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Ria de Cedeira
43°39.120'N, 008°03.780'W Chart icon.png
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Cedeira town

The Ria de Cedeira is a gorgeous, well sheltered anchorage, situated on the coast of NW Spain around 20 miles NE of the major port of La Coruna. Its position makes it convenient as a stopover either waiting for fair weather to round Cabo Ortegal or as a first stop after crossing the Bay of Biscay. The town itself is small but attractive and is popular with local Spanish tourists. The bay is sheltered and ringed with dense groves of eucalyptus trees. The Ria has no proper harbour, just a long breakwater used by commercial ships, but offers a wide anchorage off the town on its E side which offers good shelter in virtually any conditions. It also boasts some excellent beaches on its E and S sides. Cedeira is, however, not the best place if you want excitement or require any work on the boat.


British Admiralty
1111 – Punta de la Estaca de Bares to Cabo Finisterre
1122 – Ports on the N coast of Spain
C43 Santander to A Coruna


The prevailing NW winds blow straight down in to the Ria and can raise a nasty swell in the outer part if they are strong. Once in the E part of the Ria, the swell reduces and the anchorage off the town experiences very little of the prevailing winds. Fog can be a problem, as it is along most of this coast.

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The entrance is straightforward and should be possible in all weather conditions. There are, however, some isolated offshore rocks around half a mile off the coast both to the N and S, but these should not present any problems as long as a yacht keeps well offshore. There is also a potentially dangerous rocky reef almost in the centre of the Ria just under a mile from the entrance, which should be left well to starboard.


There is no proper harbour in the Ria. It is necessary to anchor.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

There is no marina in Cedeira. However, the moorings are only available to 'Socios' of the local association.


Cedeira bay from SW

Cedeira Anchorage

Cedeira Anchorage/wiki/Ria_de_Cedeira#Cedeira_Anchorage
Anchorage icon Cedeira Anchorage [[Ria de Cedeira#Cedeira Anchorage|Cedeira Anchorage]] 43°39.286'N, 008°03.992'W

The best anchorage is halfway between the long sandy beach close to the town and the breakwater about a mile W of the beach.

Note: that the silt is carried down by the river that runs through the town has created shoals extending for over half a mile from the N end of the beach, which is why most yachts tend to anchor closer to the breakwater.

In settled weather, the S end of the beach is a good anchorage and it is quieter here than the main anchorage. Depths in both anchorages are 5.0 – 8.0 metres and the holding is good in sand.


Water N/A (Not Available)
Electricity N/A
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry Tintorería at the South bank of the river, Rúe Ponte Nova between the first and second bridge
Garbage Bins near the commercial harbour0
Fuel N/A
Bottled gas Yañez Candales hardware store in town
Chandlers None
Repairs Only a boat lift is available
  • Harbour: none.
  • In town: good free WiFi is available at the library 'Biblioteca Pública Municipal de Cedeira López Corton', Travesía Cristo 1
Mobile connectivity the anchorage has good coverage and data speeds are acceptable
Vehicle rentals N/A


There is a good selection of small- to medium-sized supermarkets in the town.

The hardware store Yañez Candales in Plaza Galcia is excellent - it sells gas bottles and has a large selection of stainless steel fasteners.

At low tide your outboard will ground surprisingly far from shore at if you try to motor directly to town; at high tide you can't get under the bridge. It may be easiest to tie up at the fishermen's dock and walk into town.

Eating out

The North bank of the river and the central square has a variety of bars frequented by locals. The food is of reasonable quality and cheap, and you can catch up on the latest Spanish TV news.


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The town is not unpleasant to explore, although it is largely given over to local tourism. There is a good walk through the eucalyptus trees at the S end of the Rias out to the platform on which the small lighthouse sits. It is a good picnic site here in settled weather.

A big sailor's event is the procession for sailors every August. After a hommage for the sailors lost at sea, all boats can be consecrated by the local priest. Afterwards people go out and picnic at the above-mentioned picnic site.


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