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47°37.20′N, 122°21.10′W
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Saeattle1 chartlet.pngSeattle Harbor
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The old Union Oil pier extending west from Edwards Point, just south of Edmonds, Washington, was dismantled and removed in February 2009 by the Washington State Department of Transportation. Virtually no trace of it remains visible from the water.

The background and history of Seattle is best observed on Wikipedia

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Marinas & Yacht Clubs


  • Bell Harbor Marina. Bell Street Pier 66, 2203 Alaskan Way. Ph: +1 (206) 615-3952, Fax: +1 (206) 615-3965 , VHF - 66A. Email. Full services including WiFi, pump-out and 24hour security. The marina is close to city. Guest mooring is available.
  • Elliot Bay Marina. 2601 West Marina Place, Seattle. Ph: +1 206 285 4817, Fax: +1 206 282 0626, VHF - 78A. Email. THis is a new, modern marina of 1200 berths and only five minutes from downtown Seattle. All services - phones, TV plugs, electricity, water, pump-out, 24 hour security, etc. Restaurants on site.
  • Fishermen's Terminal. 3919, 18th Ave. W, Seattle. Ph: +1 (206) 728-3395, Fax: (206) 728-3393, VHF - 17. Email. The marina is on Salmon Bay (close to Ballard) and is a freshwater moorage with no tidal changes. All facilities, 24 hour security and haulout facility. Restrooms and showers, electricity and water and free sewage and bilge pump-out. on site restaurants and shops.
  • Harbor Island Marina. 1001 Klickitat Way S.W., Seattle, WA 98134. Ph: +1 (206) 728-3006. Email. Berths for 77 vessels - at the southern tip of Harbor Island in the Duwamish Waterway with easy access to Elliot Bay saltwater. 24 hour security,
  • Salmon Bay Marina. 2100 W. Commodore Way, (nearby Fishermen's Bay Terminal). Ph: +1 206.282.5555, Fax: +1 206.282.8482. Email. A quiet marina in the Lake Washington Federal Ship Canal close to the Hiram Chittenden Locks. Excellent locale for year-round and visitor mooring. Reasonable rates.
  • Shilshole Marina. 7001 Seaview Ave. N.W., Seattle. Ph: +1 206 728 3006 (a.h. 206 601 4089), Fax: +1 206 728 3391, VHF - 17. Email. 100 visitors' berths, nearby the Hiram M. Chittenden locks and Ballard and close to downtown Seattle. Quiet, Saltwater moorings with tidal changes. 24hr security. Full service marina, WiFi, fuel dock, restaurants, boatyard and engine repair services with a nearby chandlery close by. Marine haul out and repair facilities are available. Restrooms, showers, electricity and water, free sewage and bilge pump-out. Restaurants, and shops.

Yacht Clubs

  • Corinthian Yacht Club - (Shilshole Marina). 7755 Seaview Ave NW. Ph: (206) 789-1919, Fax: (206) 789-5896. Website, Email. Guest Mooring is available for visiting members of reciprocal yacht clubs on a first come, first serve basis (no reservations). Moorings are available on the north side of the Shilshole clubhouse (north side of S-dock). Tie up to the clubhouse and see the Club Manager in the office or alternatively phone him on 206-789-1919 or the Fleet Captain, Cruise, on 206-850-7664 or,call the Shilshole Bay Marina Harbormaster on VHF - 17. DO NOT moor in the slip to the West of the clubhouse (race committee boat slip) even if currently vacant.


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Bridges and Locks

Ports & Stops in the Vicinity

Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine stores

  • West Marine Near Shilshole Bay Marina
  • Fisheries Supply/Crows Nest on North Lake Union


  • Mark's Marine Diesel near Shilshole Bay Marina

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

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Things to do Ashore


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Motorbike & Car Rentals

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