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An online cruising guide for yachts sailing to Leluh/Lele.

Port of Entry
05°19.642'N, °'E Chart icon.png
Pic or Map of Leluh/Lele

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Visit customs and immigration in Tofol village the day before you wat to leave.

For entrance details see Micronesia.

Cruising permit

Form is available online. If you have not got it when you arrive make sure you have proof that you have already applied. This can be a copy of an email or fax. You may have to reapply in Kosrae, this may take time, but they are very patient and helpful. YOU MUST APPLY IN ADVANCE OR AT LEAST HAVE PROOF THAT YOU HAVE APPLIED IN ADVANCE.



  • Okat has large padded mooring balls that were orginally installed for big fishing boats. Thet are currently unused and free and very good.

Yacht Repairs and Services

  • Dingy dock: The steps into the water just East of Ace hardware. The manager, Smith Sigrah, of the hardware store is most welcoming to cruising yachts, check and sign his guest-books showing yachts visiting since the 70s

Machine shops

Available at Okat and Tofol but supplies are limited.


Haul out is available at Okat but expensive.

Fuel, Water, & Electricity


Ace hardware can deliver 55 gallon drums to the pier
For smaller quantities, the Pacific Tree Lodge can take and fill your jerry cans and deliver them with the dive boat
Give details on water
Give details on electricity

Things to do Ashore


Great island for bicycles and are availeble for hire at Pacific Treelodge. Taxi;'s are few and you wait a long time for them to come. Most people hitch and you will get a ride.

Other activities: Movie nights, snorkelling, fishing, diving, hiking, car rental, happy hour and sunset cruises - speak to Mark at Pacific Treelodge for more information. Mark is very yachty friendly and a great help to all visiting boaters.

Grocery & Supply Stores

You have to look around to get the deals, all the shops sell the same kind of stuff but prices can vary a lot.

  • JBI: Lelu - just down from the dock - good for basics
  • RJ's: Lelu - oppoiste the dock - good for fish and fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Ace hardware: - Lelu biggest shop on the island and well stocked for hardware
  • Senny's -10 minutes walk past Pacific TReelodge, good for basic supplies
  • Neimes - 5 minites walk pas Pacific TReelodge,m good for basic supplies and liquior.
  • Srongsranos (the mall) -Tafunsak, good for basic supplies but a bit ofa trek - 30 minutes on bicycle
  • Micks - In Santrek, a bit of a trek from the anchorage but well worth it. They have all sorts there
  • Japenese Farm - 20 minutes from Lelu (turn right at the bridge after the Bank of FSM), good for fresh vegetables what ever they have at the time and very cheap. best time is early in the morning or sunday

Loads of mama and papa shops that sell chips, sodas, soap powder, spam, tuna fish etc......

Fish markets:

  • Lelu causeway - Okat and the odd mama and papa shops. Best time to go is 5-6pm on an evening when the fish comes in
  • Bank of FSM and Bank of Guam.
  • ATM at Bank of Guam in Tofol
  • Bank of FSM will cash travellers checks.
  • Only a very few businesses will take credit cards, mostly the resorts.
  • ACE hardware will not take credit cards.

Post office in Tofol and US postal service is very good. Mail sent general delivery. DHL also available.


  • Nautilus -Just up the road from Bank of FSM. Air conditioned, rather sterile environment, good pizza on a sunday and good lunches
  • Bully's -5 minutes up from Nautilus. Set in amongst the Mangroves, very relaxed, great place to chill out, drink a never ending glass of iced tea and read a book, good food particularly breakfast and lunch, very very cruiser friendly and a beautiful setting
  • Awanes - Tofol - small local restaurant, no alcohol, great for lunch particularly the breaded tuna
  • KVR - Rather a long way away and over priced but somewhere different and very traditional building
  • Rendevous - Next to Neimes - great Polish Sausgae hot dog. Ask in the shop if there is nobody there


FSM telecards are availabe everywhere. You create an account and have great access (WIFI) from the anchorage.


A new laundromat opened across the street from Ace hardware (2010)

Motorbike & Car Rentals

Garbage Disposal



List transportation (local and/or international.)


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.

  • Smith Sigrah (manager of ACE hardware and Mark Stephens - manager of Pacific Treelodge).


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