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Fort Bragg
39°25.660'N, 123°48.443'W Chart icon.png
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The Noyo River Basin in Fort Bragg, California, is a good place to duck in after rounding Cape Mendocino, and to prepare for entry into San Francisco (if you are heading south).


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Chart No: 18620, Point Arena to Trinidad Head
Chart No: 18626, Elk to Fort Bragg


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High slack is the best time to enter, thereby avoiding most breakers and going aground in the river. The Coast Guard here are very helpful and willing to come out and guide you across the bar if you would like.

The fixed bridge has an 88' clearance. The Noyo River Basin marina is full of fishing boats, old, and poorly labeled, but a very scenic little haven in Fort Bragg. The Harbormaster does not monitor 16 regularly. It's best to call via cell or park temporarily and walk up. They are not available on the weekend.


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  • Dolphin Island Marina.
  • Noyo Marina


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