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Chacala, Mexico

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21°9.6′N, 105°13.5′W
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Chacala is a small town of less than a thousand people. It located on the Pacific coast of Mexico and has a beautiful beach, delightful palapas and few good hikes.


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  • ~ 45 NM from Isla Isabel
  • ~ 40 NM from Banderas Bay


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  • There is no local cruisers net in Chacala
  • Cruisers monitor 16 and 22A

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There are two buoys approximately 20 feet apart which mark the middle of the bay. One is white blinking 3 seconds and the other is yellow blinking 3 seconds. Neither mark any particular hazard or obstacle.

There are also a Red and Green Flashing daymarks on the Panga dock which serve no real navigatonal benefit to other boaters.


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The Port Captain's office is located on the North side of the bay East of the doc the Pangas use. He is polite and swift in his process which amounted to no more than completing a new crew list. They seemed unconcerned by the accuracy of our departure date.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

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  • The entire bay is open to the SW and appears to be safe for anchoring with no marked obstacles or hazards
  • A shore breeze is prevalent at nights and can be from varying angles leaving you lying beam on to the ocean swell from the SW. For this reason almost all boats set stern anchors
  • Dinghy Landing - The safest dinghy landing the beacj in front of the Port Captain's office

Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine Stores

There is a Consturama hardware store in town that has basic tools, hardware and fittings which might be of use in a pinch.



Fuel, Water, & Electricity

There is no fuel available in Chacala, but Jerry Cans can be taken to Las Varas and filled by taking the collectivo. We also paid Francisco the driver of the collectivo to fill two Jerry Cans. Not sure if he does this for everyone or not
No dock, no electricity

Things to do Ashore


  1. Hike to the Caldera
    Take the main drag out of town but along the bay (SW). You will come to a parking lot amongst some coconut trees which are surely to damage any any car left there. At the back corner of the parking lot there is a gate and a 30 foot cement bridge across the creek. The trail leads up and around until you reach a dirt road. Follow the dirt road the rest of the way up through the Breadfruit orchards to the ridge surounding the calder, views of the ocean and bay
  2. Hike to the Cove beyond the Caldera
    There is another beach around the Eastern corner of the bay
  3. Hike to the Surf Beach
    There is a beach suitable for surfing around the West corner of the bay

Around the Western corner of the Bay there is another beach with suitable surf conditions. Ask the locals with the surfbaords about it.
Nayarit Surfing This is right, but the state is actually Nayarit.

Grocery & Supply Stores

There are three Super Mercados in town, walk around and see who has what. In particular to see who has the best vegetables. The Joker Super Mercado has ice (una bolsa de hielo) and eggs (huevos).


  • Chac Mool Cafe - Great coffee!! Good food. Solid Wifi
  • Las Brisas - Part of the Hotel Posada this is probably the most expensive place in town


  • Chac Mool
  • Las Brisas


  • Lavandria Laura - Located next to the school behind the church and down a side street. The building has the name in blue painted on it
  • Lavandria Alvarez - This is the easiest laundromat to find and it was never opened. I am not sure if it is closed permanently or not

Garbage Disposal

There public trashcans and plastic recycling bins located as you leave the dinghy landing beach by the port captains office.


  • Collectivo Francisco - Red Van - The van is labeled a Sitio (Taxi) but really it is a Collectivo. A ride to Las Varas is $12 MXN. You can get picked up in front of Chac Mool. The driver's name is Francisco
  • There are also taxis which come and go during the day dropping off foreign and local tourists


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