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WorldSouth East AsiaMalaysiaJohor BahruPuteri Harbour
Puteri Harbour
1°25.0′N, 103°39.5′E Chart icon.png
lat=1_25.0_N | lon=103_39.5_E | zoom=12 | y
Radio VHF channel 18
Phone +60 (7) 530 2122
E-mail [email protected]
Berths ?
Max. length ?
Max. draft ?
Fuel Currently no fuel but staff will transport you to a fuel station for filling jerry jugs.
Water ?
Electricity ?
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Hours ?
More notes about the marina

All facilities. Clearance, 24hr security, self-service laundry, cafe, chandlery, bike rental, LPG refills, free shuttles to markets, night markets, supermarkets, town and airport.

With the closure of the former Danga Bay Marina, this is the only berthing space remaining in the western side of the Johor Strait. The marina is located in the town of Nusajaya near Johor Bahru.


VHF 18, call "Puteri Harbour"


If your height of mast is less than 25 meters from waterline, sail 13 miles up the western arm of Johor Straits, going past Raffles, (the super expensive Singapore marina) and under the center span of the Tuas Bridge, (a.k.a the "Second-Link" bridge), which has a minimum vertical clearance of 25 meters at HWS, which is shown clearly painted above the center span and confirmed on C-Map.

The entrance to Puteri Harbour is 4 miles after the 2nd link bridge.


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Puteri Harbour Satellite Clubhouse
Lot PTD141090, 79000
Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia


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