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An online cruising guide for yachts sailing to Jamaica.

18°10.943'N, 077°19.307'W Chart icon.png
Map of Jamaica
Capital Kingston
Language English
Currency Jamaican Dollar
Time zone (UTC-5)
Calling code +1-876

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean, and the most populous English-speaking island in that region. The island of Jamaica is home to the Blue Mountains inland, and is surrounded by a narrow coastal plain. Most major towns and cities are located on the coast. Chief towns and cities include the capital Kingston, Portmore, Spanish Town, Mandeville, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, and Montego Bay.

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The climate and weather is typically Caribbean, with temperatures in the 80's and 90's during the day, around the 70's at night. In the winter months it's a little cooler. The rainy season begins in May or June and extends through November or December with the heaviest rains in September and October. Rain can fall at any time of year, however, and normally comes in short, heavy showers. The hurricane "season" runs from June 1 to November 30.

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Cruising yachts have suggested that clearing in at Montego Bay or Port Antonio is much quicker, friendlier and easier than other ports. Skippers must submit a detailed float-plan of intended movements around Jamaica to the authorities BEFORE moving from port to port. A cruising permit will be issued to cover this float-plan and diverting from this itinerary will attract fines. Yachts must clear in and out of every port visited. Yachts arriving from foreign ports must get permission from customs before docking. In Port Antonio, contacting Errol Flynn marina is recommended. Vessels can tie up to the marina, or be assigned a mooring float if of light tonnage, via the marina in advance of clearing customs. You may not leave the marina compound until clearance has been completed.



Customs and Immigration


Firearms and ammunition must be declared on arrival and will be held in custody by customs until your departure. Restrictions on pets are somewhat long-winded and it is possibly advisable not to arrive with pets on board.

Visiting yachts can stay in Jamaica for up to six months.


All nationalities require visas exept for nationals from Commonwealth countries, Iceland, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey (for a stay of up to three months), the European Union [UK and Ireland up to six months], [Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany for up to three months], [France, Greece, Portugal and Spain for up to one month], and the United States for up to six months. Nationals of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Japan and Uruguay can stay for up to one month without a visa. Nationals of Venezuela can stay for up to 14 days without a visa.

Fees and Charges


Health and Security


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