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A view of Tivat's marina and Airport

Tivat (Montenegrin Cyrillic: Тиват, pronounced [tîv̞at]) is a coastal town in southwest Montenegro, located in the Bay of Kotor. It has a population of 14,111 (2011 census).

The town itself is hardly picturesque. It has most facilities. It is being upgraded by the company that owns Porto Montenegro. For example the company has installed new water and sewage for the village as part of its general works. With the number of super yachts in the marina, most marine needs are catered for.


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See Montenegro.


See Montenegro.



Not difficult. Head into the Bay of Kotor. Tivat/Porto Montenegro is easy to see from a distance as they kept the huge crane from the naval dockyard and painted it with red and white stripes


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Porto Montenegro is a Luxury yacht marina and adjacent waterfront development currently under construction in Tivat. See separate Wiki page for details.


There are some anchorages in the bay. A nice one is off the island that used to be owned by Club Med

An alternative is to moor at the restaurant Vino Santo. Full details at Vino Santo They have room for about 4 or 5 yachts, with laid lines, electricity and water. The food is stunning too


Water ?
Electricity ?
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage ?
Fuel Fuel can be purchased tax-free at the Porto Montenegro marina. Immediate departure from Montenegro to a foreign port is necessary, but it may be possible to obtain permission for next-day departure. There is very heavy paperwork involved but the fuel station performs all the work and charges a €0.06 per liter commission. This commission is already included in the quoted price. Price in October 2016, all inclusive: €0.48 per liter (diesel). Advance appointment necessary, contacting the marina in advance of arrival to Montenegro is recommended

Note: Jerry cans cannot be filled tax-free. Regular taxed price of about €1.oo per liter of diesel applies as of October 2016

Bottled gas There is a large gas station half-way on the road from Tivat to the airport which will refill certain types of gas bottles. In late 2016, it filled up U.S.-origin tanks, but was not able to fill a French "Le Cube" bottle. The price was less than the re-fill price in the U.S. In spring 2017, it re-filled blue Gaz camping bottles.
  • There is a small chandlery in the marina Porto Montenegro
  • There is a large well stocked chandlery in the village, in the road behind Hotel Palma near the small boat marina. It is part of the Una chain. Mooring line was 1/4 of the UK price, but impossible to splice as not proper braid on braid.
Repairs ?
Internet Wireless Montenegro provides free internet throughout the area sponsored by local companies. All you have to do is to re-login every half hour. There are also 3G dongles available at good rates from stores in the village
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


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Places to Visit

It is worth hiring a car to explore the surrounding areas. A VW Polo was €45 a day (May 2013). A Renault Clio was €19 a day or €200 a month (March 2017), with local pickup in Porto Montenegro but online booking, unlimited kilometers.


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See Montenegro.


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