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Gulluk Korfesi
There are Port(s) of Entry here
37°13.530'N, 027°25.320'E Chart icon.png
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Chart of the Gülluk Körfesi

This gulf is NE of the island of Kos and the port of Bodrum and SE of the island of Samos and the port of Kusadasi. The gulf is home to scores of fish farms some of which are poorly marked and would be confusing at night. They seem professionally run and there is little sign of pollution.


1546 Samos Strait to Güllük Körfezi
G35 Dodecanese and Coast of Turkey
54400 Nisos Samos to Nisos Rhodhos
2245 Kovala Limanı - Akbük Limanı
2246 Kazıklı Limanı - Asin Körfezi
2247 Torba Limanı
2248 Gündoğan Limanı - Kadıkalesi
451 Leros to Rhodos
422 Naxos to Samos & Opposite Coast of Asia Minor


See Turkey.



Satellite View of Salih Adasi

Salih Adasi

Salih Adasi/wiki/Gulluk_Korfesi#Salih_Adasi
Island icon Salih Adasi [[Gulluk Korfesi#Salih Adasi|Salih Adasi]] 37°9.1′N, 27°31.17′E
Salih Adasi appears to be a private island. There are several anchoring possibilities and the shelter is good.


Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


In general, the approach into the gulf and its anchorages is easy and presents no dangers.


The closest port of entry is Gülluk.



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  • GüllukGülluk/wiki/Gulluk Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


Pasa Limani

Pasa Limani/wiki/Gulluk_Korfesi#Pasa_Limani
Anchorage icon Pasa Limani [[Gulluk Korfesi#Pasa Limani|Pasa Limani]] 37°7.66′N, 27°15.61′E
Pasa Limani aka Paşa Limanı a bay on the NW of Yalıkavak, around the Yalikavak peninsula. A beautiful anchorage, but open to the N. It is very shallow at the head of the SW creek.


Anchorage icon Gundogan [[Gulluk Korfesi#Gundogan|Gundogan]] 37°7.96′N, 27°20.67′E
Gundogan or Gündoğan.
Chart of Türk Bükü

Türk Bükü

Türk Bükü/wiki/Gulluk_Korfesi#T.C3.BCrk_B.C3.BCk.C3.BC
Anchorage icon Türk Bükü [[Gulluk Korfesi#Türk Bükü|Türk Bükü]] 37°8′N, 27°23′E

Türk Bükü was originally called Rum Bükü and was Greek village. Today it is an attractive up market resort with lovely shops and restaurants surrounding a perfectly clear bay.

There is a small "marina" (tel +90 252 377 6128 /+90 536 899 2673 - Mehmet) in the South corner of the harbor (E$ 50/ night plus water & elec stern to with laid lines.

Note: The berths are located at the outer side of the mole where some crude-stones extend in places, so watch your rudder!

Fuel available by tanker truck at the marina. Fuel also available from a lighter that comes through the harbour. The marina also controls a number of fixed moorings in the harbour.

Other mooring services are offered on VHF69 tel +90 530 312 9966. Alternately, try to anchor among the moorings in the harbour or anchor moor in 30 metres with a line ashore to the rocks in the north west corner behind Bueyuek Ad. One of the prettiest harbours in the area.

Note: There is an unmarked, seemingly abandoned fish farm floating low in the water to the East of Kucuktavsan.
Chart of Asin Liman

Asin Liman

Asin Liman/wiki/Gulluk_Korfesi#Asin_Liman
Anchorage icon Asin Liman [[Gulluk Korfesi#Asin Liman|Asin Liman]] 37°16.54′N, 27°34.96′E

Asin Liman (or Port Isene or Kuria or Kıyıkışlacık Liman) is an ancient harbor (formerly Iasos) in the almost landlocked Asin Körfezi. It a pleasant anchorage surrounded by the ruins of the ancient city and overlooked by a walled acropolis. Anchor moor to the quay if you can find space. Depths at the quay are a bit over over 2 meters but greater than 2.5 meters a couple of meters off. Water and electricity can be arranged on the quay. In season a local official will come by to collect 30tl. The bottom here is mud and provides good holding. Good shelter in the prevailing winds. Iassos used to be supplied with several good restaurants, there were two relatively modest ones in operation on a visit in June 2013.

Danger: The ancient breakwater is submerged and not always visible. The approach should be made some 15-20 meters off the old Byzantine tower on the starboard side.

