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Unguja (Zanzibar)
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Map of Zanzibar

Zanzibar is part of the East African republic of Tanzania. It consists of the Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 25–50 km (15–30 mi) off the coast off the mainland. There are numerous small islands and two large ones: Unguja (the main island, informally referred to as "Zanzibar"), and Pemba. Zanzibar was once a separate state with a long trading history within the Arab world; it united with Tanganyika to form Tanzania, and still enjoys a high degree of autonomy within the union. The capital of Zanzibar, located on the island of Unguja, is Zanzibar City, and its old quarter, known as Stone Town, is a World Heritage Site.


See Tanzania.


The heat of summer (corresponding to the Northern Hemisphere winter) is often cooled by strong sea breezes associated with the northeast monsoon (known as Kaskazi in Kiswahili), particularly on the north and east coasts. Being near to the equator, the islands are warm year round. The rainfall regime is split into two main seasons, a primary maximum in March, April, and May in association with the southwest monsoon (known locally as Kusi in Kiswahili), and a secondary maximum in November and December. The months in between receive less rain, with a minimum in July.

See also Tanzania.


See Mozambique Channel.


See Tanzania.


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Zanzibar has a port, Stone Town, of entry/exit for Tanzania. For details see Entrance: Tanzania.



  • Stone Town - This is busy ferry and shipping port. Yachts either anchor off or go to the marina.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Azam Zanzibar Marina

Azam Zanzibar Marina/wiki/Zanzibar#Azam_Zanzibar_Marina
Marina icon Azam Zanzibar Marina [[Zanzibar#Azam Zanzibar Marina|Azam Zanzibar Marina]] 06°08.184'S, 039°12.660'E

Has 18 docks. Water, electricity, etc. Restaurant behind the marina.; Tel: +255 (745) 028 606; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel XX


The Sultan's Palace and House of Wonders, Zanzibar (taken from the anchorage)

Stone Town Anchorage

Stone Town Anchorage/wiki/Zanzibar#Stone_Town_Anchorage
Anchorage icon Stone Town Anchorage [[Zanzibar#Stone Town Anchorage|Stone Town Anchorage]] 06°09.227'S, 039°11.204'E
Port of Entry
Anchoring here can be uncomfortable. Anchor in 10 - 15 m just west of the ferry pier.

South of Tumbatu Island

South of Tumbatu Island/wiki/Zanzibar#South_of_Tumbatu_Island
Anchorage icon South of Tumbatu Island [[Zanzibar#South of Tumbatu Island|South of Tumbatu Island]] 05°52.623'S, 039°12.916'E
Anchor in about 10 m depth.


Water In the Azam Zanzibar Marina
Electricity In the Azam Zanzibar Marina
Toilets In the Azam Zanzibar Marina
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Laundry ?
Garbage ?
Fuel ?
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs ?
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


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  • Abeid Amani [[wikipedia:Zanzibar_International_Airport|Zanziba International Airport (ZNZ IATA) (located on Unguja Island, it is about 5 km (3.1 mi) south of Zanzibar City)

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