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Ha'apai Cruising Guide

An online cruising guide for yachts sailing to Ha'apai.

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Haʻapai is a group of islands, islets, reefs and shoals with an area of 109.30 square kilometre in the central part of Tonga, with the Tongatapu group to the south and the Vava'u group to the north. Seventeen of the Haʻapai islands are populated with around 6,600 people total.

Cruising the region

The Ha'apai group in Tonga should not be missed. Although more challenging than the waters of Vava'u, one can be assured of uncrowded, pristine anchorages with great snorkelling, diving and beaches.

Humpback whales visit the Ha'apai group from July to October and there are strict regulations in place for the protection of the animals. Most importantly only licensed operators may approach a whale any closer than 300 meters and only a licensed operator may place swimmers in the water with the whales. Visiting yachts should adopt a precautionary approach around the whales and only attempt approaching or swimming with them through a locally licensed operator.


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Yacht Services and Repairs

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Fuel, Water, & Electricity

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Things to do Ashore


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  • Anyone planning to visit the Ha'apai group of Tonga - please feel free to contact me, Craig Airey at marinerstongaATyahoo.co.uk for any info whatsoever. We sailed to Tonga and bought a bar/restaurant so are "cruiserfriendly".
  • Fins 'n' Flukes Diving and Whale Watching base in Pangai town are happy to provide general info to visiting cruisers. We have extensive experience in the local waters and provide free wireless internet access to cruisers. Tank fills and admin services are also available.


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