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Falkland Islands
51°48.925'S, 059°09.023'W Chart icon.png
Falklands map.png
Falklands flag.png
Capital Stanley
Language English
Currency Falkland Islands Pound (FKP) which has parity with the Pound Sterling, also in circulation.
Time zone FKST[c] (UTC−3)
Calling code +500

The Falkland Islands are a self governing British Overseas Territory. This is disputed by Argentina as evident by the Falkland conflict of 1982 during which the UK fought successfully to retain control of the islands.

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A basic portfolio of charts should include:

British Admiralty
2505 - Approaches to the Falklands
2512 - The Falklands
2536 - Port William to Choiseul Sound
2547 - Port Salvador to Port William
1614 - Stanley Harbour and Approaches


Lying south of 50 degrees south and surrounded by the cold Falklands Current the islands have a fairly hard climate. Westerly gales are common at all times of the year and it can snow in any month. Rainfall however is relatively low, being in the order of 635 mm a year. The average temperature throughout the year is 5.6* C with a range of -6*C to 21*C and wind chill is often a factor to be considered. U/V radiation is often high while it can snow in any month of the year.

Sources for weather information

  • FIBS, The Falkland Islands Broadcasting Service, gives regular weather forecasts on 530 kHz and on a number of FM frequencies including 88.3 MHz . Times are Monday to Friday - 0710, 0810, 0910, 1010, 1610,1710,1815 & 2030 LT . Saturday - 0910, 1010, 1815 and 2030 LT. Sunday 1815 and 2030 LT.
  • 'FishOps' gives a maritime forecast for the FICZ on 4066.1 kHz USB at 0830 Local Time each day.
  • Valparaiso ( Playa Ancha ) transmits weather faxes - the eastern limits of which include the Falklands- on 4226.1, 8675.1, and 17144.5 MHz.
  • The Brazilian weather service produce synoptic charts for the SW Atlantic every 12 hours. These are available online here.

Currents & Tides

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  • The Patagonian Cruisers’ Net covered yachts in Falklands waters on 8164 kHz USB at 0900 Chilean Time each day. Unfortunately the net is currently not on the air as the net controller returned to Germany in 2016 and no-one has seen fit to replace him.

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Stanley is the only 'port of entry' for yachts. Notice of arrival and berthing intentions should be given when crossing the ‘Reporting Line’ which is between Volunteer Pt and Cape Pembroke at the eastern end of Port William. Contact in the first instance should be made with ‘Stanley Port Control’ or ‘FishOps’ on VHF Ch 16, or 10.


Upon departure a call should be made, once again, to ‘Stanley Port Control’ or ‘FishOps’ on Ch 16 when crossing the ‘Reporting Line’

Customs and Immigration


With the exception of tobacco and alcohol there is no duty or VAT in the Falklands.


If Port Control do not offer to advise Customs and Immigration of your arrival you can call ‘Stanley Customs’ on VHF ch. 12. A Customs and Immigration officer will visit the yacht for clearance on arrival. In the first instance a 4 week visa is given. At the end of the 28 days an extension can be obtained by visiting Immigration at Byron House, 3 'H' Jones Road, Stanley Phone +500 27340 . It is possible to stay in the Falklands for 12 months out of every 24.

A visa is not required if you hold one of the following passports.- Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Vatican City.

Health and Security


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As the Falkland Islands are free of Foot and Mouth disease together with many vegetable diseases there are strict bio-security laws in force.



Islands in the Group

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Island3 Island3 /wiki/Island3 Anchorage icon – anchorage |
Port StanleyPort Stanley/wiki/Port_Stanley,_Falklands Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |
Island5 Island5 /wiki/Island5 Marina icon – marina |
Island6 Island6 /wiki/Island6 Needs data icon – needs data |
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  • LAN operates a weekly service every Saturday between Santiago, Punta Arenas and Mt Pleasant Airport. Mt Pleasant Airport lies some 30 miles SW of Port Stanley.
  • There are two flights a week to and from Brize Norton, UK, via Asenscion Island. While these are military charter flights they do carry civilian passengers.


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