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Cruiser's Dictionary - by JeanneP

This extremely useful cruising and sailing dictionary has been compiled over a period of 20 years from personal cruising experience on their sailing yacht sv Watermelon, on their mv Watermelon and from various other qualified sources. The author, Jeanne Pockel, and her husband Peter left Boston to cruise for a couple of years aboard their Jeanneau Sun Fizz. Twenty years later they are still cruising for a couple of years and Jeanne has graciously offered her gold mine of information to assist fellow cruisers as well as those planning to follow in their wake.

This Cruising Dictionary will always be a "work in progress" and updated regularly. Please see the notes at the bottom of this page.

Visit JeanneP's websites:
SV Watermelon
MV Watermelon

COPYRIGHT: Copyright exists on all material within the bounds of this "Cruising Dictionary" and no portion of this work can be reproduced in any form whatsoever without express permission from Jeanne Pockel.

DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to supply good and correct information but neither the author, publisher nor CruisersWiki or anyone associated with either party will be liable or held responsible for any recourse from anyone, for any reason, resulting from the use or application of any information furnished here. This database of information should be used as an educated guide only.

Dictionary Contents

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  • PAGE A-B
    • Acetic Acid, Acetominophyn, Acid, Allergies, Algaecide, Aluminum, Anchor, Anchor Light, Angiostrongyliasis (Heart-Lung Worm), Antibacterial Tablets, Armour-All, Aspirin, Atmospheric Pressure,
    • Backpack, Bamboo Skewers, Bimini, Black Market Money Changing, Body Odor, Books, Botulism, Burglar Alarm,
  • PAGE C-D
    • Canning Foods, Caustic Soda, Charcoal Tablets, Charts, Cholera, Cigarette Lighters, Ciguatera, Clock, Cockroaches, Coffee, Computer, Cookware, Corn, Countries, Credit Cards, Culture Shock, Cybercafes,
    • Damp, Dehydration, Debit Cards, Decks, Depth Sounder, Dental Floss, Diesel, Dinghies, Dishes, Doctor, Dried Vegetables, Drogue,
  • PAGE E-F
    • Email, Eggs, Electrical Connections, Electricity, Electrolysis,
    • Fanny Pack, Fax, Fenders, First Aid, First Aid Kit, Flag Etiquette, Flour, Food, Food Poisoning, Foreign Languages, Fouling, Fuel, Fuel Filters, Fungus Infections, Fusing Tape,
  • PAGE G-H
    • Gasoil, Gasoline, Giardia,
    • Ham Radio, Heads, Hepatitis, Hose Clamps, Hypodermic Needles,
  • PAGE I-J
    • Intestinal Infections/Parasites, Inverter,
  • PAGE K-L
    • Laundry, Laundry Bleach, Laundry Marker, Lemon Juice, Lights, Lysol,
  • PAGE M-N
    • Mail, Malaria, Marinas, Mayonaise, Meat Grinder, Medical Information, Metal Wax, Mildew, Misinformation, Money, Money Belt, Moscarpone Cheese, Mosquitoes, Mosquito Repellent, Muriatic Acid,
    • Navigation Charts, Newspapers, Ni-Cad Batteries, Non-Skid,
  • PAGE O-P
    • Oxalic Acid,
    • Panadol, Passport, Paracetamol, Petrol, Pharmaceuticals,, Phosphoric Acid, Polarity, Prescription Drugs, Preserving Food, Provisioning,
  • PAGE Q-R
    • Rain Catchers, Recycling, Reflective Tape, Refrigeration, Refrigerator Boxes, Ringworm, Rust,
  • PAGE S-T
    • Sail Cleaning, Sail Thread, Salmonella, Salt Water, Scromboid Poisoning, Self Amalgamating Tape, Sewing Awl, Sewing Machine, Shore Power, Shortwave Radio, Silicone Grease, Single Handing, Soap, Socks, Sodium Metabisulphide, Soldering Iron, Space and Weight-Saving, Spare Parts, Sprouting, SSCA, Stain Remover, Staph Infections, Steel Wool, String Bag, Substitutes, Sun Canopy,
  • PAGE U-V
  • PAGE W-X
    • Water Filters, Water Purification Tablets, Weevils,
  • PAGE Y-Z

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COPYRIGHT: Copyright exists on all matarial within the bounds of this "Cruising Dictionary" and no portion of this work can be reproduced in any form whatsoever without express permission from Jeanne Pockel.

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