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Port of Entry
01°23.000'N, 104°06.450'E Chart icon.png
Sabana Cove1.jpg
Sabana Cove Marina
Radio VHF channel ?
Phone +xx (xxxx) xxxxxx
Mobile +xx (xxxx) xxxxxx
Fax +xx (xxxx) xxxxxx
E-mail [email protected]
Berths 100 Walk-On-Berths (for boats up to 60 metres), 5 Berths for Megayachts (up to 80 metres)
Max. length 80 m
Max. draft ?
Fuel Fuel Jetty
Water Fresh Water Supply
Electricity 220V 50a single phase, 440V 3-phase for larger vessels
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Laundry Discounted laundry Service
Internet ?
Hours ?
Address Contact: Sebana Golf and Marina Resort Berhad
More notes about the marina

The marina is modern with 30 amp service and water at most berths. Most of the resort's facilities are available to crews of visiting yachts at no charge. These include a pool, tennis courts and gym. The main attraction of Sebana Cove is the value for money. A 40' yacht can be kept here for around $200 per month. The electricity costs are less than big-name Singapore marinas by as much as 80%. Security has been fine during my 3-month stay. The staff and management are extremely friendly.

The restaurant, while not cheap, is first class. A glass of beer at $5 US is a bit much, but sometimes a blind eye has been turned to a bottle smuggled in. Submitted by Duncan on SV Moose


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Sebana Cove is a full port of entry with Malaysian Customs and Immigration. Arriving yachts are assisted by the Marina Office. Papers are taken and returned the next day without difficulty, the whole process was easy going and friendly. For whom it might concern, there is a large sign in the customs office mentioning that death is the penalty for drug importation.

Sebana Cove is a port of entry/exit for Malaysia. For details see Entrance: Malaysia.


Berthing assistance available?


  • Garbage Removal Service
  • Telephone, Facsimile, Internet, Outgoing Mail Services
  • On site Sailing Permit Applications & CIQ Clearance



24-Hour Security.


Is the marina close to shops and other facilities ?


  • Regular Shuttle Service to local Town and Supermarket
  • Ferry to Singapore leaves from beside marina


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  • I stayed at this marina in early 2006 after I bought "Pathfinder" while I was doing the initial work to make it a long-distance cruising yacht. Bad points - no lift or proper engineering facility, not local to a nice cruising ground, no local sophisticated town. Good points - the most helpful marina staff I have yet met anywhere, stunning marina building, totally safe situation (weather and crime), when I was there the restaurant was cheap and good. My favourite marina bar none - and cheap. --Entered Feb2009 Steelfan

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