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Chagos Archipelago
Port of Entry
06°00.000'S, 071°30.000'E Chart icon.png
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Official policy of BIOT as from January 2011.
"The rules governing mooring permits are due to change on 01 January 2011. The fee structure will move to a weekly fee of £50 and the maximum stay permitted will be 28 days. Applications for visits in 2011 that are received in 2010 still attract the old fee of £100 per month but the Commissioner will NOT authorise any permits of more than 3 months."

An online cruising guide for yachts sailing to Chagos (British Indian Ocean Territory) in the Indian Ocean.

The Chagos Archipelago (formerly Oil Islands) is a group of seven atolls comprising more than 60 individual tropical islands roughly in the centre of the Indian Ocean.

The Chagos lies about 500 km (300 miles) due south of the Maldives, its nearest neighbour, 1600 km (1000 miles) southwest of India, half way between Tanzania and Java.

The Chagos group is a combination of different coralline structures topping a submarine ridge running southwards across the centre of the Indian Ocean, formed by volcanoes above the Réunion hotspot. Unlike in the Maldives there is not a clearly discernible pattern of arrayed atolls, which makes the whole archipelago look somewhat chaotic. Most of the coralline structures of the Chagos are submerged reefs. Officially part of the British Indian Ocean Territory, the Chagos were home to the Chagossians for more than a century and a half until their forced expulsion in the 1960s by the United Kingdom and United States.

The Chagos Archipelago consists of a number of islands, banks, and reefs lying between the parallels of 4º44’S and 7º39’S, and the meridians of 70º50’E and 72º47’E.

Cruising yachts normally arrive around April each year and spend a few months in this idyllic location. Ensure that you arrive with adequate supplies as NOTHING is available locally (except for fish). There are one or two water wells ashore but this water must be boiled and filtered.


British Admiralty
BA3 - Chagos Archipelago
BA726 - Indian Ocean British Indian Ocean Territories
BA727 - Peros Banhos to Blenheim Reef including Nelson's Island


Tropical oceanic climate; hot and humid but moderated by trade winds. Climate is characterised by plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures, showers and light breezes. December through February is considered the rainy season (summer monsoon); typical weather conditions include light west-northwesterly winds and warmer temperatures with more rainfall. June through September is considered the drier season (winter), characterised by moderate south-easterly winds, slightly cooler temperatures and less rainfall. The annual mean rainfall is 2600 mm (100 inches), varying from 105 mm (4 inches) during August to 350 mm (14 inches) during January.

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  • Salomon Islands/wiki/Chagos_Archipelago#Salomon_IslandsIsland icon Salomon Islands [[Chagos Archipelago#Salomon Islands|Salomon Islands]] 05°22.0′S, 72°13′E lie on an atoll reef, which encloses a lagoon. Google Earth
Salomon, Chagos
Salomon Photo - Rick Miller
Salomon, Chagos


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  • Caution: It is said that the deeper parts of the banks within the Chagos Archipelago may be crossed when there is not much swell. However, the uncertainty regarding the depths over areas that have been only partially examined, the changeable character of coral reefs, and the unexpected manner in which the sea sometimes breaks, all emphasize the advisability of avoiding the banks. Moreover, it is possible to proceed from island to island without crossing over any of the banks.


Note: A permit must be obtained PRIOR to a visit to Chagos. The "Mooring" fee is BP100.00 and application for a permit and payment of the fees must be done in advance. Download the application form and instructions from the Official Website.

Customs and Immigration





Fees and Charges


  • Anchorage Restrictions are in place and failure to comply can attract hefty fines. See BIOT Mooring sites for details.
  • Flora and fauna, such as turtles, coconut crabs, live coral and shells, are protected. No spearfishing is allowed, nor should the heart of palm be taken. The only fishing allowed is by hand line.

Health and Security


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The entrance to the lagoon is through a passage on the NW side of the atoll. A least depth of 5.8m (19ft.) may be carried through it, but the bar is impassable during the NW monsoon.

The C-Map chart is reported to be inaccurate. The following waypoints for the entrance are reportedly excellent with the minimum depth of 7m. You will see the reef to port around Ile de la Passe.

  1. WP1/wiki/Chagos_Archipelago#WP1World icon.png WP1 [[Chagos Archipelago#WP1|WP1]] 05°18.0′S, 72°14.7′E
  2. WP2/wiki/Chagos_Archipelago#WP2World icon.png WP2 [[Chagos Archipelago#WP2|WP2]] 05°18.2′S, 72°14.2′E

There is a sand patch to starboard inside the entrance where some yachts anchor if there is poor light to traverse the atoll. If visibility is good, make your way over to Ile Anglais keeping a close watch for coral heads. Anchored near Ile Anglais/wiki/Chagos_Archipelago#Ile_AnglaisWorld icon.png Ile Anglais [[Chagos Archipelago#Ile Anglais|Ile Anglais]] 05°19.324'S, 072°14.289'E in 10m coral/sand, flat bottom.

  • Peros Banhos/wiki/Chagos_Archipelago#Peros_BanhosWorld icon.png Peros Banhos [[Chagos Archipelago#Peros Banhos|Peros Banhos]] 05°15′S, 71°46′E
  • Diego Garcia/wiki/Chagos_Archipelago#Diego_GarciaWorld icon.png Diego Garcia [[Chagos Archipelago#Diego Garcia|Diego Garcia]] 05°21′S, 72°28′E is an American Communication base, and is off limits to visitors, except possibly in a dire emergency.

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Fuel, Water, & Electricity

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