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Port of Entry
43°35.096'N, 015°55.453'E Chart icon.png
lat=43.58493 | lon=15.92421 | zoom=15 | y
Letecké zábery Primoštenu.jpg
The small harbour of Primosten
(1) Seasonal Port of Entry (Apr–Oct)

Primošten lies on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, 12 miles S of Šibenik and five miles NNW of Rogoznica. An attractive town of narrow, mediaeval streets climbing up to a conspicuous church belfry, it was originally sited on an island and walled to defend it from Turkish and other invaders. Probably its name comes from a Croatian verb primostiti – to cover with a bridge.

In more recent times, the island was connected to the mainland by a causeway and Primošten is now a popular holiday town. Visiting yachts have the option of mooring on the short town quay, where there are laid moorings with water and electricity, or picking up one of the 25 mooring buoys laid along the beach on the E side of the bay. The shelter is good in settled conditions although an uncomfortable groundswell is experienced with anything S or W in the wind. In strong SW winds shelter in Primošten becomes very poor to untenable.


See Northern Dalmatia.


See Croatia.


See Croatia.



Lučka kapetanija

Phone: +385 (22) 570 266
Address: Porat 2
Working hours: Mo-Fr 07:00-15:00


In the approach, there is a small island Smokvica/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#SmokvicaIsland icon Smokvica [[Primošten#Smokvica|Smokvica]] 43°35.592'N, 015°54.721'E half a mile NW of Primošten. There are depths of 7.0 - 8.0 metres in the passage between it and the mainland, but the passage is best avoided in unsettled weather, especially if there are strong NW winds.

In the approach from the S, there are several islets to be avoided, especially in poor visibility, but a passage close inshore keeps a yacht clear of dangers. The peninsula on which Primošten sits is easily identified by the tall church belfry on its summit.

Note: Primošten is to be avoided in strong SW. In such conditions two miles, SSE of Primosten is the marina of Marina Kremik, which offers better shelter and a further 393 berths for yachts visiting the area.


Primošten is a seasonal Port of Entry (Apr–Oct)port of entry/exit for Croatia. For details see Entrance: Croatia. The nearest year-round port of entry is in Šibenik.


Primosten breakwater

Luka Primošten

Luka Primošten/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#Luka_Primo.C5.A1ten
Harbour icon Luka Primošten [[Primošten#Luka Primošten|Luka Primošten]] 43°35.111'N, 015°55.360'E
Port of Entry

A short pier extends SE from the E side of the peninsula, along which moorings have been laid for around 15-20 yachts. Depths along the pier are around 3.0 metres. Go stern/bows-to wherever there is space.

In the high season, to find an open spot on the quay a reservation by phone is essential (opened at about 9:00 and charged separately 100 kunas). Aside probably from Fridays, when most charter boats are back at their bases.

Shallow draft boats are also directed to the town quay on the W. Deeper draft yachts may be directed there bow-to as well.

Water and electricity on the quay.

Primosten yacht quay

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Marina Kremik – this is the closest marina it is located in 2 miles S of Primošten


Općina Primošten, Croatia - panoramio (4).jpg
Primosten anchorage

Luka Primošten anchorage

Luka Primošten anchorage/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#Luka_Primo.C5.A1ten_anchorage
Buoy icon Luka Primošten anchorage [[Primošten#Luka Primošten anchorage|Luka Primošten anchorage]] 43°35.059'N, 015°55.571'E
Pick up one of the 25 mooring buoys laid along the beach at the E end of the bay. Shelter is good in most conditions, both on the quay and on the buoys

U. Mala Raduča

U. Mala Raduča/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#U._Mala_Radu.C4.8Da
Anchorage icon U. Mala Raduča [[Primošten#U. Mala Raduča|U. Mala Raduča]] 43°35.253'N, 015°55.248'E
In settled weather, the bay just north of the town isthmus is a good anchorage. No fee is collected in this bay.


Water Luka Primošten/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#.5B.5B.23Luka_Primo.C5.A1ten.7CLuka_Primo.C5.A1ten.5D.5DWater icon Luka Primošten [[Primošten#Luka Primošten|Luka Primošten]] at the quay

Marina Kremik/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#.5B.5BMarina_Kremik.5D.5DWater icon Marina Kremik [[Primošten#Marina Kremik|Marina Kremik]] on every berth

Electricity Luka Primošten/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#.5B.5B.23Luka_Primo.C5.A1ten.7CLuka_Primo.C5.A1ten.5D.5DElectricity icon Luka Primošten [[Primošten#Luka Primošten|Luka Primošten]] at the quay

Marina Kremik/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#.5B.5BMarina_Kremik.5D.5DElectricity icon Marina Kremik [[Primošten#Marina Kremik|Marina Kremik]] on every berth

Fuel In Marina Kremik/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#In_.5B.5BMarina_Kremik.5D.5DFuel icon In Marina Kremik [[Primošten#In Marina Kremik|In Marina Kremik]] 43°34.193'N, 015°56.554'E fuel station in
Bottled gas None
Chandlers In Marina Kremik/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#In_.5B.5BMarina_Kremik.5D.5DChandler icon In Marina Kremik [[Primošten#In Marina Kremik|In Marina Kremik]] smal chandlery
Repairs Marina Kremik/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#.5B.5BMarina_Kremik.5D.5DService icon Marina Kremik [[Primošten#Marina Kremik|Marina Kremik]] Boatyard. Hard standing for 150 yachts. Travel lift (40T). Crane (5T). Engine, electrical and electronic repairs. Wood and fibreglass hull repairs. Osmosis treatment and paint work
Internet WiFI in Internet café in town and in Marina Kremik
Mobile connectivity Average
Vehicle rentals ?
Health ?


In the town/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#In_the_townProvisions icon In the town [[Primošten#In the town|In the town]] several provisions shops.

Marina Kremik/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#.5B.5BMarina_Kremik.5D.5DProvisions icon Marina Kremik [[Primošten#Marina Kremik|Marina Kremik]] minimarket

Eating out

Konoba Toni/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#.27.27Konoba_Toni.27.27Eatingout icon Konoba Toni [[Primošten#Konoba Toni|Konoba Toni]] on the waterfront was good in 2004.

In the town/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#In_the_townEatingout icon In the town [[Primošten#In the town|In the town]] numerous restaurants in the town.

Marina Kremik/wiki/Primo%C5%A1ten#.5B.5BMarina_Kremik.5D.5DEatingout icon Marina Kremik [[Primošten#Marina Kremik|Marina Kremik]] restaurant.



Although increasingly touristy and very busy during the season, Primošten is a pleasant enough place to explore, its narrow mediaeval street plan containing a number of character-full restaurants and bars. There are also some good walks along the coast to the N, where there are also some attractive coves with pebbly beaches.


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