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An online cruising guide for yachts to transit the Suez Canal.

Suez Canal
Port Said
31°16.57′N, 32°19.66′E Chart icon.png
Port Suez
30°24.69′N, 32°21.59′E Chart icon.png
Suez from space.jpg
Suez from space. Photo from NASA
The Suez Canal

The background and history of the Suez Canal is best observed on Wikipedia

  • Overall length: 162 km.
  • Breadth at water level 300 m.
  • From the fairway buoy to Port Said light house: 22.5km.
  • Width between buoys 180 m.
  • From Port Said to Ismailia: 78 km.
  • From Isamailia to Suez (Port Tawfik): 84 km.

Canal Authority

Irshad Building – 8th floor, Ismailia 41515, Egypt. Ph: +20 64 3392162, FAX: +20 64 3392866, Email, Website

The Suez Canal Transit

Transit Procedures

You will be advised by a yacht club official (or an official of the Canal Authority), on the correct procedure that you should follow. These procedures can take up to three days to complete and can be done by the yacht's skipper who must first visit the Small Craft Department in the main building of the Canal Authority. Here you will be briefed about the various formalities to be carried out as well as the various fees to be paid. The fees include the transiting fee, an insurance policy, ports and lights fee, etc.

The relatively low cost of using an agent to complete these arduous tasks on your behalf is, however, highly recommended.

The procedure is as follows (in order), for both Suez (northbound transit) or Port Said (southbound transit):

  • The Suez Canal Small Craft Department to present the ship's documents and apply for canal transit.
  • The Port Immigration office to complete arrival forms (even by those who do not require a visa).
  • The Insurance company to obtain an insurance certificate.
  • Then, return to the Suez Canal Small Craft Department to present your insurance certificate.
  • The Customs and Quarantine offices must be visited on the day before your canal transit for the yacht's outward clearance. (These departments may visit the yacht).
  • The Port Immigration office to present your departure form.
  • The Red Sea Port Authority to issue a port clearance certificate.
  • Then, return to the Small Craft Department with the port clearance certificate (they will hand this to the pilot before your transit).
  • Call at the Inspection office - for measurement and final inspection of the yacht to issue you with a transit permit for your Suez Canal transit.

Enjoy your transit of the Suez Canal!

Current Suez Canal Transit Costs

Updated: April '09

  • Transit fee: = $US
  • Insurance: = $US
  • Ports and Lights fee: = $US

Agents & Pilots

Please give details of agents/pilots and charges.


Also see Cruiser's Nets.

Canal Authority

Phone: +20 64 3392162
Fax: +20 64 3392866
Email: [email protected]
Address: Irshad Building – 8th floor, Ismailia 41515, Egypt
  • VHF – working frequency range of (156-174 MHz)
  • VHF channels: 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,15, 16, 71, 73, 74
  • Port Said Port Office:
    • DSC on CH 70
      • Port management ( calling ) CH. 16
      • Port Said 1: CH.12 outside harbour
      • Port Said 2: CH.13 inside harbour
      • Measurement Div.: CH. 73
  • Port Taufiq Port Office:
    • DSC on CH 70
      • Port management ( calling ) CH. 16
        • Port Taufiq: CH. 14
        • Measurement Div. CH. 74
  • Inside the Canal ( transiting ):
    • DSC: CH. 70
      • Calling: CH. 16
      • Working: CH. 8, 10, 68


Port Said Entrance

It is not advisable to approach Port Said at night because of the high volume of shipping in the area. You will be met by a pilot boat and directed to the Port Fouad Yacht Club. It is advisable however to use an agent that you can contact by VHF when approaching as he can obtain permission from the Port Captain on your behalf and direct you to proceed directly to the Port Fouad Yacht Club. For this purpose, a recommended agent is: Nagib Latif of the Felix Maritime Agency, Ph: + 20 66 333132 or Fax: + 20 66 333510, Mobile: +20 12 211 9365, Email.

No visas are issued and the immigration procedures are very easy for yachts that are only intending to stay in Port Said for as long as it takes to make the arrangements for the canal transit. Those intending to stay for longer must complete the full Egypt entry procedure.

On the day of the canal transit, the Small Craft Department will call you early to collect the pilot and take him to the yacht club to commence your canal transit after you have taken the passports (of all aboard) to Immigration to have them stamped.

The pilot will guide the vessel as far as Ismailia, where you must overnight (yachts are not allowed to transit the canal at night). The crew are not allowed to disembark here. Early the following morning, a pilot will continue the transit with you to Suez. Most yachts will stop at the Suez Yacht Club before continuing into the Red Sea.

Port Suez Entrance

Suez is at the southern end of the Suez Canal. On approach you will normally be met by an agent's vessel who will attempt to coerce you to use his services. It is recommended to rather contact an agent of your choice on VHF16 in advance, who will meet you on your arrival and obtain permission for you to proceed directly to the Suez Yacht Club and also contact the officials to meet you at the yacht club for clearance.

The Suez Yacht Club is located beyond the Canal Authority office, on the L/H side of the entrance to the canal.

Your agent will handle all the formalities for the Canal transit (as listed at the top of the page) as well as to bring the pilot to your boat on the day that you start your transit. It is highly recommended to make use of an agent in Suez.

If you would rather not use an agent you must contact "Port Control" on VHF16 to notify them of your approach and then again after you have anchored in the waiting area of Port Ibrahim. You must complete all the formalities for the canal transit (as at the top of the page) and once completed (a couple of days), Port Control will give permission for you to proceed to the yacht club and collect your canal pilot.

Your pilot will board early in the morning to begin the transit and you must overnight at Ismailia before continuing to Port Said the following morning.



Marinas & Anchorages (Suez)

Marinas & Anchorages (Port Said)


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