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Ria de Vigo
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Ria de Vigo looking W

The Ria de Vigo lies on the coast of NW Spain around 10 miles S of the Ria de Pontevedra and five miles N of Bayona. The most southerly of the rias, and the last before the Portuguese border, it is sheltered from W by the beautiful Illas Cies, now a protected national park. Within the ria are the major city of Vigo with its suburb of Bouzas as well as the smaller settlements of Moana and Cangas. Vigo is a popular spot for yachts to lay up in view of its good transport connections and the wide range of marine services, while anchoring at the Illas Cies is an unmissable experience. Shelter in the ria is good in most conditions except with strong SW winds, which send in a considerable swell.


British Admiralty
3633 - Islas Sisargas to Rio Mino
1730 – Ria de Vigo
1731 – Spain West Coast, Puerto de Vigo
C48 - A Coruna to Porto


The entrance to the ria is largely protected from N and W by the Illas Cies, which stretch N-S just under two miles off the entrance and keep out the worst of the Atlantic swell. Fog is an occasional problem.

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  • Islas Cies (aka Illas Cies). A permit is necessary to visit and the application form can be downloaded via the at National Park Webage or directly from PDF. Supporting documentation is required in the form of boat registration documents, certificate of competence and passport or ID card (it is a good idea to scan these in before you embark for the Rias as it is then possible to apply online).


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There are a number of rocky islands and reefs in the approaches from both N and S, but all are well charted. If coming from Bayona, it is possible in settled weather to pass inside the Islotes Las Estelas/wiki/Ria_de_Vigo#Islotes_Las_EstelasIsland icon Islotes Las Estelas [[Ria de Vigo#Islotes Las Estelas|Islotes Las Estelas]] 42°08.769'N, 008°51.361'W , a group of rocky islets on the N side of Bayona bay, but it is safer to pass outside in bad weather. On the N side of the entrance to the ria is the archipelago of the Illas Cies with an isolated islet a mile S of the three main islands. Other than these, there are no hazards in the approach.


Visiting yachts can usually find a berth at the four marinas at the city of Vigo and its suburb of Bouzas (for details see the separate Wiki page for Vigo. Further small marinas can be found at the settlements of Cangas and Moana on the N shores of the ria and that of San Adrian de Cobres under the road bridge in the tidal lagoon of Enseada de San Simón.

There are also several good settled weather anchorages around the shores of the ria, near the towns of Cangas and Moana and also (depending on a yacht's draft) in the sheltered lagoon of Enseada de San Simón.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

For details of the Vigo and Bouzas marinas, see the Vigo page.

Porto Deportivo Cangas

Porto Deportivo Cangas/wiki/Ria_de_Vigo#Porto_Deportivo_Cangas
Marina icon Porto Deportivo Cangas [[Ria de Vigo#Porto Deportivo Cangas|Porto Deportivo Cangas]] 42°15.665'N, 008°46.793'W

The marina has a total of 269 berths on finger pontoons. Maximum length 20 metres. Maximum depth 4.0 metres. Water and electricity on all pontoons. Toilets and showers. Laundry. WiFi. Small area of hard standing. Travel lift (64T). Mobile crane (8T). Fuel station. Security (24 hour).

[email protected]; Tel: +34 (986) 304 246; Fax: +34 (986) 303 856; VHF channel 06
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing

Puerto Deportivo de Moana

Puerto Deportivo de Moana/wiki/Ria_de_Vigo#Puerto_Deportivo_de_Moana
Marina icon Puerto Deportivo de Moana [[Ria de Vigo#Puerto Deportivo de Moana|Puerto Deportivo de Moana]] 42°16.665'N, 008°44.054'W

It offers a total of 347 relatively shallow berths on finger pontoons for yachts up to 17 metres. Maximum depth 3.0 metres. Water and electricity on all pontoons. No hard standing. The marina is very busy in summer.

