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A free, online World Cruising Guide

World Cruising and Sailing Wiki - A Free Cruising Guide

What is this Cruising and Sailing Wiki?

  • What is this "Wiki"?
    • The World Cruising and Sailing Wiki is a collaborative effort by cruisers from all around the world, to willingly share their knowledge of cruising around the world for the benefit of all who follow in their wake. Unlike a static website or printed publication that soon becomes outdated, this World Cruising and Sailing Wiki will always be up-to-date as members from all around the world have the ability to alter/edit/add to articles on this free, online World Cruising Guide, 24 hours a day.
  • How does this "Wiki" work?
    • No specialised skill is required to contribute to this World Cruising and Sailing Wiki. However, only registered members can login with their username to do this, so, please register - it only takes a minute and is absolutely painless. When logged in, each section and article in the Cruising Wiki has an EDIT button to enable you to add/edit anything. See the "HELP" and "TEMPLATES" pages (L/H menu) to assist you with the very simple editing process. Add your valuable knowledge so that others who are following in your wake can benefit. The World Cruising and Sailing Wiki is written for cruisers, by cruisers - sharing their knowledge in the true cruising spirit.
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What the Cruising Wiki is NOT!

This Cruising and Sailing Wiki is not just a simple repository for personal or commercial LINKS. Remote website and blog links can be added to productive contributions by members, to assist in referencing the contribution. The final decision for acceptance of these link additions is at the sole discretion of the Wiki "Sysops".

Any links to remote sites must add value to the individual articles on the topic of "WORLD CRUISING". i.e. Contribute the information HERE! Please do not just expect this resource to send visitor traffic to remote websites and blogs (very often for financial gain to those remote sites).

Do become involved, even if only to correct grammar or spelling mistakes - it all helps.


  • To contribute to this Cruising and Sailing Wiki, please register - registration is free and easy. See Register/Login at top R/H of page. Please give details of your previous/current/planned cruising areas if possible when registering and the areas of the Wiki to which you would like to contribute. Also, please ensure your email software is set to accept emails from this site, otherwise you may not receive your temporary login and password.

Help to Spread the Word

Help to spread the word about the World Cruising and Sailing Wiki. Refer readers and contributors of usergroups, etc., to http://www.cruiserswiki.org/

Copy an image and place a link to this Wiki from your webpage. Right-click on an image and "Save as" to your own PC (please do not "hotlink" these images).

Cruisingwiki44.jpg Wiki 2011.jpg Cruisingwiki122.png Cruisingwiki24.jpg Wiki 2010.png TopWiki.png
Link URL = http://www.cruiserswiki.org/

Cruising Wiki Promotional Material

The files below can be freely used as promotional material for this wiki.

  • File:Wikicards.pdf Wiki Business Cards in PDF format (also File:Wikicards.odt for ODT format). A4 cards designed to be printed on Avery labels catalogue # L7414.
  • File:Wiki ad.pdf Wiki Advertisement in PDF format (also File:Wiki ad.odt for ODT format). 2 X A5 advertising flyers on one A4 sheet, can be printed and put up on noticeboards where cruising sailors can be found. Note that you can pick up the ODT format and change the areas listed in the advertising if you notice specific areas nearby that need attention in the wiki.

About the People on this Wiki

The World Cruising And Sailing Wiki was the brainchild of the dedicated team of cruisers from the CruiserLog Forums who spent many hours, over a couple of years, setting up the framework of the Wiki. It was set up with the intention of making it a truly worldwide, free cruising guide and resource for the benefit of all cruisers around the world. Although the original "team" started populating the Wiki with information it is envisaged that ALL cruisers from ALL groups on the Net will become involved by contributing their information for ALL who will follow in their wake.

The enthusiastic membership of the CRUISERS FORUM have also come on board and are now also contributing large amounts of valuable information in the true cruiser's spirit.

The World Cruising Wiki is absolutely non-commercial. Any income derived from Adsense type ads goes towards the hosting and bandwidth usage overheads.

The information supplied by members is freely contributed in good faith and the Copyright of the submissions rests with the contributors as a whole.

This Wiki is hereby declared to have no commercial value due to this blanket copyright and as such, can never be sold for gain by CruisersWiki, its principals or any other party at any time in the future. This Cruising Wiki is proudly "owned" by its contributors all around the world.

The World Cruising Wiki is built by cruisers, for the free use of cruisers - without membership or access fees/charges!


andy [AT] socialknowledge [DOT] com

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