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COMMENTS on Style Guide

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I disagree with a number of the directives in the Style Guide while I do agree with others. Specifically:

  1. Knowledge of ancient history enchases most cruisers enjoyment and appreciation of a place. It is certainty not "boring".
  2. I think that at least one external link should be included in the Overview or General section. This goes a long way in avoiding long and "boring diatribes". Wikipedia links are good for this because of their relative permanence.
  3. While I do agree with the statement "use the for the page title the name by which it is known in English-speaking countries" many other local names can be of general use and many of them also appear on different charts. A solution to this problem is to name a page by its most common English name and then create rederection pages for all the other common or local names.
  4. External Territories is applicable only for large countries with remote territories, the use of Regions may often be more appropriate.
  5. I agree that small islands without any anchorages do not merit individual pages.
  6. I also agree with the statement "Always check the name of a port or island to ensure that it is unique" Here I would suggest to perform a search before creating a new page.
  7. The statement "Marinas should be categorized by Region, not Country, because there are so many of them" is not always true. A large country like the US and Australia may have hundreds of marinas while others may have just a few. Judgement should be used.
  8. I agree with "Try to use the correct terms for the region of country you're editing". Regions should refer to cruising regions and not political subdivisions.
  9. While I do agree with the use of abbreviations for units of measurements I find that the use of them without at least once expanding them rather confusing. Please keep in mind that cruisers come from many countries and while an abbreviation is common place one it can be totally unknown in another country.
  10. While "Linking to the same page over and over is pointless" is true, I disagree with the edict "should only be made on the first instance". I can think of several instances where several links adds to clarity and easy of use. While on this topic let me add that links to different sections of a page are very useful.
  11. I fully agree with "Try to avoid the use of the automatic Maps with their very sensitive scroll bars". Their magnification bar is also very sensitive especially with the lower speed internet connection often used by cruisers from their boats.

I also think that we should encourage the addition of more subtitles like:

====Subtitle===, rather then lists
  • list item

Because subtitles can be linked from other pages

I do hope to hear form you and continue this discussion. I will wait for a few days before actually modifying the Style Guide to my personal taste.

I also plan to make several changes and addition to Page Templates following some discussions I have had with some fellow editors.


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