[email protected]; Tel: +34 (986) 311 140; Fax: +34 (986) 315 313; VHF channel 090
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing

Puerto Deportivo de San Adrian

Puerto Deportivo de San Adrian/wiki/Ria_de_Vigo#Puerto_Deportivo_de_San_Adrian
Marina icon Puerto Deportivo de San Adrian [[Ria de Vigo#Puerto Deportivo de San Adrian|Puerto Deportivo de San Adrian]] 42°18.196'N, 008°39.205'W

This marina is under the bridge (clearance of 35 metres) and into the Enseada de San Simon offers a total of 204 shallow berths on finger pontoons for yachts up to 20 metres. Maximum depth in the marina is only 2.0 metres (though 5.0 metres on the outside pontoon). Water and electricity on all pontoons. Bar/cafe. Restaurant. No hard standing or repair facilities.

[email protected]; Tel: +34 (986) 673 807; Fax: +34 (986) 672 545; VHF channel 09


Enseada de San Simón

Enseada de San Simón/wiki/Ria_de_Vigo#Enseada_de_San_Sim.C3.B3n
Anchorage icon Enseada de San Simón [[Ria de Vigo#Enseada de San Simón|Enseada de San Simón]] 42°18.503'N, 008°38.264'W
There are several sandy bays in the ria which offer good anchorage in settled weather, especially along the N coast from the entrance to the ria and near the settlements of Cangas and Moana. With care and attention to the tides, it is possible to pass under the high road bridge at the E and of the ria and into the Enseada de San Simón, where it is possible to anchor in perfect shelter from all except E winds near the settlement of San Adrian de Cobres.
Anchorage in the idyllic Islas Cíes

Islas Cíes

Islas Cíes/wiki/Ria_de_Vigo#Islas_C.C3.ADes
Anchorage icon Islas Cíes [[Ria de Vigo#Islas Cíes|Islas Cíes]] 42°12.832'N, 008°53.735'W
The most beautiful anchorages— arguably the best in the whole of Galicia if not of Spain—are on the E side of the Islas Cíes, where there are three coves on the north and middle islands, Illa de Monte Agudo and Illa del Faro, and another on Illa San Martino to the south. The Islas Cíes have now been designated a national park and permit is necessary to visit.


Water In Porto Cangas, Puerto de Moana, and Puerto de San Adrian
Electricity In Porto Cangas, Puerto de Moana, and Puerto de San Adrian
Toilets In Porto Cangas, Puerto de Moana, and Puerto de San Adrian
Showers In Porto Cangas, Puerto de Moana, and Puerto de San Adrian
Laundry In Porto Cangas and in Vigo city
Garbage Bins at the marinas
Fuel Fuel in Vigo and Porto Cangas
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Good chandleries in the town of Vigo
Repairs In Vigo
Internet WiFi in Porto Cangas and in Vigo marinas
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Rental outlets in Vigo


Supermarkets in Vigo, Porto Cangas, Puerto de Moana.

Eating out

Numerous restaurants in Vigo, Porto Cangas and Puerto de Moana. Vigo, as one would expect, has some excellent choices.


  • Local bus service to Bayona and Pontevedra.
  • Train service to Santiago de Compostela
  • Airports at Vigo and Santiago de Compostela (65 kms)



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Places to Visit

Most visiting yachts sooner or later make a beeline for the magical Islas Cíes, where there are several idyllic anchorages on the two main islands of Illa de Monte Agudo and Illa del Faro. Both islands are also worth exploring on foot – especially Illa de Monte Agudo, where it is possible to climb to the top of the eponymous mountain where there are unusual eroded rock formations and magnificent views over the Ria de Vigo. Although tripper boat visitors are limited to 2,000 daily, the great majority stay on the beaches and you may well be alone up here even in high season.

The old centre of Vigo, the Casco Vello, is also worth a visit, with its narrow streets exuding character. Vigo also boasts some good museums, including an important Museum of Contemporary Art and a Museum of the Sea.The Castro fortress is worth a detour to explore its ramparts and peaceful gardens.

The beach on Illa del Faro, Islas Cíes
Unusual rock formations on Monte Agudo, Islas Cíes
Itinerant folk musicians on the streets of Vigo
Street in the Casco Vello, Vigo


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  • The Illas Cies are still the most beautiful anchorages we have encountered, even after twelve years in the Med. It's even possible to go ashore before the tripper boats arrive and have the beach to yourself! --Atheneoflymington

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