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Port of Entry
36°11.850'N, 029°38.520'E Chart icon.png
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Kaş harbor
Chart of Kaş Harbor

Kaş which means eyebrow in Turkish, was the Greek town of Antiphellus and was populated by Greeks until the 1921 population exchange after the disastrous Greek-Turkish war. In antiquity it was the Lycian city of Habesos. During Roman times it was an important sponge trading center. It is just 4 nM from the Greek island Kastelorizo (Meis in Turkish).

Today Kaş is a delightful if very touristy town, full of activity, and has a wonderful fruit market and many restaurants. Also it is a good place for staging land expeditions. The only drawback is that the harbour is crowded with gulets and can be noisy at night with music from the cafes and restaurants. It also has limited space for visiting yachts at most times, especially when there are several ‘hotel’ gulets in the harbour.

Plans are proceeding slowly for a 450-berth marina in the inlet across the peninsula to the north of Kaş, where yachts can currently lie alongside a dusty concrete quay while the construction proceeds around them. It is not known when the marina will be fully operational.

Kaş is a port of entry. Unfortunately the various authorities are widely scattered around the town (see chart).


236 Hisarönü Körfesi to Taslik burnu
G40 Kas to Antalya
54421 Kadiga to Ilbiz Burnu
54420 Isakandil Burnu to Didarde Burnu
313 Fethiye - Kaş
3131 C) Kaş Limanı
3211 Kaş Limanı


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Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


There are no dangers in the immediate approach, but care is needed when navigating past the numerous small islands in the approaches from both west and south.


Kaş is a port of entry, the new customs dock is situated at north quay in harbour entrance next the navy vessel berth. Unfortunately the various authorities are widely scattered around the town. Also see Turkey.


Kaş harbour from entrance

The harbourmaster of 25 years, Adem Aydin (GSM: +90 532 257 75 34), is usually on hand to direct visiting yachts to a berth. His job is not an enviable one, since the harbour is crowded with gulets and more arrive and depart constantly throughout the day. Sometimes yachts will be assisted by Ismail, the turquoise-shirted, friendly proprietor of Smiley’s Restaurant at the root of the quay, who is also usually first to help out in any crisis.

Yachts are usually directed to berths on the SW quay; berths on the NE quay are occupied by private and tripper boats on laid moorings. Consequently, a heavy mooring chain lies along the harbour and you need to avoid it when dropping anchor (there are also some laid moorings on the SW quay, but they are used by local gulets and hence yachts need to use their anchors). It is important when laying out your anchor to drop it well beyond the mooring chain, which lies not down the middle of the harbour, but about two thirds of the way across to the NE quay. You will as a result be dropping anchor almost under the bows of vessels on the opposite quay and using around 35-45 metres of chain, depending on the size of your boat. Be sure that your anchor is well dug in, since there can be occasional katabatic winds down off the Taurus mountains that send gusts of 25-30 knots across the harbour in the late evening and early morning and yachts have dragged here. These seem to occur if a fresh northerly wind pattern (the prevailing winds here are westerlies) combines with the usual evening downflow of air off the mountains north of Kaş.

Daily charges are around 40 Turkish lire for a 12 metre yacht (May 2010). Toilets and showers are available (for a charge) towards the root of the quay.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Progress is slow on the marina which is being built in Buçak Deniz, the inlet to the north of the harbour. The pontoons are now (2010) in position, but yachts still have to tie up alongside the quay at the head of the inlet, either side of the travel hoist bay.

Kas marina (2010)
Berthing at Kas marina (2010)


Buçak Deniz

Buçak Deniz/wiki/Kas#Bu.C3.A7ak_Deniz
Anchorage icon Buçak Deniz [[Kas#Buçak Deniz|Buçak Deniz]] 36°11.55′N, 29°35.12′E
A good place to anchor in 10-15 m depth or lie alongside the concrete quays of the uncompleted marina. The inlet is just 15 minutes walk from Kaş town, but to get there you have to sail for about 5 nM around the headland.

Bayindir Liman

Bayindir Liman/wiki/Kas#Bayindir_Liman
Anchorage icon Bayindir Liman [[Kas#Bayindir Liman|Bayindir Liman]] 36°10.9′N, 29°38.8′E
Another possibility, further away from the town, is at Bayindir Liman about 1 nM south of the harbour, where shelter is good from all directions except due north.


Water There are water points along the quay, 10 TL (Turkish lira) extra daily charge day
Electricity There are electricity outlets along the quay, 10 TL extra daily charge day
Toilets At the harbour
Showers At the harbour
Laundry Right at the harbour, there is a laundry service (which also provides the nearest toilets and showers)
Garbage There are bins around the harbour
Fuel A diesel truck comes to the harbour every evening and you will be offered fuel at least once if not several times
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A (Not Available)
Internet Free from Kaş Belediyesi (the municipality). The harbourmaster will give you the access code
Mobile connectivity Good 3G signal
Vehicle rentals The Phellos agency rents cars


  • Wonderful open market on Fridays at NW end of town with excellent fruits and produce
  • Several supermarkets in the town and smaller minimarkets that will deliver to your yacht

Eating out

Very good assortment of mezedes at the Bahçe restaurant


Ferry service to Kastelorizo.


The Theater in Kaş
Click for larger view "
Street in Kaş
Lycian Tomb in Kaş
Roman Arch at Patara
The Saklikent Gorge
  • In town there is the Hellenistic theater, which is just out of the town. From the theater there is an exquisite view of the islands Ra and Kastelorizo. Next to the theater there are a number of Lycian tombs, in bad shape, and a small Doric temple, also in a pitiful state
  • From Kas one can visit the Hellenistic sites of Xanthus, and Patara, the sites of Elmali, Arykanda, and Limyra
  • Another worthwhile place to visit is the high village of Gömbe with its market
  • The Gorge is an 18 km long deep ravine of great beauty


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Turkey.


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  • Kas is a very attractive, but rather cramped harbour, a situation which is not helped by the frequency with which ‘hotel’ gulets of 30 or even 40 metres berth overnight here, often taking up most of the space on the quay. The warnings of katabatic winds should be taken seriously: we were sitting in our cockpit at 1900 one evening enjoying our second glass of wine when we were suddenly hit by sustained NNW winds of 25-30 knots. We dragged our anchor (the holding is not terrific) and were only saved from serious damage by the timely intervention of Ismail of Smiley's Restaurant. Early the following morning fresh bread was dropped in our cockpit with his compliments. Needless to say, we gave him some good business later that evening - --Athene of Lymington 10:41, 27 May 2010 (UTC)
  • Many years later, I still remember the painfully loud music at night. --Istioploos 14:07, 12 January 2012 (GMT)

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