Warning: With strong southerlies the anchorage is uncomfortable and may be dangerous.
Harbour from acropolis
Satellite View of Shiero Bay

Shiero Bay

Shiero Bay/wiki/Gulluk_Korfesi#Shiero_Bay
Anchorage icon Shiero Bay [[Gulluk Korfesi#Shiero Bay|Shiero Bay]] 37°14.7′N, 27°32.4′E
Shiero Bay is almost landlocked and is an excellent shelter from the meltemi. It is very pleasant, with pine trees, except for the huge holiday development that now overlooks it. Anchor in 6-8 m over mud. Good holding.
Chart of Kazikli Liman

Kazikli Liman

Kazikli Liman/wiki/Gulluk_Korfesi#Kazikli_Liman
Anchorage icon Kazikli Liman [[Gulluk Korfesi#Kazikli Liman|Kazikli Liman]] 37°19.91′N, 27°28.82′E

A large bay with several mooring possibilities in very pleasant wooded surroundings. Either anchor in 5-7 m over sand or go on the wooden restaurant jetty (Kaptan Han telephone: +90 252 565 0022) on the eastern side where there is space for 6-8 yachts with a mooring line (in which case you will obviously be expected to eat in the restaurant). The mooring weights are a bit close to the dock (18m) and anchor mooring is advised for larger boats. Depths are >3 metres alongside the pontoons. Watch for stray lines on backing in. Free water and electricity at the limited connections. Good protection from the meltemi. Other restaurants ashore.

Warning: There are a lot of mosquitos here.
Chart of Altinkum


Anchorage icon Altinkum [[Gulluk Korfesi#Altinkum|Altinkum]] 37°21.2′N, 27°16.8′E

Altinkum or Skrophes Bay or Karakuyu is a locality of a popular resort of Didim. It is a an excellent place to leave the yacht for a visit to Didyma. Anchor in the NW corner in 3-4 m on sand. Good holding and shelter from the meltemi. There is an English-speaking marina/dock manager who can provide tender-taxi service to the anchorage. Turkish sailors without a tender contacted this person who at the time had no tender available and he approached us to see if we could help the sailors (we did). There is a wall where we safely left the dinghy for two days. Use a small anchor to keep away from the wall.

Warning: The town is extremely noisy at night so anchor at some distance.
Altinkum Bay

Turnalı Kofu

Turnalı Kofu/wiki/Gulluk_Korfesi#Turnal.C4.B1_Kofu
Anchorage icon Turnalı Kofu [[Gulluk Korfesi#Turnalı Kofu|Turnalı Kofu]] 37°20.51′N, 27°15.98′E
Right on the E of the Didim Marina mole.
Chart of Çukurcuk


Anchorage icon Çukurcuk [[Gulluk Korfesi#Çukurcuk|Çukurcuk]] 37°21.025'N, 027°12.683'E
There are two anchorages here: the E and the W creeks. Clear water. Anchor in 2-4 m. Shelter is reasonably good from the prevailing northerlies, although a swell creeps round the corner.


Toilets In Didim Marina and Port Iasos Marina
Showers In Didim Marina] and Port Iasos Marina
Laundry In Didim Marina] and Port Iasos Marina
Garbage There are bins in some anchorages
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Didim Marina: good store
Repairs Didim Marina: all sort of services
Internet In Didim Marina and internet cafés
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Altinkum: car rentals are possible


In Asin/wiki/Gulluk_Korfesi#In_.5B.5B.23Asin_Liman.7CAsin.5D.5DProvisions icon In Asin [[Gulluk Korfesi#In Asin|In Asin]] good shopping.

In Altinkum/wiki/Gulluk_Korfesi#In_.5B.5B.23Altinkum.7CAltinkum.5D.5DProvisions icon In Altinkum [[Gulluk Korfesi#In Altinkum|In Altinkum]] plenty of good shopping.

Eating out

Restaurants/wiki/Gulluk_Korfesi#RestaurantsEatingout icon Restaurants [[Gulluk Korfesi#Restaurants|Restaurants]] several restaurants.
Restaurants/wiki/Gulluk_Korfesi#RestaurantsEatingout icon Restaurants [[Gulluk Korfesi#Restaurants|Restaurants]] several restaurants.
Restaurants/wiki/Gulluk_Korfesi#RestaurantsEatingout icon Restaurants [[Gulluk Korfesi#Restaurants|Restaurants]] many restaurants.




Give a short history of the island.

Places to Visit

Asin Liman
The Agora of ancient Iassos

A climb to the ancient fort of Iasos (or Iassus) is must. The city was founded by the Peloponnesians in about 900 BC.


Didyma which is only about 4 km inland from Altinkum. The Hellenistic Ionic temple of Apollo at Didyma is very large, impressive, and in good preservation. Here was an oracle of Apollo, the most renowned in antiquity after the oracle of Delphi. A must see site.

Entrance to temple of Apollo at Didyma
The temple
Column base
Gorgon relief


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Turkey.


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  • A picnic in the ancient theatre at Iasos, now shaded by an olive grove, is a memorable experience. September 2006 --Atheneoflymington 14:40, 24 July 2009 (UTC)

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