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Pago Pago

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14°16.35′S, 170°41.81′W
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Pago Pago is the capital of American Samoa. Its 2000 population was 11,500. The village is located in Pago Pago Harbor, on the island of Tutuila. Tourism, entertainment, food, and tuna canning are the primary industries here. From 1878 to 1951, this was a coaling and repair station for the U.S. Navy.

Pago Pago is one of the several villages in the Urban agglomeration of Pago Pago along the shore of Pago Pago Harbor located at the very eastern part (inside) of the embayment. The area includes a number of villages, among them Fagatogo, the legislative and judicial area, and Utulei, the executive area.

However, because the name Pago Pago is associated with the harbor itself (the only significant port of call in American Samoa) Pago Pago is now generally applied not only to the village itself, but to the whole harbor area and to the villages in it. It is in this sense that Pago Pago becomes the de facto capital town of American Samoa.

Pago Pago is a mixture of colorful semi-urban communities, a small town, tuna canneries (which provide employment for a third of the population of Tutuila) and a harbor surrounded by dramatic cliffs, which plunge almost straight into the sea. A climb to the summit of Mt. Alava (National Park of American Samoa) provides a magnificent bird's-eye view of the harbor and town.

2009 TSUNAMI: On September 29, 2009, an earthquake struck in the South Pacific, near Samoa and American Samoa, sending a tsunami into Pago Pago and the surrounding areas. The tsunami caused damage ranging from moderate to severe to villages, buildings and vehicles and caused an unknown number of deaths. See a first-hand report from a cruising yacht that rode out this tsunami - HERE.

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The yacht anchorage is at the East end of Pago Pago Harbor. There are a number of private moorings that have been placed by private boats which don't seem to receive any maintenance from the port.

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Moor1: Inspection unknown. Held a 40ft monohull through cyclone Wilma Dec. 2010

Moor2: Inspected 2010. Held a 32ft monohull through cyclone Wilma Dec. 2010

LMoor3: A light mooring. Inspected by diver March 11. Has held a 40ft monohull in 35kt winds but drug ~150ft in 60kt gusts April 2011.

Moor4: Inspected 2010. Held a 40ft monohull through the first half of cyclone Wilma 2010, but a derelict on a ship mooring drug down on it forcing it to be abandoned. At present April 2011, the derelict and heavy steel ship mooring still swing across this mooring leaving it unusable

Moor5: Inspection unknown. Very close to shore and to the noisy diesel power generation station ashore. held a 36ft monohull through 50kt gusts and a portion of cyclone Wilma Dec 2010, the vessel's mooring harness chafed through before the storm developed full force.

SMoor: A heavy steel ship mooring. Inspection unknown. Drug 300ft+ during cyclone Wilma Dec. 2010 while holding the derelict 70ft+ fishing vessel Alice S. April 2011 holding derelict fishing vessel Alice S. and fouling Mooring 4.

The bottom of the anchorage is soft mud, full of debris, sheets of plastic, old lines... Make sure the anchor is well set and not fouled.

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