winds but poor with anything S or E in the wind.

Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine Stores

Basic marine supplies in the town.


Fixed crane (5T) but hard standing for small motor boats only. Some limited repairs possible.

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

At Budva Marina
At Budva Marina
220V at Budva Marina

Things to do Ashore

Budva old town
Rooftops of Budva old town
Budva has several historic churches
Typical old town street'


The fully pedestrianised Stari Grad (old town) is a delight to explore, with its maze of narrow, paved streets revealing charming new vistas at every turn. The Holy Trinity church in the main square is constructed using alternate rows of rose and honey-coloured granite and contains some lovely frescoes. The Catholic St John's church opposite contains a 12th century icon, the Madonna of Budva, as well as some striking modern frescoes. At the S end of the old town lies the Venetian Citadela (citadel), which has superb views over the old town and the bay. The small Archaeological Museum in the old town (opposite Casper's Bar) has some interesting Hellenic and Roman exhibits, including an excellent collection of Roman glassware. A walk around the town walls affords good views of the bay and glimpses of some charming private gardens (if at night, take a torch).

Grocery & Supply Stores

  • Mega Market supermarket (hard to find) within 500 metres. It is almost directly behind the gate from quay K where visiting yachts berth. Go behind Jadran Restaurant, take small alleyway up past Oaza Hotel (currently a building site), go straight across main road and Mega Market is on the right after 100 metres (in a concrete precinct). It is at the rear of the shopping plaza.


  • Numerous restaurants on W side of harbour, close to yacht pontoon (though generally expensive and not good value).
  • Equally numerous restaurants and snack bars in old town.
  • Konoba Knez (with just three tables outside and four inside) in the old town is worth a visit. Take the second entrance from the right as you approach from the harbour and it is straight ahead. --Athene of Lymington


Marina wifi from Dukley Marina wifi (free) municipal wifi (free) and several restaurants.


The marina can arrange for laundry to be done (at a price).

Motorbike & Car Rentals

Several rental outlets in the new town.

Garbage Disposal

Bins near the marina.


  • Airport at Tivat (20 kms)
  • Buses to Kotor, Bar and Podgorica


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Montenegro.


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