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Port of Entry
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Greece Rhodes Mandraki m.jpg
Chart of Mandraki Harbor

Mandraki (Μανδράκι) is the only yacht harbor in Rhodes. The large commercial harbor just SE of Mandraki is closed to yachts. Mandraki is a good all year round shelter but it is also very crowded, year round and it is dominated by several charter and day-trip companies that operate from here. If you do find a spot (sometimes you may have to tie on the second tier) beware of fouled anchors.

Entrance to the Harbor

Some yachts anchor outside on the E of the quay and take a long line to the rocks. That arrangement although safe can be quite uncomfortable from the wakes of the never stopping ferries. I prefer to go to Lindos and visit the city of Rhodes by ground transportation.

The new large Rhodes Marina south of the commercial harbor opened in 2016 and can accommodate Yachts.


See Rhodes.


See Aegean Sea.


See Rhodes.


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See Rhodes.


The approach to Mandraki is straightforward but be aware of the following:


  • To the N of the harbor entrance there are shallow waters and reefs. Stay clear.
  • When a south wind blows there an appreciable and possibly dangerous swell at the harbor entrance.


Mandraki is a port of entry into Greece. The Limenarchio (Coast Guard) expects to be informed if you are entering Greece incoming from Turkey in VHF channel 12 or tel. +30 2410 27 365.


This is a very crowded harbor.

  • Navigo Agency +30 69792 86667 may be able to reserve a berth at modest cost.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Rhodes Marina


See Rhodes.


Water on the quay and in Rhodes Marina
Electricity on the quay and in Rhodes Marina
Toilets In Rhodes Marina
Showers In Rhodes Marina
  • In Rhodes Marina
  • Express Laundry 5 Kosti Palama Str tel 22410 22514 is located just west of the harbour behind the old market building. E6/load wash and fold
Garbage There are bins around the harbor and in Rhodes Marina
  • In Rhodes Marina
  • On the town quay, if you can find room, otherwise jerry cans
Bottled gas ?
  • In Rhodes Marina
  • Several near Mandraki
  • Gerontis, 11 Makrigianni Str is a very well stocked hardware with stainless and boat plumbing supplies
  • Possible, ask at Mandraki.
  • Nereus Boatyard a little further on than Mandraki,near where al the ferries come in is very helpful. They are close to all the chandlers and industrial area. Our boat was there for 2 years and we lived on the hard for more than three months whilst refitting. Ablutions however are not too nice.
Internet WiFi in Rhodes Marina and in Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Strong signal
Vehicle rentals
  • Can be hired in Rhodes.
  • Butterfly Car Rental are one of the better ones. Go up the hill in the New Town passed all the eatieries, pizza, gios etc and turn right. About two shops past the big pharmacy.


The are many large supermarkets within walking distance from Mandraki where you can find almost everything.

You can also order online at and your shopping can be delivered for no extra cost.

Eating out

  • Good food (mezedes) at Palia Istoria near the stadium.
  • Good Greek food at Louis (formerly Ellinikon) opposite the Casino.
  • Good Greek food at Christos (out of town).
  • It is worth to try Meraklis in the Old Town specializing in patsás (tripe) soup.


  • For within Greece see Rhodes.
  • In the summer there are daily ferries to Marmaris, Turkey.


Rhodes twn1.jpg
The town of Rhodes
The Walls of the Old Town

Places to Visit

The town of Rhodes (population about 60,000) is the largest in the Dodecanese. It is booming town with stores that cater to almost every taste.

Within the town is the Old Medieval Town of the Knights of St. John. Within the Old Town it is worth visiting the Palace of the Grand Masters (Tues-Fri 8:00-19:00, Sat & Sun 8:00-15:00, Mon 12:30-19:00) and the various "inns". Just south of the medieval area is the former Turkish bazaar with several interesting mosques.

Also within the Old Town are several museums. The Archaeological Museum (Tues-Fri 8:00-19:00, Sat & Sun 8:00-15:00, Mon 12:30-19:00) houses the 3rd century statue of the Marine Venus (found in the sea) which gave the name to the well known autobiographical book of Lawrence Durrell, the pretty 90 BC statue of the kneeling Aphrodite of Rhodes, many vases, Mycenaean jewelry, and mosaics. The Byzantine Museum (Tues-Sun 8:30-15:00) has some frescoes and many icons. Finally the Museum of Decorative Arts (Tues-Sun 8:30-15:00) exhibits handicrafts and costumes from all of the Dodecanese.

Also worth visiting are the Municipal Art Gallery of Rhodes which houses works by some of the best known modern Greek artists such as: Maleas, Parthenis, Kontoglou, Theophilos, Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, Vassiliou, Spyropoulos, Gaitis, Fassianos, Kessanlis, Botsoglou, Moralis, and Tsarouchis.

In the New Town there is also the Rhodes Aquarium (9:00-12:00), the only aquarium in Greece, with sea turtles and many local fishes.

West of the town and on its highest spot is the Ancient Acropolis of Rhodes and the Stadium.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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  • Lawrence Durrell, Reflections on a Marine Venus: A Companion to the Landscape of Rhodes, Axios Press (May 1, 2009), ISBN 1604190094

Also see Greece.


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  • MV Venturer, Mike and Laura have been in Rodos, Mandraki Harbour numerous times since 2006. Mike needs to get his Turkish visa from the Consul, due to his South African passport, as of 2009 no longer necessary, issued in Turkey. We love Rodos, its really alive and vibrant, yet magic and romantic. The people are friendly and helpful and the harbour/passport/customs people are always nice and agreeable, but Getting exit papers is a nightmare as the Port Authority and Customs/Passport control are at different ends of Mandraki, do it in Symi instead.
    Only drawback is the Mandraki harbour which is always full in the season. One has to arrive there early, no later than 10-1100 hrs in order to find an empty berth, if you are lucky. Never on a Friday as that is when the charter boats change hands. Beware of trying to moor where the charter boats are you will be chased away. When pleasant weather the harbour can be quite nice, but when there is a swell in the harbour even the oldest seadog feels squeamish.
    There are a few yacht chandlers (groceries) in Mandraki who deliver to your yacht. There is also Spanos (kind of Spar) a great supermarket out of town who deliver to the yachts. Take a taxi or bus No 7. --Summercruise 11:53, 10 July 2009 (UTC)
  • S/Y Salty Dog: My first time in Rhodes and I thought of trying Mandraki before the expensive new marina. I was shown a space comfortable enough for the chartered Lagoon 39 and was instructed to use both anchors, but not more than 25m as the mooring chain starts then, and two mooring lines due to the meltemi blowing on our nose. Apparently Mandraki marina does not trust its own mooring lines... Charged a modest 25 euro, incl. unlimited water and electricity. Fuel was provided at a reasonable price (1,59 euro) by tanker immediately. --Ioannis

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