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There are Port(s) of Entry here
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Penrhyn atoll (also called Tongareva, Mangarongaro, Hararanga, and Te Pitaka) is an island in the northern group of the Cook Islands in the south Pacific Ocean. The northernmost island in the group, it is located at 1,365 km (848 mi) north-north-east of the capital island of Rarotonga, 9 degrees south of the equator. Its nearest neighbours are Rakahanga, and Manihiki, approximately 322 kilometres (200 mi) to the southwest.


See Cook Islands.


See Cook Islands.


See Cook Islands.


See Cook Islands.


Monitor VHF channel 16. The local authorities usually will contact you when they see you.

Also see Cook Islands.


The Takuua/wiki/Penrhyn#TakuuaWorld icon.png Takuua [[Penrhyn#Takuua|Takuua]] 08°56.424'S, 157°55.933'W , on the NE, and the Taruia/wiki/Penrhyn#TaruiaWorld icon.png Taruia [[Penrhyn#Taruia|Taruia]] 08°57.623'S, 158°03.097'W ( marked), on the NW, passages into the laggon are easy to navigate in reasonable weather conditions.


Penrhyn has a "port" of entry/exit for Cook Islands. For details see Entrance: Cook Islands.



There are no ports in Penrhyn but there is a village: Omaka/wiki/Penrhyn#OmakaWorld icon.png Omaka [[Penrhyn#Omaka|Omaka]] 08°58.687'S, 158°03.203'W , on the western rim of the atoll, where the local authorities reside and you can clear the formalities. There is a dock here and a yacht may anchor off but only with calm weather.


S of Taruia passage

S of Taruia passage/wiki/Penrhyn#S_of_Taruia_passage
Anchorage icon S of Taruia passage [[Penrhyn#S of Taruia passage|S of Taruia passage]] 08°57.917'S, 158°03.137'W
It is located outside of the laggon, on its W side and near Omaka/wiki/Penrhyn#OmakaWorld icon.png Omaka [[Penrhyn#Omaka|Omaka]] 08°58.687'S, 158°03.203'W . Anchor in 12 to 5 m depth.

Te Tauta

Te Tauta/wiki/Penrhyn#Te_Tauta
Anchorage icon Te Tauta [[Penrhyn#Te Tauta|Te Tauta]] 08°57.191'S, 157°55.880'W
It is located inside the laggon S of the Takuua/wiki/Penrhyn#TakuuaWorld icon.png Takuua [[Penrhyn#Takuua|Takuua]] 08°56.424'S, 157°55.933'W passage. Anchor in about 10 m depth, sandy bottom.




In Omaka/wiki/Penrhyn#OmakaWorld icon.png Omaka [[Penrhyn#Omaka|Omaka]] 08°58.687'S, 158°03.203'W village.

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See Cook Islands.



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See Cook Islands.


See Cook Islands.



See Cook Islands.


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